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“The Manga that Teaches Financial Responsibility to Parents: Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa Manga”

Introducing Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa Cover

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa, also known as Parents Need Debt, is a Japanese manga written by Noriko Ootaka. The manga was first serialized in the February issue of HertZ magazine in 2013 and has since been compiled into one tankobon volume. This heartwarming story centers around a single mother struggling to raise her young son while trying to pay off her debt.

With manga being a staple in Japanese pop culture, it’s no surprise that Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa has gained quite a following since its release. The story’s unique and relatable premise has resonated with readers across Japan and even the world. As a result, the series has been translated into different languages, including English.

What makes Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa stand out is the realism portrayed in its characters. The story depicts the everyday struggles of a single mother, from the financial issues to the emotional burden of raising a child alone. The manga also explores the relationships the mother has with those around her, like her son, her ex-husband, and her colleagues at work. The realistic portrayal of these characters makes them feel relatable, and readers can’t help but root for them.

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa may not be your typical shonen or shojo manga with magical powers or epic battles, but it still manages to leave a lasting impression on its readers. It highlights the importance of family, love, and perseverance, making it a must-read for anyone looking for a touching and heartwarming story.

Plot and Characters

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa manga

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa manga, also known as “Debt-splitting between parents,” is a heartwarming manga series that follows two siblings, Akira and Suzu, who are struggling to pay off their parents’ debt after they passed away.

Akira is the elder brother who is a hardworking salaryman of a construction company. He is determined to live up to his late father’s dream of running a family restaurant, which they were forced to sell off due to the large debts they were unable to pay off. Meanwhile, Suzu is the younger sister who is still in high school, but she has taken on several part-time jobs to help her brother with the household expenses.

The manga depicts the sibling’s struggle to pay off their parents’ massive debt of 25 million yen (around $225,000) while juggling their own individual lives. They are in the constant fear of losing their family home, and the freedom to choose their own paths in life.

As they tackle various obstacles along the way, they meet several characters who make their journey fulfilling, including their father’s old friend and a kind-hearted construction worker who lends them a hand during their tough times.

Throughout the series, Akira and Suzu’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity inspires others, and their bond as siblings grows stronger as they navigate life together. This manga is a heartwarming and emotional story of love, family, and the strength to overcome life’s challenges.

Parenting themes and messages

Parenting themes and messages

“Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” manga portrays various parenting themes and messages, particularly the significance of being responsible for your children’s financial stability. The story centers around the life of Takanori and his wife Kaori, who are struggling to make ends meet and take care of their three children. Takanori realizes the impact of his actions on his children’s future and the importance of planning their finances. The manga teaches that parenting goes beyond providing for your children’s basic needs; it also involves preparing them for their future financial stability.

Another parenting message conveyed in this manga is the importance of being present for your children. Takanori’s busy work schedule prevents him from attending his children’s school activities and engaging with his family, resulting in a lack of connection between him and his children. The manga emphasizes that children require emotional support and attention from their parents for healthy growth and development.

Financial themes and messages

Financial themes and messages

The manga highlights the theme of financial planning and management, as Takanori realizes that his overspending and lack of budgeting skills are causing financial strain on his family. The manga teaches the importance of being mindful of your expenditures, saving money for emergencies and future expenses, and investing in financial stability. It emphasizes the consequences of financial mismanagement, such as debts and living paycheck to paycheck. The story also shows the importance of communication between partners in financial decisions and the impact of sharing financial burdens on a relationship.

The manga also touches on the theme of materialism and consumerism, as Takanori’s desire to provide luxurious items for his family causes him to overspend and neglect his financial responsibilities. The manga teaches that fulfilling your family’s needs is much more important than fulfilling their wants. It shows the value of prioritizing necessary expenses and distinguishing between essential and non-essential ones.

Relationship themes and messages

Relationship themes and messages

The manga touches on various relationship themes and messages, including the importance of communication, trust, and support. Takanori’s lack of communication with his wife regarding their finances and his job decisions causes a rift in their relationship and trust issues. The manga emphasizes the need for open and honest communication between partners to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. It also shows how support from family members plays a crucial role in emotional and mental well-being and helps reduce the burden of financial stress.

Another key relationship message conveyed in the manga is the significance of teamwork and compromise. Takanori and Kaori work together to overcome their financial struggles and make decisions that benefit their family. They compromise and make sacrifices to achieve their financial goals, showing that a healthy relationship requires cooperation and working together towards common goals.

