Power-Packed Action in One Punch Man Manga Ch 161


One Punch Man Chapter 161

After a long wait, One Punch Man Chapter 161 has finally been released. The webcomic-turned-manga series has amassed a huge fan following across the globe. Fans had been eagerly awaiting for this chapter and the hype around it has been immense. Despite there being no major fight scenes, Chapter 161 manages to keep readers engaged with its intriguing storyline.

The Chapter starts off with King visiting Saitama and bringing him along to an arcade. King had previously shared his worries regarding the hero association, which seems to have become corrupt and has lost sight of its true purpose. While playing a game, King and Saitama overhear a group of teenagers talking about how they use their powers to take advantage of others, which leads to a moment of self-reflection for Saitama.

The chapter then moves on to Suiryu, another popular character, who was last seen being defeated by Bakuzan in the earlier chapters. Suiryu is now living a normal life and trying to move on from his humiliating defeat. However, his past continues to haunt him and he is unable to shake off the guilt of being defeated. Meanwhile, the monster association continues to plot and plan their attack on the heroes.


The chapter ends with an interesting revelation. Bang and Bomb, the two powerful martial artists of the Hero Association, are revealed to be brothers. This explains their exceptional fighting skills and the bond they share.

Despite the lack of action, One Punch Man Chapter 161 manages to explore the psychological aspect of its characters and their struggles. The manga has always been known for its unique plot and clever twists, and this chapter was no different. It sets the stage for the future events, building hype for the upcoming chapters.

Overall, One Punch Man Chapter 161 did not disappoint. It was yet another well-written and thought-provoking addition to the series, which has set the bar high for future chapters. The blend of humor and emotional depth has been a hallmark of the series and Chapter 161 manages to continue that tradition.

Saitama Meets Geryuganshoop on Boros’ Spaceship

Saitama meets Geryuganshoop

Chapter 161 starts off where the previous chapter left us, with Saitama battling against Boros on his spaceship. The encounter has been lasting for various chapters already. Boros has been putting up a tough fight, but Saitama doesn’t seem to be breaking a sweat.

While Saitama is figuring out how to put an end to Boros’ never-ending strength, he meets an unexpected character named Geryuganshoop. He’s a purple-skinned alien who possesses greater psychic abilities than Groribas, one of Boros’ henchmen who met his defeat at the hands of Saitama. Geryuganshoop has been helping Boros to conduct their interstellar travel since he possesses incredible powers that enable him to stabilize the ship.

Saitama tries to make sense of Geryuganshoop’s abilities and asks him what his power is – to which Geryuganshoop responds that he can control objects in mid-air using telekinesis. Upon hearing this, Saitama casually picks up a nearby rock and tosses it towards him. As expected, Geryuganshoop puts his entire focus into stopping the rock that’s been thrown at him. Little did he know, Saitama has been behind him this entire time. He lands a powerful punch on Geryuganshoop’s head which leaves him severely injured and unconscious.

This scene shows the readers that, despite Saitama never having taken Boros seriously, the threat that Boros had posed was much more serious compared to what Saitama had initially thought. The writers of One Punch Man use Geryuganshoop’s character to convey that while Saitama resorts to humor in the face of danger, there are underlying real stakes that people tend to overlook.

Saitama’s Fight Against Boros

Saitama punching Boros

The fight between Saitama and Boros continues even after Geryuganshoop’s short-lived introduction. Boros unleashes his ultimate attack, “Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon,” which destroys the ship and everything within it. Saitama finds himself standing on top of the ship’s debris and stares down upon Boros, who has been reduced to his original form.

Boros then starts to relay his backstory and his motivation behind coming to Earth. He reveals to Saitama that he’s been searching for a being with whom he’s able to exchange blows at his full strength for years. As it turns out, Boros is undergoing a regeneration process that rejuvenates him to his full strength. He congratulates Saitama on being the first living being capable of withstanding his attacks. Saitama responds with an unamused expression and proceeds to finish him off with a single punch.

The readers are shown the true extent of Saitama’s strength through this scene. Despite Boros being a formidable opponent, Saitama manages to deliver a punch that finally puts an end to the fight. This scene is reminiscent of numerous other instances in which Saitama ends his battles with a single punch. The writers continue to convey Saitama’s unique trait across the series, which is already a staple point of the show.

Conclusion – Saitama’s Fight Against Boros Comes to an End

Saitama victorious over Boros

Chapter 161 of One Punch Man takes us through Saitama’s encounter with Geryuganshoop, a formidable alien who possesses telekinetic abilities. Geryuganshoop’s character serves to reveal the real stakes behind Boros and his search for an opponent who matches his caliber. The intense fight between Saitama and Boros culminates in Saitama’s victory, which is yet another instance where he ends his battle with a punch.

Chapter 161 does well to maintain the show’s humor while still managing to convey the underlying stakes behind Saitama’s battles. Despite Saitama’s antics, the readers are constantly reminded of the dangerous world he inhabits. This chapter is a perfect setup for the conclusion of the Boros arc, which comes to an end after the countless battles fought aboard Boros’ spaceship.

Key Moments

One-Punch Man Manga Chapter 161

The latest chapter of One-Punch Man manga has left fans in awe with its stunning portrayal of Saitama’s fighting skills. As usual, the hero once again displays his unique ability – defeating his opponents with just one punch. However, chapter 161 showcases a more intense and prolonged battle compared to previous chapters.

