The Devil is a Part Timer Manga Complete: A Unique Twist on the Demon Lord Genre

Overview of The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer is a unique manga series that tells the story of a powerful demon lord named Satan who suddenly finds himself living in modern-day Japan. This comedic fantasy series is filled with hilarious situations as Satan must adapt to the human world and work as a fast-food employee to survive. With its quirky characters and entertaining plot, The Devil is a Part Timer manga is a standout in the manga world.

The manga series, written by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by Akio Hiiragi, was first published in 2011. The series quickly gained popularity and was later adapted into an anime series, as well as a light novel series. The manga is published in English by Yen Press and is complete with 21 volumes.

The story of The Devil is a Part Timer follows the daily life of Satan as he navigates the human world and works at MgRonald’s, a fast-food chain, to make ends meet. Along the way, he encounters various characters, including a hero who is determined to defeat him, a fallen angel who has a crush on him, and a human girl who becomes his loyal friend and coworker.

The series is known for its perfect blend of humor, fantasy, and action. It is filled with hilarious situations, such as Satan’s struggle to understand the human world, his coworkers’ antics, and his attempts to keep his secret identity hidden. Despite its comedic tone, The Devil is a Part Timer also has intense action scenes and dramatic moments that keep readers hooked.

Overall, The Devil is a Part Timer manga is a must-read for anyone who loves comedic fantasy stories. With its relatable characters and entertaining plot, it is easy to see why this series has become so popular. Whether you are a fan of manga, anime, or light novels, The Devil is a Part Timer is a series that is sure to entertain.

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga: Plot Summary

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer is a hilarious comedy-fantasy manga series written by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by Akio Hiiragi. The plot follows the demon lord Satan and his loyal general Alsiel as they escape from their world and end up in modern-day Tokyo. With no powers and no knowledge of the human world around them, they must adapt to their new lives in order to survive.

Satan and Alsiel are transported to modern-day Tokyo through a portal after being defeated in a battle against a group of heroes in their own world. They are stripped of their powers, and they find themselves without any sort of resources to return home. In order to survive in the human world, Satan decides to get a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant called MgRonald’s.

The series takes a comedic turn as Satan and Alsiel struggle to stay afloat in the busy human world. Satan experiences difficulty adapting to human life and struggles to keep up with the rigorous demands of his job. He also faces threats from a group of angels that have followed them to the human world, attempting to thwart Satan’s plans of conquering the human world.

Along with the story’s main characters, there are many other supporting characters that add to the comedic elements of the story. One of these characters is a human girl named Emi Yusa, who happens to be one of the heroes that defeated Satan in his world. She is immediately recognizable to Satan and Alsiel, but they do not reveal their true identities to her.

The series is a lighthearted, comedic take on the typical fantasy genre. It is full of satire and dry humor, making it a must-read for anyone looking for a good laugh. The story’s relatable characters, along with its unique plotline, enable readers to connect with the series and engage with it on a deeper level.

The Devil is a Part Timer manga series also received an anime adaptation in 2013, which was positively received by fans of the manga. The anime adaptation perfectly captures the comedic elements of the story, making it just as enjoyable as the manga series.

In conclusion, The Devil is a Part Timer is a must-read manga series for anyone looking for some laughs and a unique take on the fantasy genre. The comedic elements of the story, along with the relatable characters and relatable plotline, make the series a fun read for all manga fans.

Satan: The Former King of Demon World

Satan The Devil is a Part Timer

Satan is the protagonist of the manga series, Devil is a Part Timer. He was once the ruler of the demon world “Ente Isla” and was forced to flee to Earth when he was defeated by the hero Emilia. On Earth, he takes on the name Sadao Maou and works at MgRonald’s to earn a living. Satan is initially seen as a cold-hearted, ruthless, and evil king, but as the story progresses, he is portrayed as a kind and compassionate person who values his friends and the people of Earth.

Satan is portrayed as a hard-working and ambitious character. He is dedicated to his work and strives to be the best in his field, which is demonstrated in the way he handles his job at MgRonald’s. Despite being a demon king, he is quite naive when it comes to the ways of the human world and struggles to adapt to its culture. He often consults his co-worker, Chiho, for advice on how to navigate daily life in Tokyo.

Alsiel: Satan’s Loyal General

Alsiel The Devil is a Part Timer

Alsiel is Satan’s loyal general who followed him to Earth after they were defeated in the demon world. He takes on the form of a young man and works as a cook at MgRonald’s under the name Shirō Ashiya. As a former demon general, Alsiel is responsible for managing Satan’s household and finances.

Alsiel has a calm and composed personality compared to Satan. However, he can be quite defensive when it comes to his king, and he is always on the lookout for potential threats against Satan and his mission to conquer the world. Alsiel is seen as a mentor-like figure to Satan and regularly advises him on the best course of action to take regarding his goals.

Emilia: The Hero from Ente Isla

Emilia The Devil is a Part Timer

Emilia is a half-angel, half-human hero from the demon world who is determined to defeat Satan and save Ente Isla. She follows Satan and Alsiel to Earth and takes on the name Emi Yusa to blend in. Emilia is depicted as a strong and determined character who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Despite her hatred towards Satan, Emilia’s personality is quite similar to his. She is hard-working and ambitious and has a strong sense of justice. However, she can be quite hot-headed and impulsive when it comes to fighting demons, which is often what leads her into conflict with Satan. Emilia is also responsible for taking care of her comrade, Rika Suzuki, who is a demon trapped in the form of a little girl on Earth.

