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Princess Jellyfish Manga Online: A Refreshing and Delightful Read


princess jellyfish manga

Princess Jellyfish, also known as Kuragehime in Japanese, is a popular manga series created by Akiko Higashimura. The manga was first published in 2008 and has since gained a large following around the world. The manga was also later adapted into an anime series and a live-action film.

The story of Princess Jellyfish centers around a group of female otaku who live in an apartment complex in Tokyo. These women are passionate about their various hobbies, such as trains, dolls, and kimono, and all identify as NEETs (“Not in Education, Employment, or Training”).

The protagonist, Tsukimi Kurashita, is a young woman who is particularly obsessed with jellyfish. Her life changes when she meets Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a stylish and wealthy cross-dressing man who helps her become more confident and face her fears.

One reason why Princess Jellyfish has become a popular title in the manga niche is due to its unique and relatable characters. Each character in the series has their own quirks and passions, making them feel like real people rather than one-dimensional manga stereotypes.

Additionally, the series addresses important societal issues, such as gender roles and the pressure to conform to social norms. Princess Jellyfish also explores the idea of found family and the importance of belonging to a community.

Overall, Princess Jellyfish is a heartwarming and humorous series that has resonated with readers around the world. Its themes of acceptance and self-discovery make it a must-read for anyone interested in manga and Japanese culture.

Plot Summary

Princess Jellyfish manga cover

Princess Jellyfish manga, also known as Kuragehime, is a Japanese romantic comedy manga written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura. The story revolves around a group of female otaku living together in Amamizukan, a women-only apartment complex, as they navigate through life and their own personal struggles. The manga was serialized in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine from 2008 to 2017, spanning a total of 17 volumes, and was later adapted into an anime series and a live-action film.

Main Characters

Main characters of Princess Jellyfish manga

The main characters of Princess Jellyfish manga are a group of female otaku with differing personalities and interests. Here are some of the key characters in the story:

Tsukimi Kurashita: The protagonist of the story and a jellyfish otaku. She is a shy and introverted 18-year-old girl who struggles to fit in with society. She has a talent for designing clothes and dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi: The male protagonist of the story and a cross-dresser who often dresses up in women’s clothing. He helps Tsukimi and the other tenants of Amamizukan by using his family’s political influence to save their home from redevelopment. He develops an interest in Tsukimi and helps her realize her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Mayaya: A manga and anime otaku who loves to cosplay and frequently dresses up as a belly dancer. She is outspoken and often clashes with the other tenants in Amamizukan over their differing interests.

Chieko: A trainspotter who has a fascination with trains and enjoys drawing them. She suffers from severe social anxiety and rarely leaves Amamizukan.

Banba: A hardcore ‘old man’ otaku who loves anything vintage and has a vast collection of antique items. She is straightforward and outspoken, often making snarky comments.

Jiji: A mature ‘traditional’ otaku who is knowledgeable in traditional Japanese culture and has an interest in building ship models. She is quiet and reserved, often taking on the role of mediator within the group.

The story of Princess Jellyfish manga follows the everyday struggles of these otaku women as they strive to overcome their personal issues and find their place in society. With a heartwarming and comedic narrative, Princess Jellyfish manga touches upon important topics such as self-identity, acceptance, and the importance of friendship.

Art Style and Visuals

Princess Jellyfish manga

Princess Jellyfish manga is a beautiful and distinct work of art that captures the eyes of readers. The art style of this manga is unique, with its exaggerated character designs, beautiful illustrations, and detailed backgrounds. The series is known for its strong visuals that can convey a lot of emotions through the characters’ expressions and the use of different visual elements throughout the story.

Character Designs

Princess Jellyfish manga characters

One of the most distinct visual elements of Princess Jellyfish manga is its character designs. Each character is designed uniquely and stands out from one another. The characters have exaggerated features, including large eyes, long limbs, and slim bodies. These visual elements accentuate their personalities, giving a sense of quirkiness and individuality to the characters.

However, the most unique visual element is how the characters are drawn when they are in a state of panic. The author depicts their fears in visually striking ways that add to the characters’ personalities. For instance, whenever Tsukimi Kurashita, the protagonist, is scared, she is drawn as a chibi, or super-deformed style, complete with a squashed face and round eyes. Her chibi figure is quite delightful, making her more adorable.

Illustrations and Details

Princess Jellyfish manga illustrations

The manga’s illustrations and details are breathtaking, with a keen attention to detail. The scenes are beautifully drawn, with highly detailed backgrounds that capture every aspect of the environment. The manga is set in Tokyo’s fashionable district, and the author effectively captures the eclectic atmosphere of the neighborhood. Every illustration is also beautifully colored, adding vibrancy to the scenes that transcend what mere black and white images can do.

The author also adds a lot of details to each illustration, making it more immersive to read Princess Jellyfish. The clothes of the characters are especially notable, with each design carefully crafted to bring out the unique personality of the person wearing it. The creative use of different patterns, textures, and colors adds more depth to the characters.

Visual Storytelling

Princess Jellyfish manga scenes

The visual style of Princess Jellyfish manga is not only expressive but also effective in telling the story. The author uses different visual elements to emphasize important plot points and character traits. For instance, the use of the jellyfish as a metaphor for Tsukimi’s transformation and growth is a brilliant touch. The author uses carefully placed visual cues to convey this theme, with the jellyfish appearing whenever Tsukimi was contemplating her destiny.

The manga also uses various visual techniques to create a sense of tension and pacing. The use of vertical panels to depict a sense of grandeur and horizontal panels to convey peacefulness or stasis is brilliant. The author also uses a lot of different framing techniques, such as shifting cameras, zooming in on characters’ expressions, and changing viewpoints, to add dynamism to the scenes.

