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“My Daughter is a Zombie Manga: A Tale of Undying Love and Devotion”

Introducing “My Daughter is a Zombie” Manga

My Daughter is a Zombie Manga Cover

My Daughter is a Zombie is a manga series that has been making waves in the anime world. Originally released as a light novel series written by Yasunori Mitsunaga in 2016, the adaptation into a manga series was released in 2017. Like the title implies, the story is about a father and his daughter who has turned into a zombie.

The manga is published by Yen Press in the United States, where it is well-received by readers who enjoy the combination of comedy, horror, and family. The manga’s unique premise and quirky characters make it stand out from other zombie manga.

The Plot

My Daughter is a Zombie Characters

The story is centered around a man named Takashi who suddenly discovers that his daughter, Hikari, has turned into a zombie. Despite the stigma surrounding zombies, Takashi accepts Hikari for who she is and tries his best to make sure she lives a normal life. This includes feeding her raw meat and finding ways to hide her appearance from society.

The manga follows their journey as they navigate through their daily lives, while also encountering other unique characters, including other family members who are also zombies, a zombie mime, and a zombie slayer who has a vendetta against Hikari.

The Themes

My Daughter is a Zombie Themes

One of the main themes of the manga is the unconditional love between a father and his daughter. Despite Hikari’s transformation, Takashi loves her for who she is and does everything he can to make her happy.

The manga also explores the theme of societal prejudices and discrimination. In the manga, zombies are discriminated against and considered to be evil monsters. Hikari and Takashi must navigate through a society that has deemed them as outcasts, which is a commentary on real-life issues.

The Artwork

My Daughter is a Zombie Artwork

The artwork in My Daughter is a Zombie is unique and eye-catching. The character designs are well thought out and complement the manga’s comedic and horror aspects. The zombies, in particular, are drawn in a way that is both creepy and cute at the same time. The manga’s panels are easy to read and effectively convey the story’s emotions.

The Reception

My Daughter is a Zombie Reception

My Daughter is a Zombie has been well-received by manga fans and critics alike. The combination of comedy and horror has resonated with readers, and the manga’s unique premise and characters have made it stand out from other zombie manga. Fans of the manga have praised it for its heartwarming story, relatable characters, and excellent artwork.


My Daughter is a Zombie Conclusion

Overall, My Daughter is a Zombie is a manga series that is well worth reading. Its unique premise, combination of genres, and well-crafted characters make for an engaging and heartwarming story. The manga has a lot to say about societal prejudices, discrimination, and the power of unconditional love. If you’re looking for a unique manga series to add to your collection, then My Daughter is a Zombie is definitely worth checking out.

Plot Summary

My Daughter is a Zombie Manga

“My Daughter is a Zombie” is a manga about a girl named Hikari who was rescued from a zombie attack by her father, a scientist named Kenichi. However, Hikari was bitten by the zombies and is now a zombie herself. Kenichi uses his scientific expertise to find a cure for his daughter, but the process is not an easy one. Meanwhile, Hikari struggles to keep her condition a secret and live a normal life as a high school student.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus has turned most of the population into zombies. Kenichi, who values human life above all else, decides to take Hikari under his wing and protect her from the dangers of the outside world. Kenichi is a brilliant scientist who has been studying the virus for years in an attempt to find a cure. When Hikari is bitten, Kenichi sees this as an opportunity to use her as a test subject, but he is determined to save her life at all costs.

Kenichi’s research is not without its challenges. He faces funding problems and moral dilemmas, and his work is often met with resistance from those who think zombies do not deserve to be saved. But with Hikari’s life on the line, Kenichi refuses to give up. As he works on the cure, he discovers that there are different types of zombies, each with its unique characteristics. He must test each type of zombie and come up with a cure that works for all of them.

The story explores themes of love, family, and what it means to be human. Hikari struggles to maintain her humanity as she becomes more and more like a zombie, but she is determined to make the most of her life while she still can. Kenichi’s love for his daughter motivates him to do everything in his power to save her, even if it means putting his own life on the line. The manga also delves into the question of whether zombies can be considered human beings and if they have the right to live.

Overall, “My Daughter is a Zombie” is a heartwarming and thought-provoking manga that will appeal to fans of both zombie stories and family dramas. The story is full of suspense, action, and drama, and the characters are lovable and well-developed. The art is also top-notch, with detailed and expressive character designs and dynamic action scenes.

Main Characters

Main Characters

In My Daughter is a Zombie Manga, the main characters are unique in their own ways as they represent different personalities. They add color and depth to the story and make it even more interesting.



Sakura is the protagonist of the manga, and she’s a zombie. She is a young girl who died and was brought back to life using an unknown experimental technology. She is kind, helpful, and caring towards others despite her condition. Sakura enjoys spending her time practicing her new manipulative powers while discovering her new abilities, but she’s timid and scared of humans.



Akio is Sakura’s father and the person who revived her using a prototype regeneration machine that creates zombies. He is an intelligent person, but he’s also very secretive and cautious about the experiments he conducts. He’s a determined and hard-working man who serves as an inspiration to his daughter.



Megumi is Sakura’s mother, and she’s a caring and loving person. Unlike her husband, Megumi is gentle and sensitive to the people around her. She’s the one who supports Sakura mentally and physically and tries to make sure that her daughter continues to live a normal life.

