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“The Magic Continues in The Beginning After the End Aqua Manga”


The Beginning After The End Volume 5 Cover

The Beginning After The End Aqua manga is a highly popular ongoing series created by TurtleMe, an American web novel writer. The manga is illustrated by Fuyuki23 and has gained immense popularity since it started in 2018. The story revolves around a young man named Arthur Leywin, who was once a king of a world where magic exists and supernatural beings thrive. However, he dies in a battle and reincarnates in another world as a newborn baby.

Arthur is still able to retain his memories and soon discovers that he now possesses magic. He was born in a world where magic is scarce and was raised in a normal family in order to keep his abilities hidden. As he grows up, he becomes more and more powerful and even becomes the head of his own magical guild. The story follows his journey as he tries to discover the truth about his past life and the reason for his reincarnation.

The manga has a unique blend of action, adventure, comedy, and romance that has captivated readers from all over the world. The author has done an incredible job of creating a vivid and detailed world that is full of interesting characters, magical creatures, and political intrigue. The story takes place in a world that is filled with danger and uncertainty, but also the hope of a brighter future.

Overall, The Beginning After The End Aqua manga is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure. It has a well-written plot, engaging characters, and beautiful artwork that brings the story to life. Whether you are new to manga or a seasoned reader, this series is definitely worth checking out.


Beginning After the End Aqua Manga

The Beginning After the End Aqua Manga, written and illustrated by TurtleMe, is a webtoon series that follows the adventures of Arthur Leywin, a former powerful mage who is reincarnated as a boy named Arthur at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The setting of the story is in a magical world where humans, elves, and other mystical creatures reside.

The story begins when Arthur, a powerful mage, dies in battle while defending his kingdom. He expected his journey to end there but was instead reincarnated as a baby named Arthur. However, this time he was not reincarnated in the kingdom he once knew but in a different world where he is at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Arthur grows up with a new family, including his adoptive brother, who is not interested in magic. Despite his disadvantage, Arthur has a talent for magic and eventually joins the Royal Academy of Magic. Unlike others with noble backgrounds who attend the academy, Arthur has to start from the bottom and work his way up, making friends and enemies along the way.

As Arthur progresses through the academy, he encounters more exciting challenges, such as fights, competitions, and trials. There are also a few mysteries in the story, such as Arthur’s past life and his connection to the magical world he now inhabits.

The Beginning After the End Aqua Manga is a captivating story with well-designed characters and world-building. The manga portrays growth, determination, and perseverance in an exciting and fantastical world.

Overall, the manga is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in the fantasy genre and wants to follow a character through a hero’s journey. The events and plot twists will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.


Arthur beginning after the end manga

The Beginning After the End is a manga series that has become popular among manga lovers. The story revolves around Arthur Leywin, who is reincarnated into a world where magic and different creatures are commonplace. In this world, he grows up, trains, and becomes a powerful mage who can even control dragons. Along the way, he meets several important characters who contribute significantly to the story’s progress.

Arthur Leywin is the main protagonist of the manga series. He is a former king who dies only to be reincarnated in another world as a boy. Arthur must rebuild his life from scratch and learn magic to survive in this world. He is a very charismatic and determined person, with a strong moral compass. Arthur has a strong sense of justice and caring for his subjects, which makes him a likable character to the readers. Arthur’s journey is the main focus of the manga, and he undergoes many trials and tribulations to become the person he is intended to be.

Merlin beginning after the end

Merlin is another significant character in the manga. He is a powerful sorcerer and Arthur’s mentor and close friend. Merlin is the one who guides Arthur through his journey and helps him achieve his goals. He initially assists Arthur in learning spells and controlling his magic, but later on, as the plot develops, he plays a more crucial role in the story. Merlin is a wise and mysterious character, and his sense of humor provides a nice balance to the serious nature of the plot.

Eliane beginning after the end

Eliane is a character who plays a highly relevant role in the protagonist’s life. She is Arthur’s love interest and a fellow mage. Eliane is wise, talented, and brave, with a great sense of humor. She initially assists Arthur in learning spells, and as they grow closer, they develop a romantic relationship. She is an independent and strong character who always stands up for what she believes in.

The other characters in the manga include Taemin, who is Arthur’s best friend and Eliane’s brother, and an antagonist named Litheria, who is a powerful mage who wants to destroy Arthur and take over the kingdom. These and many other characters contribute to the story’s overall progression, making the manga feel a rich and ever-intriguing tapestry of personalities.

In conclusion, the Beginning after the End is a manga series with an enjoyable storyline that incorporates magic, adventure, and drama. The primary focus of the plot involves the protagonist, Arthur Leywin, and the cast of characters that surround him. Each one has a unique personality and plays an integral part in the story, which makes it an enjoyable and intriguing read.

Art Style

Beginning After the End Aqua Manga

“Beginning After the End Aqua” manga has a unique and breathtaking art style that sets the tone for the story. With its vivid and expressive graphics, the manga is visually pleasing and elevates the reading experience for its readers.

The manga’s art style is characterized by its intricate and detailed illustrations that give life to the characters, settings, and creatures in the story. The manga uses a blend of colors that are both warm and cold, depending on the scene, to convey different emotions and create a sense of depth and dimension.