In conclusion, the art style and visual elements in Princess Jellyfish manga make it a unique and fascinating reading experience. Every visual element used in the story helps to convey the characters’ personalities, add depth to the plot, and create an immersive environment that enhances the emotional impact of the narrative.

Themes and Messages

Princess Jellyfish Manga Themes and Messages

Princess Jellyfish is an incredible manga series that conveys several themes and messages. One of the most prominent themes is self-discovery. It is a theme that is apparent throughout the series, especially in the main character Tsukimi Kurashita. Tsukimi lives a sheltered and secluded life, and she struggles to accept herself and her interests. However, through her interactions with the other characters, she discovers more about herself and learns to own her passion for jellyfish and fashion.

The author of the manga, Akiko Higashimura, also conveys a message of acceptance through the characters’ stories. Each of the characters has their quirks, interests, and flaws that make them unique. However, they find solace in each other’s company, supporting and accepting one another despite their differences. The manga emphasizes the importance of acceptance and the strength that comes with belonging to a community that values and embraces individuality.

Another central message of Princess Jellyfish is the importance of chasing your dreams. The manga encourages its readers to pursue their aspirations relentlessly, regardless of any setbacks that may come their way. This message is conveyed through the character Shu Koibuchi, a successful businessman who finds it challenging to follow his heart and pursue his true passions due to familial responsibilities and societal expectations. Nonetheless, he strives to achieve his dream of becoming a fashion designer while juggling his business responsibilities, illustrating that it is essential to pursue what makes you happy.

Furthermore, Princess Jellyfish conveys a message of empowerment, especially towards women. The manga highlights the struggles that women face in society and how they are judged based on their appearance, interests, and career choices. The manga empowers women to break societal norms and pursue their passions, even if it means deviating from conventional career paths or lifestyle choices.

Lastly, Princess Jellyfish portrays the importance of healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic. The manga emphasizes the importance of communication, compromise, and shared interests to build strong relationships. It also depicts toxic relationships and how they can be detrimental to one’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Through the different characters, the manga shows how healthy relationships can foster personal growth and be a source of comfort and support through life’s struggles.

In conclusion, Princess Jellyfish is an incredible manga series that conveys several themes and messages that are relevant and poignant. From self-discovery to acceptance, chasing your dreams, and empowerment, the messages in the manga are not only empowering but also inspire readers to view themselves and the world they live in differently.

Legal and Free Online Availability of Princess Jellyfish Manga

Princess Jellyfish Manga Online

For manga enthusiasts, Princess Jellyfish is an exciting read. This manga series by Akiko Higashimura is full of humor and heartwarming moments that will make you want to read more. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a physical copy of the series. Fortunately, there are legal and free options to read Princess Jellyfish manga online.

One of the popular sources to read Princess Jellyfish manga online is Crunchyroll. The online anime and manga platform has digitally published the series and offers it to stream in its app. To read this manga through Crunchyroll, you need to register and become a member. Once you are a member, you can access a wide collection of manga titles, including Princess Jellyfish. Although Crunchyroll is a paid service, users can enjoy free, ad-supported versions of the service.

Another online manga reader that enables users to read Princess Jellyfish is MangaPlus. This is a free platform authorized by Shueisha, a Japanese manga publisher. Readers can access the manga through the MangaPlus mobile app or its official website to read the series. The best part is you do not require a subscription to access the manga.

One more option for reading the manga is through Viz Media, a manga publisher. They have authorized the digital publication of Princess Jellyfish on the Viz Media website and app. The initial chapters of the manga are free. However, if you want to read more chapters, you have to subscribe to the platform’s “Shonen Jump Membership.”

Lastly, we cannot ignore the popular online pirate sites that operate illegally, offering free content. These sites are not safe and are not recommended, as they can put your device or data at risk. Besides, these websites steals the rights and profits away from the creators who work hard to create the manga we love to read.

In conclusion, whether you are a fan of Princess Jellyfish manga or want to explore more manga titles, there are several legal and free options available on the internet. Register with Crunchyroll or Viz Media to access the manga or opt for sites that provide free access like MangaPlus. As a responsible reader, refraining from accessing illegal sites and respecting the rights of creators is paramount to keep the manga industry alive and thriving.


Princess Jellyfish Cover

After exploring the world of Princess Jellyfish manga online, it’s safe to say that this story is a hidden gem that has captured the hearts of many manga lovers. The combination of unique characters, a heartwarming storyline, and social commentary that speaks volumes is what makes this manga a must-read for any fan of the genre.

What sets Princess Jellyfish apart from other manga is its unconventionality. The protagonist, Tsukimi, is relatable to many introverted young adults as she struggles with fitting into society. The supporting cast is diverse, from Mayaya, the hyperactive fangirl, to Chieko, the fashion-forward stunner struggling with her gender identity. Each character has their quirks and challenges that they face as they navigate their way through life; it’s hard not to fall in love with all of them.

The storyline is not just about love and romance; it’s about the characters finding their place in the world and accepting who they are. There is no perfect ending to the story, but that’s what makes it realistic and relatable. You can’t help but root for these characters and hope they find their happy endings.

Additionally, Princess Jellyfish tackles social issues such as gentrification, gender identity, and the power of beauty standards. These themes are woven subtly into the storyline, but they are impactful and thought-provoking as they shed light on real-life problems and how they affect people. It’s rare to see this level of social commentary in a manga and is a refreshing change from the usual tropes found in the genre.

In conclusion, Princess Jellyfish is a treasure trove for any manga lover. The story is unique and compelling, and the characters are diverse and lovable. The social commentary adds depth to the storyline, making it more than just a simple romance. For anyone who wants to read something different, engaging, and full of heart, Princess Jellyfish manga is a must-read.