Sasaki to Miyano Manga Chapter 1: A Cute Start to a Budding Romance


Sasaki to Miyano manga cover

Sasaki to Miyano is a heartwarming manga that tells the story of two high school boys who fall in love. The manga is written by Shou Harusono and was first published in 2016. The story revolves around the lives of Sasaki and Miyano, two seemingly opposite high school students who develop a deep affection for each other.

The manga is a beautiful representation of the emotional journey that people go through while discovering and accepting their sexuality. The author has done a great job in portraying the struggles and conflicts that young people face in accepting their feelings for someone of the same gender.

The manga has gained immense popularity among the LGBT community and has been praised for its honest and authentic portrayal of the love story between Sasaki and Miyano.

Introduction to Sasaki to Miyano Manga’s Chapter 1

Sasaki to Miyano Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the Sasaki to Miyano manga introduces us to the two main characters, Sasaki and Miyano, as they begin their first year of high school. The story takes place in a typical Japanese high school, with all the usual tropes of school life.

Sasaki is a tall, shy boy who has trouble expressing his emotions. He likes to read manga, but he’s not very good at making friends. Miyano, on the other hand, is short and outgoing. He’s good at making friends and always has a smile on his face. He loves to talk about his favorite anime and manga.

Despite their differences, Sasaki and Miyano quickly become friends. Sasaki is impressed by Miyano’s confidence and outgoing personality, while Miyano is fascinated by Sasaki’s love of manga. They bond over their mutual love of BL (boys’ love) manga and Sasaki starts to open up more to Miyano.

The first chapter of Sasaki to Miyano sets up the premise of the series – the slow-burning romance between Sasaki and Miyano. While they start off as friends, it’s clear from the beginning that Sasaki has a crush on Miyano. Miyano, however, seems oblivious to Sasaki’s feelings and is interested in other boys in their class.

The chapter also introduces us to some of the other characters in the series, such as Sonezaki, who is the class representative and very serious about her studies. She doesn’t seem to have much patience for Miyano’s antics. There’s also Hatori, who is the captain of the basketball team and has a crush on Sasaki.

In conclusion, Sasaki to Miyano Chapter 1 is a great introduction to the series. It establishes the main characters and their relationships, as well as the setting for the story. It’s a cute and funny manga that’s sure to make you smile.

Introducing Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano manga cover

Sasaki to Miyano is a heartwarming manga about two boys who are still trying to figure out their feelings for each other. In chapter 1, we get introduced to the two main characters – Sasaki and Miyano.

Sasaki is a shy and introverted boy who prefers to keep to himself. He enjoys reading BL manga and is fascinated by the romantic relationships between the male characters. Sasaki is often lost in his own world, imagining himself as one of the characters in his manga. He is awkward around people and finds it difficult to socialize with others. Sasaki’s love for BL manga is a big part of his life, and it helps him escape from reality.

Miyano, on the other hand, is an outgoing and cheerful boy who enjoys playing practical jokes on his friends. He is the complete opposite of Sasaki and is always eager to make new friends. Miyano is very energetic and has a contagious smile that can brighten up anyone’s day. He is quite popular in school and has a large group of friends. However, he is also a bit impulsive and tends to act before thinking things through.

Sasaki and Miyano in the classroom

Despite their differences, Sasaki and Miyano become friends after Miyano discovers Sasaki’s love for BL manga. Miyano is surprised to find out that Sasaki is into the same genre as him and is excited to have finally found someone who shares his interests. Miyano’s outgoing nature helps bring Sasaki out of his shell, and the two boys start to connect on a deeper level.

The dynamic between Sasaki and Miyano is a classic case of opposites attracting. Sasaki’s quiet and reserved nature complements Miyano’s outgoing and cheerful personality. Miyano’s willingness to include Sasaki in his group of friends helps Sasaki break out of his shell and become more comfortable with himself and others.

In conclusion, Sasaki to Miyano is a heartwarming manga that explores the theme of self-discovery and acceptance. Sasaki and Miyano’s friendship is a beautiful example of how two people from very different backgrounds can come together and form a deep connection. With its relatable characters and touching storyline, it’s no wonder that Sasaki to Miyano has become such a beloved manga among fans.

Sasaki to Miyano Manga Chapter 1: Miyano’s Confession

Miyano’s Confession

Miyano's Confession

Sasaki to Miyano manga, written and illustrated by Shou Harusono, is a heartwarming love story between two high school boys, Sasaki and Miyano. The manga, serialized in Gangan Online, has captured the hearts of readers around the world. In this article, we will discuss chapter 1 of the manga, where Miyano confesses his love for Sasaki.