The characters in “Beginning After the End Aqua” are well-developed and have unique personalities. The manga’s art style does an excellent job of reflecting these personalities through character designs and facial expressions. The main character, Arthur, is drawn in a distinctive style compared to the other characters, making him stand out and helping readers identify with him.

The manga’s art style also helps set the tone for the story by creating contrast between different parts of the story. The world of “Beginning After the End Aqua” is divided into two realms, the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. The illustrations of the living world are colorful and vibrant, while the illustrations of the dead are muted and dark, creating a stark contrast between the two worlds.

The action scenes in the manga are drawn in a way that is dynamic and intense. The manga artist employs different techniques such as motion lines and speed lines to give the scenes a sense of movement and energy. The use of these techniques creates an immersive experience for readers and makes the action scenes thrilling to read.

Overall, the art style of “Beginning After the End Aqua” is a vital component of the manga that sets it apart from other manga in its genre. The meticulous attention to detail, the intricate character designs, and the use of colors to convey emotions and set the tone of the story make this manga a must-read for any fan of fantasy and action manga.



Beginning After the End Aqua Manga is a superhero story that has marvellous themes and messages. The major theme of this story involves the protagonist’s determination to protect his Kingdom, Tauris from enemies. Arthur previously served as the ruler of a powerful kingdom in another world before his reincarnation and began again as a baby in a new world. This determination is clear throughout the story as he faces many challenges to ensure his kingdom remains safe.

The story of Beginning After the End also highlights the importance of strength and friendship. Arthur’s journey to becoming a King is challenging, but he receives help from friends who help him acquire the necessary skills to be a king. As they say, “No man is an Island,” one can’t achieve greatness alone. Arthur’s friendships prove to be essential in helping him achieve his goals.

Another theme is personal growth. At the start of the manga, Arthur is only a young boy who has no idea of his past life. However, he gradually grows into a mature young man as he discovers the purpose of his reincarnation and the reason why he has been given supernatural powers. Throughout the story, Arthur continues to learn new skills and gain knowledge that helps him become not only a good king but a better person.

In conclusion, Beginning After the End Aqua Manga is a compelling story that features various themes, including determination, friendship, and personal growth. Each theme is brought to life through the characters’ actions and interactions throughout the story. Arthur’s journey from a young boy with no memory to a formidable King is one that’s not only inspiring but also teaches valuable lessons that can be applied in everyday life.


The Beginning After The End Aqua Manga

The Beginning After The End Aqua manga has gained widespread popularity among fans of the fantasy-genre. It has been received positively by audiences and has garnered a loyal following since its publication.

Fans have praised the story’s unique take on reincarnation and its refreshing portrayal of a protagonist who is a former king rather than a typical hero archetype. The manga’s well-structured plot, character development, and attention to detail have also been highly regarded.

The manga’s art style has been a point of discussion among fans. Many fans appreciate the attention to detail, character designs, and coloring while others criticise the manga’s inconsistent artwork. Despite this, the manga’s art is generally regarded as visually pleasing and has contributed to its popularity.

The story’s pacing has also been a point of contention among fans. While some appreciate the slow-burn approach taken by the author, others have found it to be too slow and frustrating. However, the manga’s pacing remains consistent throughout, and it remains enjoyable to read.

Despite having a loyal fan base, The Beginning After The End Aqua manga has received some criticism from reviewers who find that the story’s exposition-heavy dialogue detracts from the overall experience. Others have criticised the manga for being too derivative and predictable. However, these criticisms have not had a significant impact on the overwhelming positive reception that the manga has received.

Overall, The Beginning After The End Aqua manga has been well received by audiences and fans alike. It has won praise for its unique take on the isekai genre, well-crafted characters, and attention to detail. Despite some criticisms, it remains a must-read for fans of fantasy and isekai manga.


Beginning After the End Manga

The Beginning After the End is a manga that is definitely worth reading. The story is captivating and the art style is beautiful. The characters are well-developed and you will find yourself emotionally invested in their lives. It is a story about magic, adventure, friendship, family, and love. The manga deals with complex themes such as power, politics, revenge, and justice. It also explores the concept of rebirth and second chances.

The story follows the journey of Arthur Leywin, a powerful mage who was once a king in his past life. He is reborn into a magical world where he must learn to navigate his new life with his memories of his past life intact. He meets various characters along the way, including his wife from his past life, who is also reborn in this world.

One of the highlights of the manga is the relationship between Arthur and his wife, Elaine. Their love story is beautifully portrayed, and their journey to find each other in their new lives is heartwarming. Another highlight is the action scenes, which are intense and well-executed. The magic system is also well-developed, and the different types of magic are fascinating to learn about.

The pacing of the manga is great, with each chapter leaving you wanting more. The plot twists are unexpected and keep the story interesting. The ending is satisfying but open-ended, leaving room for a sequel.

Overall, The Beginning After the End is a must-read for fans of fantasy manga. It has everything that you could want in a story: magic, adventure, romance, action, and great characters. The story is well-written, and the art style is stunning. The manga is still ongoing, with new chapters coming out every week. So if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to give it a try!