why the king needs a secretary manga

“Why The King Needs a Secretary Manga: Exploring the Importance of Efficient Governance”


Why the King Needs a Secretary

“Why the King Needs a Secretary” is a manga written and illustrated by the popular mangaka, Tsukasa Unohana. This manga series was first released in September 2018. The manga is a mix of historical romance and fantasy, and it has captured the hearts of many manga enthusiasts worldwide. The story takes place in a fantasy world where magic exists, and humans work with spirits to keep the balance between the two realms. The manga has gained massive popularity from readers not only because of its unique storyline and beautiful illustrations but also because of the characters’ remarkable development.

As the title indicates, “Why the King Needs a Secretary” revolves around King Leroy, who is known to be eccentric and unpredictable. Leroy makes impulsive decisions without considering the consequences, leading the kingdom towards chaos. His behavior interrupts his kingdom’s well-being, which leads to his need for a secretary that can guide him towards better decisions.

The king is the most important person in a kingdom, and his every decision impacts the lives of all the people inhabiting it. As such, it is essential for him to have someone who can assist him with important tasks such as writing letters, scheduling appointments, handling communications, and keeping track of everything. A secretary is a crucial character in the kingdom’s hierarchy hierarchy, as they help the king make wiser decisions and ensure the kingdom’s safety and prosperity.

When King Leroy finally decides to get a secretary, he realizes that he needs more than just an administrative assistant. So, he places an advertisement that specifically asks for someone with a brave heart, a strong mind, and capable of accompanying the king through his numerous adventures and explorations. A young woman named Airi responds to the advertisement and the King hires her on the spot.

Airi is the story’s main protagonist, and through her point of view, we see how she manages to turn King Leroy into a wise and just ruler. Airi is a brave and intelligent young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and challenge the king when necessary. She is a role model for women looking for a strong female character in a manga. Her character development throughout the manga series is truly remarkable and inspiring.

Overall, the manga “Why the King Needs a Secretary” is a must-read for anyone who is a fan of historical and fantasy mangas. The storyline is captivating, and the illustrations are stunning. More importantly, it emphasizes the importance of having a professional and experienced secretary, which is relevant even in our modern world.

1. Introduction

King Secretary Manga

Many manga stories revolve around a king, highlighting the power and the responsibility that comes with it. A king is someone who has to bear the weight of the whole kingdom on his shoulders. And to support him in his daily duties is a secretary. A secretary is like the right-hand of a king, assisting him in matters of state and helping to keep everything running smoothly. In this article, we will discuss why a secretary is critical for a king and why the manga series featuring a secretary for a king is worth reading.

2. Importance of a secretary for a king

Tansei Ouji: Kodoku na Junrei Manga

A king has a lot of responsibilities, and it’s impossible to manage all of them alone. That’s where a secretary comes in. The secretary is someone who is trained to manage a king’s schedule, meetings, and appointments. A secretary is responsible for drafting letters, memos, and other confidential documents on behalf of the king. Without a secretary, the king’s work would be burdened with administrative tasks, leaving him/her no time to focus on more important matters.

In a manga series, the secretary is often portrayed as a loyal companion to the king. The secretary helps the king manage his personal and professional life, often becoming a confidant and friend to the leader. The manga, Tansei Ouji: Kodoku na Junrei, is a perfect example of the importance of a secretary. The series follows a lonely king forced to helplessly experience the tragic deaths of his family members, leading him to avoid human interaction. However, a secretary helps him out of his isolation and helps him build meaningful relationships.

In other manga stories, the secretary is portrayed as a key strategist. The secretary helps the king make critical decisions by providing crucial information on specific issues. The secretary is also often adept in diplomatic, political and military matters and can offer priceless insights. In the manga, Sengoku Youko, a secretary plays a pivotal role in ending wars and bringing about peace reign.

Overall, the importance of a secretary to a king cannot be overstated. A secretary’s duties can range from administrative to strategic, but they are equally critical, and a good secretary is an essential asset for any king.

