Exploring the Magic of Princess Lucia Manga: A Must-Read for Fans of Fantasy Romance


Princess Lucia cover

Princess Lucia is a popular manga series that explores the story of a young noble girl who falls in love with her personal servant. The manga is written by Kousuke Satake, who has contributed to many popular manga series in the past. In this particular series, Satake has created a romantic comedy that successfully blends humor, romance, and drama in equal measure. The result is a manga series that has captivated readers around the world.

The first chapter of Princess Lucia was published in August 2009 in the Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine. The series lasted for four years, ending in 2013 with a total of 5 volumes. Princess Lucia was later licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for an English language release in North America in 2015.

The story of Princess Lucia revolves around a young girl named Princess Lucia Rosemaria Meryl, the 16-year-old princess of the country of Arxia. Lucia is known for her beauty and her royal heritage but is also known for her childlike behavior. Despite her royal status, Lucia is kind, humble, and easy-going, often spending her days playing pranks on her staff and servants. Her friendly nature also extends to her servants, which is how she meets her soon-to-be love interest, Harami Leito, a young butler who works in Lucia’s household.

Harami is the complete opposite of Lucia. He is serious, hardworking, and dedicated to his job, which often puts him at odds with Lucia’s playful nature. Despite their differences, however, Harami and Lucia soon develop romantic feelings for each other, leading to an interesting love story. The series follows their journey from being employer and employee to becoming something more significant. They must navigate their social differences as well as the pressures that come with their respective jobs, all while trying to keep their love a secret from the rest of the royal court.

Princess Lucia’s lovable characters, interesting plot twists, and well-executed artwork have made the series a fan favorite. The simplistic drawing style, combined with the scenic backgrounds, creates a charming and aesthetically pleasing environment throughout the series. The characters are vibrant and easy to relate to, which enhances the reading experience and makes it easy for readers to invest in their relationships and emotions.

In conclusion, Princess Lucia is a manga series that has managed to capture the hearts of readers around the world. With its engaging storyline, loveable characters, and a perfect mix of romance, comedy, and drama, it’s no surprise that the series has garnered critical acclaim since its publication. Overall, Princess Lucia is a must-read for fans of romance and comedy manga.


Princess Lucia Manga Cover

The story of Princess Lucia revolves around a young princess named Lucia who discovers that she has to marry the prince of a neighboring kingdom, Hikaru. Due to the political situation between the two kingdoms, it’s an arranged marriage, and Lucia and Hikaru haven’t met before. Even though Lucia is initially excited about the marriage and the prospect of being a queen, the reality soon sets in, and she finds herself struggling to accept her fate.

Lucia has a kind heart and loves her people, but she’s not sure if she can love Hikaru since they’re strangers. However, when Hikaru comes to Lucia’s kingdom to meet her and they start spending time together, Lucia and Hikaru begin to get along. They have some shared interests, such as their love for animals, and they both care deeply about their kingdoms.

The two teenagers begin to develop feelings for each other, but there are many hurdles to overcome, including political intrigue, jealous family members, and the fact that Lucia and Hikaru are still getting to know each other. As they navigate their complicated relationship, Lucia and Hikaru come to rely on each other more and more.

One of the central themes of Princess Lucia’s plot is Lucia’s struggle to reconcile her duty as a princess and her own desires. She’s torn between her responsibility to her kingdom and her yearning for freedom and love. Hikaru’s presence also brings up many issues for Lucia, like trust, communication, and the balance of power in their relationship.

Throughout the manga, Lucia and Hikaru’s love grows, and they face challenges together. They both mature and learn to trust, communicate, and support each other as they navigate the difficult path of being royalty in a complicated political environment. The story is both heartwarming and dramatic, and it keeps readers captivated until the end.

The Main Characters in Princess Lucia Manga

Princess Lucia Manga

Princess Lucia is a romantic comedy manga consisting of 5 volumes and 40 chapters written and illustrated by Kuchinoi. The main story revolves around the titular character Princess Lucia, who possesses magical powers that allow her to make anyone fall in love with her by making eye contact. The manga is set in a fantasy world where demons, angels, and humans coexist. In this article, we will delve into the main characters in Princess Lucia manga and their roles in the story.

Princess Lucia

Princess Lucia

As the protagonist of the series, Princess Lucia is a young girl with long pink hair and pointed ears. Her magical powers allow her to make anyone fall head over heels in love with her. However, she is unable to make a certain human boy named Haruto fall in love with her even though he is her childhood friend. She is also quite playful and mischievous, which often lands her in trouble with her father, the King of Lucia Kingdom. Despite her playful nature, she takes her duties as a princess seriously and tries to use her powers for good.



Hikaru is a demon who serves as Princess Lucia’s loyal attendant. He is always by her side, helping her with her duties and protecting her from danger. Unlike other demons in the manga, Hikaru has a soft spot for humans, which is evident in his friendship with Haruto. He is also quite powerful, possessing strength and abilities that surpass that of ordinary demons. Throughout the series, Hikaru shows unwavering loyalty and devotion to Princess Lucia, making him a fan favorite character.



Haruto is Princess Lucia’s childhood friend and one of the main love interests in the series. He is a kind-hearted human with a strong sense of justice, which often puts him in dangerous situations. Despite his friendly demeanor, Haruto is also quite stubborn and will not be swayed even by Princess Lucia’s magical powers. He prefers to judge people based on their actions rather than their status or magical abilities. Haruto plays a crucial role in the story as the person who can resist Princess Lucia’s magical powers, making him a vital character.

Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters

Aside from the main characters, Princess Lucia manga also features several supporting characters that add depth to the story. These include the King of Lucia Kingdom, who is Princess Lucia’s father and overprotective of her; Ariel, a mischievous angel who enjoys teasing Hikaru; and Rina, a childhood friend of Haruto who has a crush on him. Each supporting character contributes to the overall narrative of the manga and has their own story arc.

In conclusion, Princess Lucia manga features a diverse set of characters that add to the charm and appeal of the story. From the mischievous princess to the loyal demon attendant and the strong-willed human, each character has their own unique personality and backstory. As the story progresses, the relationships between these characters develop, leading to exciting and heartwarming moments that keep readers invested in the story.


Princess Lucia artwork

Kousuke Satake’s artwork in Princess Lucia manga is a standout feature that adds to the overall appeal of this popular series. Satake’s style is clean and detailed, featuring a range of expressive character designs and backgrounds that are distinctly captivating.

The characters in Princess Lucia are visually distinctive, and each has their unique personality and traits that are displayed through Satake’s illustrations. The protagonist, Lucia, has a bright and cheerful appearance, accentuated by her blonde hair and playful costumes. Satake manages to capture her lively personality with his art style. The other characters in the story, such as Rau, Tsubomi, and Siva, all have their distinctive looks and traits, making them easy to differentiate even when there are multiple characters on a page.

Satake’s backgrounds are also noteworthy. The locations in the story are well-crafted, with every detail meticulously drawn. Whether it’s a castle or a park, you can always tell where each scene takes place because of the intricate background details that Satake has put into the story. These backgrounds add depth to the panels and provide a sense of immersion for the reader.

Another notable aspect of Satake’s artwork is his use of various shades and light sources that bring out the details in every illustration. Even a simple scene of Lucia drinking tea can be bright and lively because of the color choices Satake employs. The use of shadows and light sources often provides a sense of depth and realism to the artwork.

In summary, Kousuke Satake’s artwork in Princess Lucia manga is exceptional and a standout feature of the series. The character designs are expressive and distinct, while the backgrounds are detailed and immersive. The use of shades and light sources adds depth to each illustration and makes the story come alive. If you’re a manga fan or just someone who appreciates great artwork, Princess Lucia is a must-read series.

Themes and tone

Princess Lucia Manga

Princess Lucia is a romantic comedy manga that explores various themes of love, relationships, and responsibility. It tells the story of a high school boy named Hiyorimi who one day wakes up to find that he is engaged to a beautiful princess from another world named Lucia. The manga showcases the challenges they face as they try to navigate their relationship and fulfill their responsibilities as royalty, all while dealing with various humorous situations.

The manga’s tone is light-hearted and humorous, with plenty of adorable and funny moments to keep readers entertained. It creates a fun and playful atmosphere that makes it a great read for those looking for a romantic comedy. It also has a bit of a fantastical element to it, with the inclusion of supernatural abilities and a magical kingdom, but these aspects add to the overall charm of the story and make it even more enjoyable.

Throughout the manga, the theme of love is explored in various ways. From the initial shock of finding out about their engagement to gradually developing feelings for each other, Hiyorimi and Lucia’s love story is filled with ups and downs that many readers can relate to. The manga also explores the theme of relationships beyond just the main couple. The relationships between Hiyorimi and his friends, and the various personalities and dynamics within the magical kingdom, are also explored and provide an interesting backdrop to the main story.

Responsibility is another theme that plays a significant role in the manga. As royalty, Hiyorimi and Lucia have responsibilities that they must fulfill, such as learning how to rule a country and protect their people. The struggles they face as they try to balance their responsibilities with their personal lives provide an interesting commentary on the challenges of growing up and discovering one’s purpose in life.

Overall, Princess Lucia is a delightful manga that explores various themes of love, relationships, and responsibility in a humorous and entertaining way. It has a light-hearted tone that makes it a perfect read for anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming romantic comedy.

The Good and the Bad of Princess Lucia

Princess Lucia Manga

Princess Lucia is a manga that has garnered a significant amount of attention from readers and critics alike. It’s a classic tale of mismatched lovers in a world where magic exists. While some people have found it to be an enjoyable read, others have criticized it for its pacing and character development.

On the positive side of things, Princess Lucia has succeeded in capturing many readers’ hearts with its humor and romance. Fans of the manga have praised its fun and lighthearted tone, which makes it an easy and enjoyable read. Additionally, the characters’ interactions and banter have been seen as charming and cute, which has contributed to the manga’s popularity.

Another aspect that has been celebrated by readers is the art style of the manga. The artwork has been described as being beautiful, and the characters are well drawn from their expressions to their clothing. The attention to detail in the illustrations has added to the overall enjoyment of the manga and makes it pleasant to look at.

On the other hand, one of the common criticisms of Princess Lucia has been its pacing. Some readers have found that the pacing of the story is a bit slow and drawn out. This has led to boredom and frustration, which has ultimately affected their overall enjoyment of the manga. Despite having an engaging premise, the story could benefit from faster-paced action that keeps the readers hooked.

Another critique of the manga has been its character development. Some readers have found that the characters are one-dimensional and not developed enough. There’s a lack of complexity and depth to the characters, which makes it hard for readers to relate to their struggles. This issue can be especially frustrating for readers who want to see the characters evolve and grow over time.

Finally, some readers have criticized Princess Lucia for being generic and predictable. The story follows a formulaic approach that does not take many risks, making it feel cliché at times. This has led to a lack of excitement and anticipation, which makes the manga less enjoyable to read.

Overall, Princess Lucia is a manga that divides readers. While some people love it for its humor, romance, and beautiful art style, others criticize it for its pacing, character development, and predictability. Regardless of the criticisms, it’s clear that the manga has captured the hearts of many readers and has developed a significant following. It’s ultimately up to the reader to decide if the manga is worth their time investment.