Chiho: Satan’s Co-worker and Friend

Chiho The Devil is a Part Timer

Chiho is a high school student who befriends Satan at MgRonald’s. She is portrayed as a friendly and outgoing character who is always willing to lend a helping hand. Chiho is initially intrigued by Satan’s calm and composed demeanor, which is quite different from the other rowdy customers at MgRonald’s.

As the story progresses, Chiho develops feelings for Satan, which adds a layer of complexity to their friendship. She is often seen helping Satan adapt to life in Tokyo and acts as a guide for him in matters related to pop culture and current trends. Chiho is a loyal friend who will go to any lengths to protect those she cares about.

Identity and the Struggle to Adapt

Maou with his fast food uniform

The Devil and part-timer manga explores the theme of identity through the character of Satan, the conqueror of Ente Isla, who mysteriously finds himself transported to modern-day Tokyo. The once all-powerful demon now has to acclimate himself to his new identity as Sadao Maou, a part-time worker at a fast-food chain called MgRonalds. The manga delves into the struggles he faces in adapting to this new situation- from learning to operate an electric generator to the unfamiliar concept of customer service.

Maou is not the only character grappling with identity crisis; his partner, Emilia, is a heroic, angelic figure in Ente Isla but appears as a human girl in Tokyo. She must navigate between her own morals and the new, seemingly mundane world she finds herself in. The manga addresses the difficulties of reinventing oneself and finding a place in society.

Power Dynamics and Satire

Lucifer, Maou, and Alciel

The Devil is a Part-Timer firmly establishes power dynamics that shape its narrative. A once mighty demon lord, Maou must start at the bottom rung of society and work his way up the corporate ladder. He faces challenges from his competitors, such as the ruthless Lucifer, and his own employees, like the noble-minded Ashiya. The manga employs satire to challenge conventions, such as Lucifer’s hellish domain recast as a fast-food chain or the concept of holy relics now found in a consumerist setting. These satirical elements offer a lens to examine the established social order.

The manga also explores the relationship between the human world and Ente Isla- the former colonized by the latter during a past conquest. The story raises questions about ethics in warfare and imperialism, and how entitlement shapes power dynamics that persist even after the end of the war.

Humor and Subverted Fantasy Tropes

Maou and Ashiya standing in front of a portal

Despite its serious themes, The Devil is a Part-Timer uses humor to subvert common fantasy tropes, from the powerful demon lord reduced to a part-time worker at MgRonalds to the fantasy world’s savior Emilia struggling to carry oversized grocery bags. This comedic twist allows the manga to explore issues such as classism, racism, and discrimination through a lighthearted lens.

The manga also plays with fan expectations of the fantasy genre, often ending episodes on cliffhangers and unpredictable plot twists. Such subversions allow the manga to feel fresh and unexpected.


Maou, Emilia, and Alciel

The Devil is a Part-Timer manga is a unique exploration of identity, power dynamics, and the challenge of adapting to a new world. Its use of humor and subverted conventions make it an enjoyable read that can tackle serious issues within a lighthearted framework. It’s a must-read for fans of the fantasy genre and those looking for a fresh take on common tropes.

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga: A Unique Storytelling Experience

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer manga is a unique experience that explores the concept of Satan being expelled from his world and thrust into modern-day Tokyo. What sets this manga apart is its ability to balance humor, action, and drama without losing its essence. The manga’s characters are also well-crafted, with the protagonists being endearing, relatable, and dynamic. Maou (the devil) and Emi (his arch-enemy) are a testament to this as they put their differences aside and work together to achieve their shared goals.

The manga has been well-received across the globe for its intriguing premise, expert storytelling, and relatable characters. Fans have praised its impeccable use of humor to address the pitfalls that come with being a part-timer in Tokyo. The Devil is a Part Timer manga has been widely embraced, and it has left many craving for more.

The Legacy of The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer Manga

The Devil is a Part Timer manga has created a massive impact in the entertainment world, becoming an instant classic. It has spawned an anime adaptation, light novel series, and several spin-off manga such as Hataraku Mao-sama! High School. The success of The Devil is a Part Timer manga is fueling the demand for more manga titles with unique premises.

The anime adaptation of The Devil is a Part Timer manga portrayed the characters expertly, keeping the humor and story’s core intact. The voice actors gave an incredible performance that resonated with the fans. The anime has won praise for expertly blending the manga’s comedy with its themes of corporate politics, societal pressures, and the struggles of the working class. As an adaptation, it did an exemplary job of bringing the manga to life.

The light novel series of The Devil is a Part Timer manga offers readers more in-depth exploration into the story’s world and its characters, making it a must-read for die-hard fans. The Spin1 Off manga Hataraku Mao-Sama! High School introduces a new set of characters, exploring their lives in a high school environment. The popularity of this spin-off is a testament to the original manga’s legacy.

In conclusion, The Devil is a Part Timer manga is a towering achievement in manga history. Its unique premise, coupled with the expert storytelling and relatable characters, have cemented its place among the greats. The manga has set the bar so high and inspired several adaptations that any new manga title needs to achieve a certain standard to satisfy its fans. Its legacy will continue to grow as new fans discover this gem tucked away in their local bookstores or their favorite online manga platform.