The chapter opens with Miyano, a shy and introverted boy, staring at Sasaki, the popular and outgoing boy in his class. Miyano is deeply in love with Sasaki but has never been able to confess his feelings. One day, Miyano musters up the courage to confess his love to Sasaki. He approaches Sasaki and tells him how he feels. However, Sasaki thinks Miyano is joking and doesn’t take him seriously. Sasaki laughs and replies, “Seriously? You’re confessing to me?”

Miyano, heartbroken, runs away from Sasaki. He is unable to face him after being rejected. Sasaki is unaware of how much his words have hurt Miyano. Sasaki, being the popular boy, is accustomed to receiving attention from many people, but he is oblivious to Miyano’s feelings.

The author effectively portrays Miyano’s internal struggle and the fear of rejection that comes with confessing one’s love. The scene is relatable to readers who have experienced similar situations in their lives. The moment where Miyano confesses his love, hoping for reciprocation, is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

The chapter is an introduction to the characters of Sasaki and Miyano, their personalities, and their relationship with each other. Sasaki is the outgoing and charismatic boy who is admired by many, while Miyano is the shy and reserved boy who has a crush on Sasaki. The chapter sets the tone for the rest of the manga and establishes the conflict that the characters will face.

Overall, chapter 1 of Sasaki to Miyano is a promising start to the manga. The story of two boys falling in love is heartwarming and refreshing. The characters are relatable and likable, and the author’s art style complements the story well. We look forward to seeing how the story unfolds and hope that Sasaki and Miyano’s love story has a happy ending.

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Love at First Sight


Chapter 1 of Sasaki to Miyano manga introduces us to the protagonists, Shino Sasaki and Reiji Miyano. It all starts with an unexpected encounter in the school library, where Sasaki falls in love at first sight with Miyano. The moment he sees him, he is immediately drawn to his cute appearance, his glasses, and his love for books.

This theme is evident from the very start of the chapter as we see Sasaki struggle with his own feelings for Miyano. The internal conflict that he experiences is relatable to anyone who has experienced love at first sight. As Sasaki tries to express his feelings to Miyano, he becomes increasingly more nervous, leading to several comedic moments.

Unlikely Friendship


Another prominent theme in Chapter 1 is friendship. While Sasaki has grappled with his feelings for Miyano since they first met, Miyano has been oblivious to Sasaki’s crush. Despite this, Miyano is friendly towards Sasaki and even invites him to join the school’s manga club.

The chapter highlights their budding friendship as they bond over their passion for manga and share their favorite titles with each other. Miyano’s friendly and approachable demeanor makes him an endearing character, and as the chapter progresses, it becomes clear that Sasaki’s affection for Miyano will only continue to grow.



The friendship between Sasaki and Miyano also leads to Sasaki’s self-discovery. As he spends more time with Miyano, he begins to explore and understand his own sexuality. The chapter portrays Sasaki’s struggles with his sexuality in a relatable and non-judgmental way, making it an excellent read for anyone going through a similar experience.

By the end of the chapter, Sasaki comes to an understanding about his feelings for Miyano. Notably, he grapples with his identity and how he fits into society, leading to a poignant moment where he admits to himself that he may not be “normal.” It’s a message that resonates with many of us, as we strive to accept and love ourselves for who we are.

Manga Culture


Another significant theme explored in Chapter 1 of Sasaki to Miyano manga is the manga culture in Japan. From the school’s manga club to Sasaki and Miyano’s discussions about their favorite titles, it’s clear that manga plays a crucial role in their lives.

The chapter portrays the love of manga in a positive light, highlighting its ability to bring people together and its power to help us explore ourselves and our identities. Anyone who values manga as a medium and appreciates its impact on society will appreciate this theme in the story.

Conclusion: A Promising Start


Chapter 1 of Sasaki to Miyano manga sets up a story that promises to be a heartwarming journey through love, friendship, and self-discovery. It’s an excellent read for anyone who has ever struggled with their feelings or worried about how they fit into society.

The relatable characters, humorous moments, and poignant themes make it an enjoyable read that will keep readers coming back for more. As Sasaki and Miyano’s friendship evolves, it will be fascinating to see where their journey takes them, and what new themes the story will explore along the way.

