The Epic Journey Continues: Review of The Beginning After the End Manga Chapter 150


The Beginning After the End manga

“The Beginning After the End” is a popular ongoing manga series that has captivated the attention of readers all over the world. The series is a captivating tale of reincarnation, magic, and adventure that follows a young king who has to start his life all over again as a baby in a new world filled with magic and mythical creatures.

The manga showcases the life of Arthur Leywin, a high school student who died in his previous life and is reborn as a child in this magical world. Arthur has to navigate the uncertainties of this new world and climb the ladder of power again to become the strongest. The Beginning After the End manga is full of heart-pumping action, magical battles, and gripping plot twists that will leave readers wanting more.

The popularity of The Beginning After the End manga can be attributed to its fantastic storyline, which is unique, intriguing, and filled with suspense. The series is not only about magic and mythical creatures, but it also explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and love. The manga’s relatable characters and their compelling personal stories have made readers emotionally invested in the series.

The manga has gained a massive following among fans of the fantasy genre and has become one of the most popular webcomics on the internet. Created by the author TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23, The Beginning After the End manga has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from its readers. The art style is gorgeous, and the characters are well developed, giving readers an immersive reading experience.

Since its inception, The Beginning After the End manga has been serialized online on Tapas and has been running since 2018. The manga has come a long way since then and has grown to have over 100 chapters and counting. The manga has fans all over the world and is available in several languages, making it accessible to a more extensive audience.

Overall, The Beginning After the End manga is a captivating series that has taken the world by storm. Its popularity can be attributed to its unique storyline, relatable characters, and the immersive reading experience it provides readers. If you’re a fan of magical worlds filled with mythical creatures, action-packed battles, and intricate storylines, then you should definitely check out The Beginning After the End manga.

Plot Summary

The Beginning After the End Manga Volume 17 Cover

In chapter 150 of “The Beginning After the End”, Arthur travels to the Kingdom of Asgard, the land of giants, to gather intelligence and seek allies for his upcoming war against the demon king. Along with his loyal companion Sif and an old friend from his past life, Arthur enters a dangerous game of politics and power struggles among the giants.

As they deliver gifts to the king of Asgard, Arthur and Sif are introduced to the royal family and the court of nobles. Arthur’s charisma and strategic thinking impress them, but he soon realizes that the giants have their own agenda and interests. The princess of Asgard, Eira, shows a particular interest in Arthur and tries to seduce him. However, Arthur turns her down, knowing that he cannot afford any distractions in his mission.

Meanwhile, Arthur’s son, Kai, and his friends, Cid and Tessia, continue their training as Royal Knights. They receive a new teacher, Nym, a strange woman who is supposed to teach them about handling magic. However, Nym seems to have a hidden agenda and a grudge against Arthur. She challenges Kai and Cid to a duel and almost defeats them, but they manage to outsmart her with their teamwork and skills.

Back in Asgard, Arthur and his companions attend a grand feast, where they witness a brutal political assassination. They learn that a faction of giants opposes the king’s rule and wants to overthrow him. Arthur offers to help the king and promises to bring more allies. The king accepts his offer, but Arthur knows that he needs to be cautious and find out more about both sides before committing to a side.

The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, as Arthur and Sif are ambushed by unknown assailants in the streets. Arthur fights them off with his sword and magic, but they escape. Arthur realizes that someone is spying on him and wonders whom he can trust. The story leaves us in suspense, eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

Analysis and Interpretation

beginning after the end manga 150

Chapter 150 of Beginning After The End presents some unique themes and motifs that contribute to the overall storyline of the manga. The themes and motifs discussed in this chapter revolve around the importance of relationships, love, and loyalty. This essay will discuss the themes and motifs present in chapter 150, as well as what they might represent in the overarching storyline of Beginning After The End.