3. Benefits of having a secretary for a king in the manga

Lord Marksman and Vanadis Manga

Having a secretary in a manga story is advantageous for several reasons, and writers have often used this character to advance the story’s plot and highlight the king’s character. Firstly, it gives insight into the personal life of the king. A secretary often knows everything about the king—from his schedule to his personal preferences. In Lord Marksman, and Vanadis manga, the secretary is the only one who knows the king’s true identity, and the manga uses it to add a layer of intrigue and suspense to the story.

Secondly, a secretary serves as an intermediary between the king and his subjects. Having a secretary helps the king to better understand the kingdom’s problems and come up with solutions, which can lead to a better relationship between the ruler and his subjects. In Kingdom manga story, the inclusion of the secretary helps portray the brutal world of war, politics, and diplomacy in ancient China.

Thirdly, the manga uses a secretary to show the king grow from a flawed character to a world-class leader. A secretary can help the king recognize his faults, advising him to correct his mistakes and develop better approaches to his responsibilities. In the manga, Helck, the secretary reminds the king of the importance of humanity and humility and guides him to lead with empathy and kindness rather than violence and domination.

In conclusion, a secretary plays an essential role in the king’s life, and this role is prominently portrayed in several manga stories. A good secretary can help the king manage his personal and professional life, serve as an intermediary between the ruling class and the citizens, and offer prudent advice when needed. Manga featuring a king and secretary can expand our thinking on the role of of government officials and the importance of moral, ethical, and diplomatic values.

Development of the story

Why the king needs a secretary manga

Why the king needs a secretary is a Japanese manga series authored by Akiko Higashimura. The story takes place in a fictional kingdom of Eldoria where all the decisions are made by their ruling monarch. The plot follows Queen Debora, the only child and the heir to the throne after the death of her father, King Isaac.

Debora’s regime is characterized by doubts and unrest from the ministers, nobles, and her subjects, who see her as immature and inexperienced. The queen soon realizes that she needs someone to help her run the kingdom and help her understand its affairs. Debora, being young, vibrant, and beautiful, is clueless about the rules of the palace, and she is afraid of being overthrown by her enemies if she can’t control the kingdom.

Thus, the queen’s first order of business is to look for a secretary to help her navigate the complicated political landscape of the Eldoria Kingdom. After a few failed attempts, she comes across a seemingly ordinary secretary named Joo Sung Ha. Sung Ha manages to impress the queen with his wit, honesty, and exceptional organizational skills. He quickly takes on the role of the queen’s right-hand man, working tirelessly to impart knowledge to the young queen and advising her on political decisions.

The story unfolds as we see Sung Ha and Queen Debora face threats to the kingdom’s stability, from foreign invasions, assassination threats to political uprisings within the palace. The kingdom’s political landscape is complex and challenging, and only Sung Ha’s unique wit and intelligence can help Queen Debora maintain her grip on the throne.

As the story progresses, the role of the secretary becomes indispensable to Queen Debora and the kingdom. The intelligence gathering, political maneuvering, and critical thinking that Sung Ha brings to the palace helps the queen neutralize her enemies and make decisions that would be beneficial to the kingdom. The secretary’s role is to guide and counsel the queen, and Debora learns early on that she needs him if she is to succeed as a queen.

The characters in the manga are carefully crafted to ensure that every action and decision impacts the story’s overall narrative. The protagonist, Joo Sung Ha, is intelligent, principled, and calm, which is in stark contrast to Queen Debora’s character. The queen is stubborn, hot-headed, and impulsive, which is why the secretary’s role is essential to ensuring that the kingdom runs smoothly. Replete with villains, intrigue, assassination attempts, and daring schemes, Why the king needs a secretary manga is a highly engaging and thrilling read.

In conclusion, Why the king needs a secretary is a must-read for any manga reader that loves imaginative storylines with complex characters and political intrigue. The manga’s development is tied to the role of the secretary in the kingdom, which is central to the story’s overall plot. Sung Ha’s quick thinking, intelligence, and political savvy make him the ideal secretary to Queen Debora and the Eldoria Kingdom.

