record of ragnarok manga raw

Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw: A Thrilling Battle Between Gods and Humans


Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

“Record of Ragnarok” manga raw is a Japanese manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, with illustrations by Ajichika. The series was first serialized on Comic Zenon website in 2017 and has been published into twelve tankōbon volumes as of November 2021. The story of “Record of Ragnarok” revolves around a battle between gods and humanity, where every thousand years, gods decide whether to spare or destroy humanity. To save humanity from extinction, the gods decide to give them a chance to win in a battle against their strongest warriors. The manga has gained a massive following worldwide due to its unique concept and impressive artwork.

As of 2021, the manga has been licensed for an anime adaptation by studio Graphinica and premiered on Netflix in June 2021. The series has quickly become popular among the anime community, further boosting the manga’s popularity.

The story of “Record of Ragnarok” primarily focuses on 13 human warriors that are chosen by the gods to fight in a battle to determine humanity’s fate. The warriors are selected from different eras, ranging from ancient times to modern days. The manga introduces every warrior’s backstory and how they will contribute to the battle against the gods. Each battle is tense and thrilling, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

The series has gained recognition for its impressive fight scenes, which are depicted through detailed and dynamic illustrations. The manga’s art style is unique and visually pleasing, making it popular among fans worldwide. The story is filled with suspense, dramatic tension, and emotional moments, bringing readers on an intense rollercoaster ride of emotions.

“Record of Ragnarok” manga raw has been praised for its compelling storyline, unique concept, and fantastic artwork. It is a must-read for anyone who is into action and adventure manga. The series has received many accolades, such as the 2018 Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award in the general category, which recognizes up-and-coming manga works.

Overall, “Record of Ragnarok” manga raw is an excellent read for anyone who loves intense battles, deep storylines, and amazing artwork. It has something for everyone, including a unique concept, a diverse cast of characters, and edge-of-your-seat action. The series continues to gain popularity worldwide, cementing its place as one of the top manga series of 2021.


Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Record of Ragnarok is a unique and thrilling manga raw series that depicts a tremendous battle between gods and humans. The story takes place in a world where the gods are discontented with humans and decide to wipe them out from existence. However, a group of human representatives has come up with a daring proposal to hold a tournament of sorts, dubbed Ragnarok, where the best warriors from humanity’s past will fight against the gods in a one-on-one battle to determine the fate of humanity.

The tournament consists of 13 battles, and each time the winner can be either a god or a human depending on the outcome of each fight. The rules stipulate that whichever side that achieves the first victory in seven battles wins, effectively declaring the winner of the Ragnarok.

The humans are well-aware that they are no match for the gods’ massive power. Hence they decide to bring in the most exceptional human warriors who have made an indelible mark throughout history. The roster includes various historical figures like Thor, Raiden Tameemon, Adam, Kojiro Sasaki, and many other legendary fighters who have exceptional battling capabilities.

On the other side, the gods also bring in their heavyweights. They get some of their mightiest gods to participate in the event. The gods’ team comprises Zeus, Poseidon, Buddha, Shiva, and other famous deities from around the world, each of whom possessed immense powers.

The battles are intense, and every combatant seeks to win for their respective sides. The duals end up as epic events and a treat to watch as every move is calculated and the warriors’ skill is put on display. The fights are thoroughly detailed, and the ability of the warriors is shown with explicit details. The battles also function as a means of perpetuating the warrior legacy, as the warriors employ different skills and techniques reminiscent of their existence in history.

The record of ragnarok manga raw depicts the human fighters trying their best to edge out the gods in an epic battle. The humans are not just fighting for their very existence, but they are also fighting for the right to be the superior beings in the universe. The manga raw series builds on the themes of power, strength, and identity through each of its battles.

Overall, Record of Ragnarok presents an intense and thrilling storyline that captures the readers’ attention from start to end. The manga raw series has gained a massive following in a short period, thanks to its unique concept, thrilling fights, and the way it showcases and honors the legends of history. If you’re into action-packed manga raw, then Record of Ragnarok is one series that you should not miss.


Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

“Record of Ragnarok” or “Shuumatsu no Valkyrie” is an action-packed manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui. The story revolves around a council of Gods who decided to put humanity on trial and give them a chance to fight in a one-on-one death match against mythological creatures to determine if they deserve to exist.

Main Characters

Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw Characters

The main characters of “Record of Ragnarok” are divided into two groups, the humans, and the gods. Here are the most prominent fighters in the series:


Adam Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Adam – He is the first man created by God according to the Bible. In the series, Adam is portrayed as a wise and powerful fighter who possesses immense strength and extraordinary fighting skills.

Lu Bu Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Lu Bu – He is a 3rd century Chinese general known for his might and fearlessness in battle. Lu Bu is depicted in the series as an arrogant but skilled fighter who wields a heavy halberd as his weapon.

Thor Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Thor – He is the God of Thunder and one of the most powerful gods in Norse mythology. Thor is portrayed in the series as a muscular and boisterous warrior with godly powers that allow him to summon lightning bolts and control the weather.


Zeus Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Zeus – He is the king of the gods in Greek mythology and one of the strongest characters in the series. Zeus is depicted as a charismatic and cunning fighter who can summon lightning and manipulate the weather to his advantage.

Thor Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Thor – In addition to being a human fighter, Thor is also a god in the series. He possesses godly powers that allow him to summon lightning bolts and control the weather, making him a formidable opponent.

Odin Record of Ragnarok Manga Raw

Odin – He is the king of the gods in Norse mythology and also one of the strongest characters in the series. Odin is portrayed as a wise and powerful fighter who possesses godly knowledge and can control ravens and wolves.

These characters are just some of the many fighters in “Record of Ragnarok” manga raw, each with their unique personality, backstory, and fighting style. With epic battles that push the limits of human and divine capabilities, the series is truly a spectacle to behold.