Overall, “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” manga conveys various themes and messages relating to parenting, finances, and relationships. It portrays the challenges that families face and teaches valuable life lessons through relatable characters and storyline. The manga provides an entertaining and educational read for both adults and young adults who wish to improve their financial literacy and family relationships.

Art and Style

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa

“Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa,” also known as “Debt-Allocating Parents,” is a manga series that depicts the struggles of a family trying to pay off their debts. The style and art of this manga play a crucial role in the portrayal of the story and its characters. The art style used in the series is unique and distinct, which makes it easy for readers to distinguish it from other manga series.

The manga’s art style features a simple yet charming line art, which gives the characters a softer and approachable appearance. The creator has done an excellent job of creating a visual identity for each of the characters, making them distinct, memorable, and visually appealing. The characters’ facial expressions and body language add a layer of depth to their personalities, providing insight into their current mood and thoughts.

The use of shading and contrasting light sources enhance the visual experience of the story. The creator uses them to add depth to the characters and the settings in which they exist. For example, scenes that are meant to be emotional or dramatic are depicted with darker shades and more shadows. Scenes that are lighthearted and cheerful or happy are shown with brighter and vibrant colors.

The background art of “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” is also meticulously done. There is a high attention to detail that brings the settings to life, giving readers a glimpse of the world where the story unfolds. The backgrounds are not over-detailed, but they are detailed enough to give the reader a clear understanding of the location’s mood and atmosphere.

The style and art of “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” add to the story and characters in a significant way. The creative decisions made by the creator play an essential role in establishing the mood and setting of the story. The art echoes the emotions and personalities of the characters, lending strength to their characterization. The manga’s visual style also makes it easier for readers to immerse themselves in the story and develop a strong connection with the characters.

In conclusion, “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” is a visually stunning manga series with an impressive art style that makes it stand out in the world of manga. The art plays a significant role in developing the characters and setting the mood of the story. If you are looking for a manga series with a unique visual identity, great characters, and an engaging story, give “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” a read. You won’t be disappointed.


ryoushin no shakkin wo katagawa manga

“Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” is a manga series that was written and illustrated by Shizue Takanashi. The story revolves around a married couple, who are trying to repay their debts and save for their children’s future. The series has been well-received by readers and critics alike.

The manga series, “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa,” is a popular manga series that has garnered a significant audience. The storyline is relatable and realistic, making it an enjoyable read for many. Fans of the genre have come to appreciate the writer’s approach to debt, which has spurred many conversations, insightful discussions, and social actions.

The manga series has also received positive critical reviews. Many have praised the author’s portrayal of the challenges and difficulties of debt repayment, saying that it is an accurate representation of the issue. They also loved how the series educates the readers on how debts work, including the causes and consequences of overspending. The series has been referred to as an excellent read for anyone looking for financial insights and advice.

Moreover, as the story progresses, the characters’ relationships and personalities become more apparent and relatable to readers. The manga tackles familial relationships so efficiently, that it elicits emotional responses from readers. Fans of the series appreciate the author’s commitment to showing the importance of communication, honesty, and understanding in relationships.

The popularity of the manga series has led to merchandise production, adaptations for TV dramas, anime, and movies. It has also prompted other writers to tackle financial literacy and the importance of managing debt effectively.


Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa manga

Overall, the manga “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” is a heartwarming and relatable story about the struggles of parenting and financial responsibility. The manga highlights the importance of communication and teamwork between spouses, as well as the value of finding creative and practical solutions to financial problems.

Through the characters of Shunsuke and Yoko, readers are able to see how even seemingly small financial decisions can have a significant impact on a family’s overall well-being. The manga also touches on themes such as work-life balance, societal pressures, and the challenges faced by single parents.

One of the strengths of this manga is its ability to evoke empathy and understanding from readers. The struggles of the characters are depicted in a realistic and relatable way, making it easier for readers to see themselves in similar situations. The art style is simple yet effective, with a focus on facial expressions and body language to convey emotions and intentions.

I would highly recommend “Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawa” to anyone who is interested in stories about family, finances, and personal growth. It is a refreshing and thought-provoking manga that presents important lessons in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to read. Whether you are a parent, a young adult, or simply someone who is curious about the challenges and joys of parenthood, this manga is definitely worth checking out.