The idea of relationships is an essential theme in the manga. Chapter 150 explores how relationships form the backbone of any society, and how our interactions with others define us. Arthur’s relationship with his family, friends, and even his enemies is a recurring theme throughout the manga. In the chapter, we see a beautiful moment where Arthur’s mother tears up upon seeing him as an adult. This moment highlights the importance of maintaining relationships, no matter how difficult they may be. We also see Arthur’s friend Oz and his loyalty to Arthur despite Arthur’s perceived flaws. Oz’s loyalty to Arthur is a crucial motif in the manga as it presents a counterbalance to the betrayals that Arthur has encountered throughout his life. It also shows that loyalty can be an essential component of any successful relationship.

Another theme present in the manga is love. The theme of love can be seen in several character arcs such as Arthur and Eleanor’s romantic storyline and Oz’s love for his sister. The manga presents love as an essential component of human interaction and development. The love between Eleanor and Arthur is a powerful motif in chapter 150 as it sets a precedent for the relationship between Arthur and his daughter, Charlotte. The idea of love is further reinforced when Arthur tells Charlotte that her presence in his life has brought about a newfound level of love and happiness that he never imagined possible. This statement reinforces the idea that love can be transformative and help us become better versions of ourselves.

Finally, loyalty is another motif that is present in chapter 150 of the manga. Loyalty is what drives several of the character arcs in Beginning After The End. This theme is present in the loyalty that the members of Arthur’s kingdom have to him, and the loyalty that a group of knights display to their King. The loyalty that Arthur displays to his friends, family, and subjects is highlighted several times throughout the manga. The idea of loyalty is integral in depicting how trust and respect form the basis of any successful relationship.

In conclusion, Chapter 150 of Beginning After The End presents unique themes and motifs that contribute to the manga’s overarching storyline. The themes of relationships, love, and loyalty are presented as essential components of human interaction. The motifs present in this chapter reinforce the themes and help us understand how they are instrumental in the characters’ growth and development. The chapter presents a poignant reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy relationships, being loyal to those we care about, and having love in our lives.

Reception and Reviews

Beginning After The End Chapter 150

The 150th chapter of the popular manga series, Beginning After the End, has been received with mixed reactions from both readers and critics. The series as a whole has been praised for its unique storyline and well-developed characters, which have managed to keep the readers hooked until the very end.

Chapter 150, however, has left readers feeling conflicted due to the unfortunate turn of events. Some readers have expressed disappointment with the direction the story is taking, while others have applauded the writer for taking the story in a brave and unexpected direction.

One of the key criticisms of Chapter 150 is that it has taken a dark turn, deviating from the lighter and comedic tones the manga has been known for. Readers were shocked and saddened at the death of a prominent character, which they felt was unnecessary and brought about a negative impact on the overall story. Critics also noted that the writing felt rushed and lacked the depth and insight that had previously been present in the series.

On the other hand, some readers praised the author for his ability to take risks and create a realistic and unpredictable universe. They appreciated the new twist and sense of realism that the story had taken on. In addition, they appreciated the suspense and emotional depth that the author created with the death of the character, making the story more realistic and life-like.

Overall, despite the mixed reviews towards Chapter 150, the manga series as a whole has been highly praised by readers and critics. The unique storyline, the well-drawn characters, and the unpredictable plot twists have kept readers intrigued and wanting more. The distinctive traits of the series have made it stand out in the ever-growing world of manga and it is expected to remain a popular series for years to come.

Future Predictions

Beginning After the End Manga 150

As readers anxiously await the release of the next few chapters of the popular manga series, “The Beginning After The End”, many are speculating on where the story might be headed. While the story has already taken us on a wild ride with unexpected twists and turns, there are still several unanswered questions that need to be addressed, leaving the opportunity for plenty of exciting potential storylines and character arcs.

1. The Return of Beacrox

Beacrox in the Beginning After the End

One of the most significant characters in “The Beginning After The End” is Beacrox, the former right-hand man of King Grey. In the latest chapters, it was revealed that Beacrox had survived the catastrophic events that took place at the kingdom of Elden and was now living as a demon. Fans are predicting that Beacrox might make his long-awaited return, but in what capacity? Will he fight alongside King Grey, or will he pursue his own agenda?