The chapter begins with Saitama locked in battle with Boros, an alien warrior whose strength is comparable to that of Saitama. The two proceed to have an all-out brawl, each landing powerful blows on the other. Boros even displays his signature move, the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, but Saitama effortlessly dodges it.

Despite the battle’s intensity, Saitama remains unfazed at every turn, even taunting Boros at one point. Boros, on the other hand, becomes increasingly frustrated as he realizes that Saitama is not going down as easily as his previous opponents. He begins to understand that Saitama may be stronger than him, as he can withstand even his strongest attacks.

The key moment in this chapter comes when Saitama lands a series of punches on Boros, causing him to bleed profusely. As he continues to strike, Boros finally comes to the realization that Saitama is the strongest opponent he has ever faced. He acknowledges Saitama’s incredible power, admitting that he himself has never had a proper fight until now.

This moment is significant as it not only solidifies Saitama’s status as the strongest hero but also brings about a change in Boros’s character. As a result of this realization, Boros ceases his attack and opens up to Saitama, telling him about his journey and reason for invading Earth.

Overall, chapter 161 of One-Punch Man manga is a thrilling read that showcases Saitama’s combat skills in a more prolonged and intense battle. The key moment in the chapter is the realization of Boros, who finally acknowledges Saitama’s incredible power and gives up his fight. It’s safe to say; the respect from the final battle left both characters with more of an intense respect for one another, and both go on to aim at becoming even greater in their respective fields.

One Punch Man Chapter 161: Saitama’s Overwhelming Strength and Boros as an Acknowledging Opponent

One Punch Man Chapter 161

One Punch Man Chapter 161 is a highly anticipated chapter of the manga series that fans have been waiting for. This chapter showcases Saitama’s overwhelming strength and Boros as an opponent who has acknowledged that strength, making it an intense and emotional read for fans of the series.

The chapter starts with the continuing battle between Saitama and Boros, where Boros unleashes his ultimate attack, the Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon. Despite the strength of the attack, Saitama remains unscathed and proceeds to defeat Boros with a single punch. The scene is visually stunning as the two characters clash, showing off their impressive powers and abilities.

What makes this chapter stand out is how Boros acknowledges Saitama’s strength, showcasing the only opponent who can go toe-to-toe with Saitama and hold his own. This acknowledgment brings an emotional aspect to the story, as Boros is the only one who can understand Saitama’s struggles with feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled, making for a meaningful interaction between the two characters.

Furthermore, the artwork in this chapter is exceptional, with dynamic and detailed panels that capture the intense action and emotions of the characters. The chapter is a testament to the talent of the artist, Yusuke Murata, who has consistently delivered stunning artwork and visuals for the series.

Overall, One Punch Man Chapter 161 is a must-read for fans of the series as it showcases the series’ main character, Saitama, in all his glory, and provides an emotional and meaningful interaction with his opponent, Boros. The chapter’s visuals are highly impressive, making for a truly enjoyable and engaging reading experience.

The Battle Against Garou

Garou vs Saitama

Chapter 161 of the One Punch Man manga picks up right where the previous one left off – with an intense and brutal battle between Garou and the Hero Association. Initially, it seems as though Garou has the upper hand, using his immense power and agility to deal some heavy damage to the heroes. However, the tide of the battle soon turns in favor of the heroes as they join forces to take down the powerful Garou.

The fight scenes in this chapter are expertly drawn, with every punch and kick feeling impactful and weighty. The artwork and panel layouts do an excellent job of conveying the sheer chaos of the battle, with multiple characters and attacks flying around the page at once. It’s a dizzying and exhilarating experience that perfectly captures the intensity of the situation.

Saitama Makes His Entrance

Saitama The Hero

Just when it seems as though the heroes may be able to win the day, the tides turn once again – this time in an unexpected way. Saitama, the protagonist of the series and the most powerful hero in the world, arrives on the scene to take on Garou himself.

The moment of Saitama’s arrival is electric, with the other heroes and villains alike reacting in shock and awe at the sight of him. The artwork and dialogue perfectly capture the sense of wonder and excitement that comes with seeing a truly legendary hero in action.

The Humor of One Punch Man

Saitama Funny

Despite the intense action and high stakes of the battle, One Punch Man Chapter 161 never loses its sense of humor and irreverence. From Saitama’s signature bald head being mistaken for a light bulb to a hilarious gag involving King and a video game controller, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments throughout the chapter.

This balance between action and comedy is one of the things that makes One Punch Man such a beloved and unique series. It’s able to take itself seriously when it needs to, but is never afraid to crack a joke or two to keep things from getting too heavy.

The Future of the Series


With the intense battle against Garou coming to a close and Saitama now on the scene, it’s clear that One Punch Man is entering a new phase of its story. Many fans are excited to see what kind of challenges and enemies Saitama will face now that he’s come into contact with an opponent who can actually withstand more than one punch.

Overall, One Punch Man Chapter 161 delivers everything fans have come to love about the series – intense action, memorable characters, and a healthy dose of humor. It sets up the future of the series in an exciting way and leaves readers eager for more.

The Bottom Line

Saitama Battle

One Punch Man Chapter 161 is a must-read for fans of the series. It’s a thrilling and action-packed chapter that expertly balances intense battles with moments of humor and levity. The artwork is top-notch, and every panel is packed with detail and energy.

If you’re a fan of shonen manga, superhero stories, or just great storytelling in general, One Punch Man is a series you won’t want to miss. And with Chapter 161 delivering such an exciting and satisfying experience, there’s never been a better time to jump on board.