The Impact of “Why the King Needs a Secretary” Manga on the Audience

Why the King Needs a Secretary Manga

“Why the King Needs a Secretary” manga has captured the attention of manga fans and history enthusiasts worldwide. The story revolves around a fictional kingdom where the king realizes the importance of having a reliable and proficient secretary. The manga showcases the daily responsibilities and challenges encountered by the secretary, which also highlights the importance of administrative roles in a kingdom’s hierarchy.

The manga is not only entertaining but also educational. The story portrays the life of a secretary, the duties and the skills required. Readers with an interest in history and political science find the manga insightful, as it depicts how a kingdom operates, how decisions are made, and how they impact the kingdom’s subjects. Schools have incorporated it into their curriculum to aid in the learning of administration and political science.

The manga has received positive reviews from readers who appreciate the educational value it provides. The characters’ relationships depict the realities of leadership, highlighting the importance of administration in every successful kingdom. The story also resonates with the audience as it shows how different personalities, working together, can achieve a common goal.

The importance of a secretary’s role is often overlooked, and this manga has brought the significance to light. The story represents the challenges encountered by a secretary, from handling important paperwork to managing the king’s social events. The narrative depicts how a kingdom’s success is based on the efficiency of the structures in place, and the secretary plays a crucial role in the success of a kingdom.

The manga has also motivated some readers to aspire to become a secretary or learn more about administrative and political roles. The story has made an impact on the readers’ perception of administrative roles, portraying them as necessary and critical to the success of any organization.

In conclusion, “Why the King Needs a Secretary” manga has made an impact on its audience by showcasing the significance of administrative roles in a kingdom’s hierarchy. It presents the daily responsibilities and challenges encountered by a secretary and how the role contributes to the kingdom’s success. The manga’s educational value has been appreciated and incorporated into the school’s curriculum, providing insight into the world of administration and political science. The manga has changed the perception of administrative roles and motivated some readers to aspire to become a secretary or learn more about administrative and political roles.


Why the King Needs a Secretary manga

Why the King Needs a Secretary manga reinforces the significance of organizational structure, delegation of responsibilities, collaboration amongst team members, and the role of an administrative assistant. The theme emphasizes the importance of having a well-organized and efficient system in place to ensure that tasks are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

The story revolves around the life of a king who is unable to manage his kingdom effectively, owing to his inability to delegate responsibilities and manage his time. He is disorganized, forgetful, and his court functions in a chaotic manner, which leads to mismanagement and many disastrous situations.

The entrance of a capable secretary, however, changes everything. The secretary becomes the king’s confidant, right-hand person, and is the catalyst that leads to the improvement of the organizational structure. The secretary manages the king’s schedule, files paperwork, and supervises court officials, amongst other responsibilities. The efficiency in the court is improved significantly, and the kingdom gets back on track, which leads to a prosperous and satisfying life for all the court workers and subjects.

This manga presents valuable lessons on how to build an effective organizational structure. The story depicts how delegation of duties to a capable person leads to a more accountable and productive team. The secretary takes charge of handling administrative duties, freeing up more time for the king to focus on higher-level decision-making tasks. This means the king is now more productive and efficient in his role, equips him to make better decisions, and significantly improves his work-life balance.

Additionally, the manga highlights the importance of teamwork. It showcases how each team member has a part to play in ensuring the success of the organization. Everyone’s contribution is vital, and it is necessary to have a cohesive team working together towards a common goal.

The importance of having a capable administrative assistant taking charge of managing the workload is a highlight of the manga. The administrative assistant’s role is crucial in ensuring that the king’s office runs smoothly. They serve as a liaison between the king and his team, oversee workflow, handle paperwork, attend meetings, and supervise other staff members. This leads to a more effective, efficient, and productive team managing the kingdom’s affairs.

In conclusion, Why the King Needs a Secretary manga presents meaningful insights into building an effective organizational structure. It touches on various themes such as delegation of duties, teamwork, and the importance of having a capable administrative assistant. It’s an engaging and entertaining read that provides practical lessons on how to manage an organization and achieve success.