The Epic Conclusion: Review of The Beginning After the End Manga Chapter 142

Artpe’s Mission to Rescue His Family Begins

Artpe's mission to rescue his family

Chapter 142 of The Beginning After the End manga starts with Artpe en route to an underground city where his mother and sister, Ellie, are being held captive. Artpe had previously learned that they were being used by the underground city’s king, who was interested in their magical abilities.

As Artpe enters the city, he quickly learns that he’s not alone in his rescue mission. A group of people is already there, trying to free their own captured loved ones. Artpe decides to help them and, together, they begin their mission to save their respective families.

Their journey leads them through dark and labyrinthine tunnels, filled with numerous dangers. Along the way, they encounter many obstacles, including traps, aggressive guards, and even ferocious beasts. However, Artpe’s exceptional combat skills allow them to defeat these obstacles and keep moving forward.

After many battles, they finally reach the chamber where Artpe’s mother and sister are being held. There, they are confronted by the king’s high-level mages, who use their magic to try and defeat Artpe’s group. However, Artpe’s unique abilities as a reincarnated hero give him an edge, and he’s able to overcome the mages and rescue his family.

Ellie is ecstatic to see her brother and mother, and they embrace each other. However, Artpe is not yet satisfied with their escape. He’s determined to dismantle the entire underground city and free everyone who’s being held captive there. So, he and his allies continue their mission, fighting their way through the city’s numerous defenders.

The chapter ends with Artpe and his group successfully dismantling the city and freeing all the captives, including Ellie and his mother. They’re now free and can return home, safe from harm’s way.

This chapter of The Beginning After the End manga showcases Artpe’s exceptional skills as a hero. With his determination and courage, he was able to rescue his family from a dangerous situation. It also highlights the importance of allies and teamwork. Without the help of the other group members, Artpe may not have been able to achieve his goal.

Artpe’s Encounter with the Crypt Lord

Beginning after the end chapter 142

The latest chapter of the manga, Beginning after the End, introduces Artpe and his group as they navigate through the Underground City. It is here that they encounter a group of bandits who looked harmless at first, but they soon realize that they are in for a tough battle.

The Crypt Lord appears before Artpe and his companions, revealing his power by incapacitating everyone except for Artpe. Artpe, despite his initial reluctance to fight, decides to face the Crypt Lord head-on with his magic spells. However, the Crypt Lord proves to be a worthy adversary, as he is able to withstand Artpe’s attacks and counter them with his own.

The Crypt Lord reveals himself to be Ulmulus, who is one of the leaders of the Underground City, and he challenges Artpe to a bet. If Artpe wins, Ulmulus would have to relinquish his position and become Artpe’s servant. If Ulmulus wins, Artpe would have to reveal his true identity to everyone in the Underground City.

Artpe accepts the challenge, and their battle begins. The Crypt Lord’s abilities are formidable, but Artpe’s experience and strategy prove to be advantageous, as he is able to outsmart Ulmulus and defeat him in battle. Artpe’s victory shocked the entire Underground City, and his reputation as a hero only continued to grow.

This encounter marked an important turning point for Artpe and his companions, as it further solidified their bond and displayed Artpe’s immense strength and strategic thinking. It also signaled a shift in the narrative, as Artpe and his companions continue to uncover more mysteries and dangers lurking in the Underground City.

Beginning after the End chapter 142 is a thrilling installment in the manga, with superb artwork and a well-paced storyline that is sure to keep readers engaged. It serves as a testament to the power of determination and the strength of friendship, as our heroes continue to face challenges head-on in their quest for justice and peace.

Artpe’s Mother is a Siren?

Artpe's Mother is a Siren?

Plot twist alert! In chapter 142 of “The Beginning After the End” manga, we see Artpe and his group meet his mother who turns out to be a Siren. The expression on Artpe’s face when he realizes this is priceless. This revelation changes things and raises questions about his heritage, and where his powers come from. It also underscores the fact that this manga is not afraid to take risks and move in unconventional directions.

The backstory of Artpe’s mother is not thoroughly explained, and we get only bits and pieces. What we can infer is that she left Artpe with their family and disappeared, possibly to protect him and the family from her past. It is still unclear whether she willingly left them or was forced to, but her reappearance definitely causes some discomfort within the group.