2. The Reunion of Tessia and King Grey

Tessia and King Grey

Another significant storyline that is sure to capture readers’ attention is the long-awaited reunion of Tessia and King Grey. After being separated for years, the two shared a brief yet emotional reunion in the latest chapter. Fans are eagerly awaiting what happens next. Will the two reconcile and begin a new chapter in their relationship, or will they go their separate ways once again?

3. The Redemption of Prince Elios

Prince Elios in the Beginning After the End

Prince Elios is one of the characters in “The Beginning After The End” that readers love to hate. After betraying King Grey, he was banished from the Elden Kingdom and has since been wandering around in exile. Fans are speculating that Prince Elios might seek redemption and try to make amends for his past mistakes. It would be interesting to see how his character evolves and whether he will join forces with King Grey or go down a different path altogether.

4. The Revelation of King Grey’s True Identity

King Grey in the Beginning After the End

One of the most significant mysteries in “The Beginning After The End” is King Grey’s true identity. Fans have been speculating that he might be a reincarnation of a powerful mage or even a god. With new revelations in the latest chapters, it seems that the truth might finally be revealed. It would be interesting to see how King Grey reacts to this revelation and whether it will change him in any way.

5. The Upcoming Battle

Battle in the Beginning After the End Manga

Finally, the upcoming battle is the next significant event that fans of “The Beginning After The End” are eagerly anticipating. With the tensions between the Elden Kingdom and the demons reaching an all-time high, a massive battle is inevitable. Fans are speculating on who will come out on top and at what cost. Will King Grey and his allies be able to triumph over the demons, or will they suffer a significant loss? Whatever the outcome, it is sure to be an epic battle that will have fans on the edge of their seats.

Overall, “The Beginning After The End” has the potential for some exciting storylines and character arcs in the upcoming chapters. Fans will have to wait and see how the story unfolds, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be an exciting ride!


Conclusion after the end manga

As we come to the end of our discussion about “The Beginning After the End” manga, it is apparent that this manga has managed to charm its way into the hearts of readers all across the world. With its captivating plot, amazing illustrations, and relatable characters, it has undoubtedly left an impact on the hearts and minds of its readers. However, it is not just the current impact that is worthy of attention, but also the manga’s future potential.

The success of the manga’s first 150 chapters has opened doors for possible adaptations in other mediums like anime or live-action TV shows. This would not only bring more life to the story, but also attract new fans who may have missed out on the manga. Additionally, the manga has the potential to become a famous franchise with numerous spin-offs or side stories contributing to the main story’s worldbuilding and character development.

The characters of “The Beginning After the End” have been skillfully crafted and developed over the course of the story. They tend to portray realistic human nature and emotions that readers can relate to. The bond between Arthur Archmage and his daughter Aria is a fine example of how the manga’s family aspect has been represented in the storyline. If the manga continues with its current trajectory, it is likely that we will continue to discover new depths to these character’s personalities in the coming chapters.

Reading manga is all about immersing oneself in a compelling story, and the Beginning After the End manga depicts it just right. You can experience the ups and downs of its characters and actively participate in the story’s worldbuilding. This is something that the creators of this manga have done so excellently, and it is hard not to get completely wrapped up in the story.

One aspect of this manga that has particularly captured the hearts of its readers is the exceptional artwork. Fans have been raving about the manga’s illustration since its debut, and it is not hard to see why. The characters are beautifully drawn, and scenes are breathtakingly depicted, making the scenes even more enjoyable.

Lastly, we cannot discuss the conclusion of “The Beginning After the End” without acknowledging the excellent effort put in by the manga’s writers and artists. The quality of the writing, plot, and characterization have all been top-notch, and we can only expect more fantastic content from them. With all of this in mind, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the manga and how it will continue to leave its impact on readers worldwide.

Overall, it is evident that “The Beginning After the End” manga is more than just a good read. The story, coupled with the beautiful illustrations, character development, worldbuilding, and a realistic portrayal of human emotions, has had an indescribable impact on its readers. We can only hope that the manga continues to flourish and captivate new audiences for years to come.