ore wa seikan kokka manga

“The Epic Adventure of Ore Wa Seikan Kokka Manga: Exploring the Depths of Space and Politics”


Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

“Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroto Oishi. The manga first started its serialization in the Big Comic magazine by Shogakukan in 2015. It is an ongoing series that has been well-received by the readers and has gained popularity both in and out of Japan.

The story takes place in a fictional world where planet Keren is divided into two main continents: the Eastern and the Western Continents. The Eastern Continent is where the advanced nations of the world exist, while the Western Continent is an underdeveloped area ruled by the Western Empire. The plot follows Souta, a young man born on the Western Continent, who dreams of leaving his home and exploring the Eastern Continent. When his village is attacked by the Western Empire’s forces, Souta’s dream becomes his reality, and he sets foot on a journey to reach his ultimate goal.

The manga’s title translates to “I Am the Seikan Nation,” and it refers to the Seikan Kingdom located on the Western Continent, where Souta was born. The series highlights the political tensions between the two continents, the cultural differences between their inhabitants, and the power struggles among the ruling parties.

The manga’s storytelling is brilliant with surprises and unexpected twists. The author’s detailed world-building skills take the readers on an exciting adventure through a fictional world, filled with vibrant cultures of diverse nations, magic, and technology.

The character development in “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” is also worth mentioning. Souta, the main character, grows both physically and mentally as he faces obstacles and challenges that come with his journey. The supporting characters are also well-written and developed over time.

The art style is unique and visually appealing. Hiroto Oishi’s art style is a perfect blend of manga-style drawing mixed with realistic proportions. The backgrounds and characters have intricate details, making the world of “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” captivating and enjoyable to explore.

The manga also has a lot of political and social commentary about imperialism, colonization, and cultural assimilation. “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” questions the idea of what separates a developed nation from an underdeveloped one, putting forward a compelling argument that it is not technology or power but rather the treatment of the people living in those countries that ultimately defines the nations.

In conclusion, “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” is an exceptional manga series that stands out from its peers because of its unique setting, strong character development, and detailed world-building. Hiroto Oishi’s art style is stunning, and the story is a thought-provoking commentary on society and politics. It is a must-read for any manga enthusiast looking for a fresh and innovative storytelling experience.

Plot Summary

Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

Ore wa Seikan Kokka, also known as “I Am a Country of the Sacred Sea,” is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuuki Takashi. The story is set in an alternate universe where the Great Barrier Reef has submerged much of the world’s land, creating several new countries and shifting the balance of power.

The protagonist, Riku Suiga, is a young man from one of the countries that emerged from the ocean. He aspires to become a member of the elite navy and follow in the footsteps of his father, who was a renowned admiral. However, he is rejected from the navy due to his poor eyesight and is forced to work in a factory.

Despite this setback, Riku gets a second chance when he is recruited by a covert branch of the navy called the “White Sharks.” Under the guidance of the beautiful and mysterious Akane Senju, Riku becomes a skilled fighter pilot and takes part in various missions to protect his country from foreign threats.

As Riku rises through the ranks, he uncovers secrets about the true nature of his country and the motivations of those in power. He also struggles with his own morality as he is forced to make difficult decisions that have life-or-death consequences.

Throughout the story, Riku builds relationships with his fellow pilots and learns the importance of teamwork and trust. He also starts to develop romantic feelings for Akane, but their relationship is complicated by their different backgrounds and the dangerous nature of their work.

Ore wa Seikan Kokka combines elements of military action, political intrigue, and romance to create a compelling story about a young man’s journey to discover his place in the world.

Main Characters

Main Characters

Ore wa Seikan Kokka is a thrilling manga series that captures the essence of a world where humans and monsters coexist. Throughout the series, many characters come and go, but the main cast of characters remains constant. In this article, we will introduce you to the main characters in Ore wa Seikan Kokka and highlight their unique personalities and traits.

1. Kento


Kento is the main protagonist of the story and has a strong sense of justice that drives him towards his goal. He is determined to rid the world of evil monsters. Kento is a skilled fighter with a high level of stamina and strength. He is always ready to help others and protect the weak. Despite his serious nature, Kento has a soft side that he only shows to those who are close to him.

2. Rika


Rika is Kento’s love interest and a valuable member of the team. She is a skilled martial artist with lightning-fast reflexes. Rika is kind-hearted and has a strong sense of duty that makes her willing to put herself in danger to protect others. She is also a bit of a tomboy and doesn’t shy away from a fight when necessary. Rika always has Kento’s back and supports him in everything he does.

3. Taro


Taro is the brains of the team and the resident monster expert. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of monsters and knows how to take them down. Taro is not much of a fighter, but he makes up for it with his wit and cunning. He is often the one who comes up with the plans to outsmart the monsters they face. Taro is also a bit of a ladies’ man and loves to flirt with girls whenever he gets the chance. Despite his flirtatious nature, Taro is a reliable teammate who always has his friends’ backs.