Ambushed by an army of Bandits and monsters

Ambushed by an army of Bandits and monsters

Before Artpe can dwell further on this revelation, he and the group are ambushed by an army of Bandits and monsters. The sudden appearance of this army creates a sense of urgency and danger. The Bandits are known for their ruthless ways, and it’s clear that Artpe and his group are no match for them in terms of numbers.

The monsters, on the other hand, are a new addition to this battle. Their appearance raises questions about their origin and motives. Are they working with the Bandits, or are they an independent group? The manga does not reveal much about them at this point, but their presence definitely adds to the chaos.

The battle scene is life-like, with the manga-ka capturing the action and movement brilliantly. The use of colors and shading is top-notch, and you can feel the impact of each blow. This scene is a testament to the manga-ka’s skill and hopefully an indication of what’s to come.

Overall, Chapter 142 packs a lot of punch and leaves the readers clamoring for more. The revelation about Artpe’s mother and the appearance of the army of Bandits and monsters creates a sense of urgency and raises important questions about the series. With only a few chapters left, it’s clear that “The Beginning After the End” is moving towards a thrilling conclusion.

Artpe’s Final Move Against the Enemies

Artpe's Ultimate Technique

Chapter 142 of the Korean manga series ‘Beginning after the End’ has left fans on the edge of their seats with Artpe showing us why he is the protagonist. Artpe, with his ultimate technique, takes down the powerful enemies and rescues his mother and sister. The end of this chapter is well-thought-out, leaving readers wanting more from the author.

The ultimate technique that Artpe uses in this chapter is one that was hinted at throughout the series but was never fully revealed until now. Artpe’s ultimate technique, ‘The Phoenix of Flame’ is a powerful skill that can only be used once. It gave him enough power to defeat the enemies and accomplish his mission.

Artpe uses the ultimate technique with great precision and calculation, making him look like a professional while at the same time showing his determination to keep his loved ones safe. He does not waste any time while facing his enemies and uses the ultimate technique from the get-go.

After rescuing his mother and sister, Artpe teleports them to safety, showing us that his powers are not only limited to the battlefield. This move shows how Artpe has matured as a character and that he is now capable of putting his loved ones before himself.

The chapter ends with Artpe deciding to return to the Underground City to bring peace. This decision shows Artpe’s determination to change things for the better, proving that he has come a long way since the beginning of the series. It also leaves readers wondering what will happen next.

In conclusion, chapter 142 of Beginning after the End is a breathtaking chapter, with Artpe showing his potential to be one of the most powerful characters in the series. The author did an excellent job of making readers want more, leaving us with another cliffhanger.

Artpe’s Final Moment In Chapter 142

Artpe The Beginning After The End

In Chapter 142, we see Artpe stand calmly looking at the sky with his hands in his pockets. It is a peaceful scene until we realize that it is actually Artpe’s final moment. After all the battles he has fought, Artpe is finally ready to leave this life behind.

As Artpe looks at the sky, it is clear that he is thinking about his past. He remembers his family, his friends, and all the people who have influenced his life. It is a poignant moment because it shows that Artpe has come full circle. He started his journey with a burning desire to restore his family, but in the end, he achieved so much more than that.

It is also evident that Artpe thinks about his new family. The people who have been by his side throughout his journey. They have become his new family, and Artpe acknowledges that in his final moments. He has developed such strong bonds with them that they are no longer just friends or acquaintances. They are his family.

Artpe’s final moment is not about sadness or regrets. It is about acceptance and appreciation. Artpe has achieved everything he set out to do, and he has done it with remarkable efficiency and skill. He has lived his life to the fullest and has no regrets.

Artpe leaves with a sense of peace, knowing that his legacy will live on through the people he has touched. His new family will continue to carry the torch and keep his memory alive. Artpe, in essence, has achieved immortality in the hearts and minds of those who knew him.


Artpe The Beginning After the End

The final chapter of this manga series has left us with a bittersweet feeling. We are sad to see Artpe go, but at the same time, we are happy that he has found peace and closure. Artpe’s journey has been a long and arduous one, but in the end, he emerged victorious.

We have seen Artpe grow as a character and as a person. He has faced numerous challenges and overcome them all with his unwavering determination and skill. Artpe is a hero, not because of his powers or abilities, but because of his spirit. He is an inspiration to all of us.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 142 ending reminds us that life is precious and we should cherish every moment. It also reminds us to appreciate the people around us and to never take them for granted. We should always strive to live our lives to the fullest and leave a positive impact on the world.