Art Style and Design

Sasaki to Miyano manga chapter 1 art style and design

The art style of Sasaki to Miyano manga chapter 1 is unique and captivating. The creator of the series, Syundei, has a very distinct style that features a clean and simple look that emphasizes character expressions and emotions. The art style is drawn with clear and precise lines, giving the illustrations a sense of order and balance. The characters are also drawn with varying degrees of detail, depending on their importance to the story.

The most striking aspect of the art style in Sasaki to Miyano is the way that it captures the emotions and personalities of the characters. The characters are portrayed in a very relatable way, with their expressions and body language reflecting their moods and feelings. The facial expressions of the characters are particularly expressive, with a range of emotions portrayed, from joy and love to sadness and anger. The art style in the manga succeeds in conveying the different moods of the characters, which helps to convey the story in a more compelling way.

The art in Sasaki to Miyano tells a story of its own. The manga is drawn using a lot of body language and poses. The characters’ poses and the way they interact with each other help to convey their relationships, emotions, and inner thoughts. The use of dramatic poses and angles helps to accentuate the mood and intensify the story’s impact. The backgrounds in the manga are kept simple, which helps to focus the reader’s attention on the characters and events taking place. All of these artistic elements come together to create a cohesive and visually stunning work.

The overall design of Sasaki to Miyano manga chapter 1 is also noteworthy. The pages are laid out in a way that is easy to follow and read, with the panels arranged in a logical and sequential manner. The spacing between the panels is just right, allowing the reader to see each panel’s contents clearly. The use of sound effects and dialogue is also well-done, enhancing the reader’s experience without detracting from the art’s focus.

All in all, the art style and design of Sasaki to Miyano manga chapter 1 is an essential part of the manga’s overall appeal. The way the characters are drawn, the expressiveness of their emotions, and the overall design and layout of the manga are all executed with precision and skill. These artistic elements help to create a world that is easy to get lost in, making Sasaki to Miyano a must-read for manga fans who appreciate great art.

Introduction to Sasaki to Miyano Manga Chapter 1

Sasaki to Miyano Chapter 1

Sasaki to Miyano is a romantic comedy manga that tells the story of two high school boys, Sasaki and Miyano. The manga is written by Shou Harusono and follows the lives of the two boys as they navigate their way through their feelings for each other. The first chapter of this manga sets the foundation of their love story and introduces the characters to the readers.

Introduction of Main Characters – Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano are polar opposites when it comes to their personality traits. Sasaki is an introverted bookworm who is trying to keep his feelings for Miyano a secret. On the other hand, Miyano is an outgoing and cheerful person who is quick to make friends with anyone he meets. The contrasting personalities of these two characters are what make their relationship so unique and special.

Encounter of Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki meets Miyano

The first chapter of Sasaki to Miyano begins with the two boys meeting each other for the first time. Sasaki is walking back from the library when he sees Miyano being bullied by some other boys. Sasaki intervenes and defends Miyano, and from that moment on, Miyano becomes infatuated with Sasaki. Miyano is oblivious to Sasaki’s true feelings for him and instead believes that he is just a friend.

Their First Real Conversation

Sasaki and Miyano share interests

In this chapter, we see Sasaki and Miyano have their first real conversation with each other. Miyano is surprised to find out that Sasaki likes the same book series that he does. The conversation is awkward at first, but they quickly bond over their shared interests. This conversation is a turning point in their relationship, as it shows that they have more in common than they initially thought.

The Confession

Sasaki confesses to Miyano

The chapter ends with Sasaki confessing his feelings to Miyano. He tells Miyano that he has been in love with him ever since they first met. Miyano is shocked by the confession and does not know how to respond. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers eager to see what Miyano’s response will be.

Themes Explored

Sasaki and Miyano Themes

Sasaki to Miyano explores themes such as coming of age, self-discovery, and gender identity. The manga challenges societal norms and stereotypes by depicting a same-sex relationship that is not based on traditional gender roles. The story also shows how a person’s sexual orientation can be a confusing and difficult path to navigate, especially in high school.


Sasaki and Miyano Conclusion

Chapter 1 of Sasaki to Miyano sets the stage for an endearing and relatable romantic comedy about two high school boys who fall in love. The storylines and character development are captivating, and the readers quickly become invested in Sasaki and Miyano’s relationship. With its well-crafted narrative, beautiful art style, and engaging characters, Sasaki to Miyano is a must-read for anyone who loves romance and coming of age stories.