These are the main characters of Ore wa Seikan Kokka. Each character brings something unique to the team and helps to create an exciting and engaging story. From Kento’s determination to Rika’s bravery and Taro’s intelligence, these characters are sure to captivate readers with their personalities and traits.

Artwork and Presentation

Ore Wa Seikan Kokka Manga Artwork and Presentation

The artwork and presentation of Ore wa Seikan Kokka is remarkable and visually stunning. The manga offers a unique and refreshing illustration style that works well with the storytelling. The drawings are intricate, detailed and convey a range of emotions. The character design is impeccable, each character has a unique facial expression and mannerism that translate well on paper.

The stylistic choice of the manga reflects the characters and setting of the story. The artwork is detailed and intricate in the depiction of the different planets and their inhabitants. Each planet has its own special features and the manga does a great job at showing the distinctiveness of each location. The use of different colors and shapes gives the manga an otherworldly feel which adds to the science fiction themes of the story.

The artist’s attention to detail and their use of shading techniques is also worth noting. The manga has a great sense of depth and contrast that makes the illustrations pop from the page. The action sequences are exciting to read and the panels flow seamlessly. The backgrounds are also well-drawn and convey a sense of realism and detail that immerses the reader in the story.

The visual themes of Ore wa Seikan Kokka focus on science fiction and political intrigue. The manga explores themes of governance, power struggles, and political maneuvering. The artwork compliments the themes of the story, making the reader feel like they are part of the complex political landscape of the universe. The manga also explores themes of personal growth and self-discovery.

Overall, Ore wa Seikan Kokka offers a visually stunning and immersive read. The artwork and presentation of the manga are a testament to the artist’s talent and dedication. The unique style of the illustrations and the attention to detail makes Ore wa Seikan Kokka a standout in the science fiction genre. The visual themes of the manga explore complex societal issues while also offering a sense of escapism for readers.

Background of Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

“Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” is a popular manga series that was first published in 2019. The manga is written and illustrated by Tanaka Ogeretsu. The story revolves around the life of a high school student named Chiaki, who has a peculiar ability to communicate with aliens. It narrates his journey of becoming a mediator between humans and aliens and establishing a relationship of trust between both parties.

Reception of Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

The reception of “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” amongst the fans of the manga genre and the wider community has been generally positive. The manga has garnered a significant following on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Fans have appreciated the unique and engaging storyline and the relatable characters of the manga.

Many readers have praised the artwork and the attention to detail that the author, Tanaka Ogeretsu, has put into the manga’s panels. The expressions and body language of the characters have been particularly praised by the fans.

The characters of the manga, especially the protagonist Chiaki, have been lauded for being relatable and realistic. Readers have empathized with the struggles and dilemmas faced by each character and have appreciated the character development throughout the series.

Impact of Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

“Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” has had a significant impact on the overall manga industry. The manga has contributed significantly to the genre of science fiction and has attracted a new audience of readers interested in exploring this genre.

The manga has also helped in breaking gender stereotypes prevalent in the manga industry. The author, Tanaka Ogeretsu, is an LGBTQ+ ally and has portrayed characters from diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ+ characters, in the manga.

The success of “Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” has led to the production of various merchandise such as light novels, drama CDs, and anime adaptations. The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in 2021 and is highly anticipated by fans.


Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

“Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga” has received an overwhelmingly positive response from readers and has made a significant impact on the manga industry. The manga has been appreciated for its unique storyline, relatable characters, and excellent artwork. The manga’s success has also contributed towards breaking gender stereotypes prevalent in the manga industry. The manga’s impact is expected to last for a long time, and many look forward to the future developments of the series.


Ore wa Seikan Kokka Manga

Overall, Ore wa Seikan Kokka (I am a Sea Country) is a unique and intriguing manga series that presents a fascinating alternate universe. Its strengths lie in its world-building, character development, and exploration of complex themes such as power, war, and identity.

One of the most notable strengths of Ore wa Seikan Kokka is its world-building. The intricacies of the different kingdoms and their relationships with each other are well thought out and add to the realism of the story. Additionally, the way that the author incorporates elements of Japanese culture into the story, such as the traditional clothing and architecture, is seamless and adds to the overall immersive experience.

The character development of the main protagonist, Yuuri, is another strong aspect of the manga. As the story progresses, Yuuri’s beliefs and values are constantly challenged, forcing him to question his identity and purpose in life. This makes for a compelling and dynamic character that is easy to sympathize with.

However, the manga does have some weaknesses. One issue is the pacing at times. Due to the complex world-building and intricate relationships between the kingdoms, some readers may find the story slow-moving in certain areas. Additionally, the political intrigue and strategies employed by the characters may be difficult to follow for readers who are not familiar with these types of stories.

Despite these weaknesses, Ore wa Seikan Kokka is a must-read for fans of political intrigue, complex world-building, and dynamic characters. Additionally, readers who are interested in exploring alternate universes and cultures will find the series fascinating.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a captivating and unique manga series to dive into, Ore wa Seikan Kokka is definitely worth checking out. Its strengths in world-building and character development, along with its exploration of complex themes, make for a truly unforgettable reading experience.