Record of Ragnarok Artwork

The artwork in “Record of Ragnarok” is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons the manga has gained so much popularity. The illustrations are nothing short of breathtaking, capturing the intensity and emotions of each character and scene perfectly.

The art style in “Record of Ragnarok” is heavily influenced by shonen manga, with sharp lines and exaggerated character features. The gods and humans are depicted in great detail, with intricate armor designs and unique hairstyles that reflect their personalities. The fighting scenes are particularly impressive, with dynamic action and detailed choreography that make each battle seem almost real.

Moreover, the visual storytelling in “Record of Ragnarok” is also noteworthy. The manga tends to use full-page spreads to emphasize important moments, and the use of sound effects and motion lines adds to the overall impact of the scenes. The facial expressions of the characters are also incredibly expressive and help to convey their emotions to the reader.

What sets “Record of Ragnarok” apart from other manga is how the artwork is used to tell a story. With each chapter, the art evolves as the fights become more intense, giving the reader a sense of progression and growth. The artwork paired with the compelling storyline keeps readers coming back for more.

In conclusion, “Record of Ragnarok” is undoubtedly a great piece of artwork that deserves to be appreciated. The stunning illustrations and impressive visual storytelling make it a must-read for fans of manga and comics alike.

Overall Reception and Reviews

Record of Ragnarok

“Record of Ragnarok,” also known as “Shuumatsu no Valkyrie” in Japanese, has garnered a lot of attention since its debut in 2017 as a manga series. The series follows the story of gods and humans who participate in a 13v13 fighting tournament that will decide the fate of humanity. While the plot may sound far-fetched, the series has earned praise for its unique concept, stunning artwork, and the thrill it brings to its readers. It also has its critics who argue that it’s over the top and lacks depth.



One of the most significant compliments that “Record of Ragnarok” has received is its artistic quality. The artwork in the series is striking and captures the intensity of the battles between the gods and humans. The action scenes are well-executed and leave readers eagerly anticipating what happens next. The storyline is also a significant factor in the series’ success. The tournament-style plot is unique and adds an element of tension to the series.

Another aspect that the series has received praise for is the depth of its characters. The series’ characters are not one-dimensional and have backstories that give more depth and complexity to their actions in the tournament. Additionally, the series explores themes such as forgiveness and redemption, which is not always seen in action-packed manga series like this.



Despite the series’ popularity, “Record of Ragnarok” has its critics who argue that it is over the top and shallow. Some argue that the series focuses too much on the fights and does not give enough attention to the characters or their motivations. Some also criticize the series for glorifying violence and ignoring the consequences of the actions of the characters in the tournament. Additionally, some readers find the series predictable, with fights following a similar pattern and outcome.

Notable Reviews

Notable Reviews

“Record of Ragnarok” has received significantly positive reviews since its release. Many critics applaud the artwork and battle scenes, which are some of the best in the genre. Additionally, they praise the innovative storyline and the depth of the characters’ development. Some critics compare it to other well-known manga series such as “Attack on Titan” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” due to its engaging characters and unique premise.

On the other hand, some reviewers have criticized the series for being too focused on the action and not providing enough substance in terms of character development or plot. However, most critics agree that “Record of Ragnarok” is an enjoyable read for anyone looking for exciting fights and an interesting premise.



Despite some criticisms, “Record of Ragnarok” has consistently received high ratings from its readers and critics. On various manga websites such as MyAnimeList and MangaUpdates, the series has an average rating of 8.5/10 and 4.3/5, respectively. These scores are an indication of the series’ widespread appeal and popularity among manga readers worldwide.

In conclusion, “Record of Ragnarok” has received overall praise for its unique storyline, stunning artwork, and character depth. While the series has its critics, it remains a fan-favorite and has achieved widespread success. Its consistent high ratings and positive reviews are a testament to its popularity and worth giving it a read.

Impression and Final Thoughts

Record of Ragnarok manga raw

“Record of Ragnarok” is one of the most intense and action-packed manga I have ever read. This manga is not for the faint-hearted, as it possesses a brutal storyline that is not afraid to kill off beloved characters. The manga is centered around the concept of a fight to the death between gods and humans, featuring some of the greatest mythological figures in history. It is a must-read for anyone who loves action manga and wants to experience a unique storyline, full of twists and turns.

The artwork in this manga is phenomenal. The illustrations express every detail of the characters and their surroundings, with the fighting scenes being particularly well-drawn. Every panel in the fight scenes feels like an action movie, keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times. The battles are so extravagant that you can feel the pain and impact of every blow that is exchanged between the fighters.

I also appreciate the world-building in this manga. It is impressive how the author manages to fuse together so many mythologies to create a cohesive and believable world. It adds depth to this manga, and it is clear the author did their research to make the story feel authentic. The character development also adds to the story’s appeal. It is exciting to see how the fighters evolve as they face tougher challenges and overcome their weaknesses.

The pacing of this manga is just right. Nothing feels rushed, and you get just enough information to understand each character’s background and motivation. The fights are well-spaced-out as well, and they never feel repetitive. There is always something new happening that keeps the story fresh and engaging.

One issue I had with this manga is that some of the fighting scenes can be too graphic for some readers. It is essential to note beforehand that this is not a manga for all ages. This manga contains mature themes, including gore and brutal violence. However, if you are a fan of mature manga and its themes, then you are in for an excellent time.

In conclusion, “Record of Ragnarok” is a masterpiece that stands out for its unique storyline, well-drawn illustrations, and character development. It is not for everyone, and the fights can be too intense for some readers. Still, if you are a fan of action-packed manga, you should definitely give this manga a read. The hype around this manga is justified, and I highly recommend it.