These three main characters are the driving force behind the series and always keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see what will happen to them in the next chapter. With their well-defined personalities, hidden secrets, and relationships, they make My Daughter is a Zombie manga a must-read for anyone who loves a great storyline with interesting characters.

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship manga

In My Daughter is a Zombie Manga, love and friendship are themes that are prominently portrayed. The story revolves around Hideo, a single father, and his daughter, Hiromi, who he has to take care of after she becomes a zombie. Throughout the manga, Hideo’s love for his daughter is evident as he does whatever he can to keep her safe despite the danger they face. On the other hand, Hiromi’s friendship with her neighbor, Kouta, is a significant part of the story, as he becomes her only friend, and she relies on him heavily for emotional support.

The portrayal of love and friendship in the manga is heartwarming, as it shows that even in a world overrun by zombies, these connections can still exist and provide a sense of hope and comfort. It also emphasizes the importance of human connection in a world where it can be easy to become isolated and detached from others.

The theme of love is also seen throughout the manga in the way other characters express their emotions towards their loved ones. Whether it’s a mother’s love for her child or a person’s romantic feelings for another, it’s evident that even amidst the chaos of a zombie apocalypse, love still persists.

The friendship between Hiromi and Kouta is also portrayed in a subtle and meaningful way. Kouta is the only one who accepts Hiromi for who she is, even after she turns into a zombie, and the moments they share together are sweet and innocent. Their friendship teaches us that compassion and acceptance can go a long way in forming meaningful connections with others.

Artwork and Style

Zombie Manga Artwork and Style

My daughter is a Zombie manga has a distinctive and unique art style that captures the essence of its horror and supernatural themes. As a fan of manga myself, I have come across various styles, but this particular manga stands out due to its use of intricate details, bold lines, and overall dark color palette.

The artist’s talent is evident in the way they combine different shades and tones to create a distinct sense of fear and despair. The manga’s panels are also structured such that every action and facial expression carries significant weight and emotion. This enhances the overall effectiveness of the artwork and style in conveying the story’s themes and messages.

The characters’ designs are also notable, with each of them having a unique appearance that reflects their personalities and experiences. For instance, the zombie protagonist, Hikari, is depicted with morbid, disheveled hair, pale skin, and blank eyes that convey her newfound undead state. Meanwhile, the supporting characters such as Yuuma and Yamauchi are illustrated with bold lines and more straightforward designs that contrast the zombie’s characterisation.

The style the artist used in portraying the zombie threat and the ensuing action is commendable. From the first chapter, readers witness a dense and almost apocalyptic setting that amplifies the fear of the unknown and imbues every action scene with a sense of terror. The gore and violence in the panels are presented in a way that will make readers’ blood run cold, yet they don’t come off as gratuitous or glamorised. The style in which the action is drawn is flowing and dynamic, drawing the readers into the story completely.

The manga’s overall layout is well structured, with sizable headspaces and well-organised action units. The narrative’s progression is well-paced, with the final panels leaving readers at a cliffhanger that makes them eager to read the next chapter.

One of the unique things about My daughter is a Zombie manga’s art style is that it has the ability to transcend language barriers and communicate the story’s themes and emotions without relying on words alone. The art style conveys messages such as the isolation and struggle of the protagonist as she navigates life as an undead and the looming danger of the unknown.

In conclusion, My Daughter Is a Zombie manga’s artwork and style are truly one of a kind. The artist’s unique portrayal of the characters’ personalities, the world, and the supernatural threats they face makes the story immersive, captivating, and terrifying. The story of Hikari and her friends’ struggle for survival comes alive in the panels and captures the readers’ attention, immersing them into this new world of terror and gore.

Fans reception

Fans reception

The “My daughter is a Zombie” manga has gained a massive fan following since its release. The fans have praised the unique plot and creative portrayal of the zombie genre. The manga series has become increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults, and they are eagerly waiting for the next volume to release.

The emotional aspect of the story has resonated with many readers. The father-daughter relationship depicted in the manga has been a favorite of many fans. They appreciate how the story gives equal importance to both the characters, and the zombie aspect is used as a tool to strengthen the bond between them. The characters’ development throughout the story has also been appreciated by fans.

The artwork of the manga has also been praised. The illustrations are well-detailed and accurately portray the emotions of the characters. The use of color also complements the story’s tone and helps set the mood for different scenes.

Critics reception

Critics reception

The manga has also received significant critical acclaim. Critics have appreciated the unique approach to the zombie genre, which has become oversaturated over the years. They have praised the author’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly, which adds depth to the story.

The father-daughter relationship depicted in the manga has also been a favorite of critics. They have appreciated how the story explores the emotional struggles of both characters and how they overcome them.

The artwork has also been a favorite of critics. They have praised the illustrator’s ability to capture emotions well and create immersive environments using colors and shading techniques.

Sales & Awards

Sales & Awards

The “My daughter is a Zombie” manga has been a commercial success, with over a million copies sold worldwide. The manga has also been licensed and translated into several languages, making it accessible to a more extensive audience. The popularity of the manga has even led to the production of an anime adaptation.

The manga has also won several awards. It won the “Best New Manga” award at the 10th Manga Taisho Awards in 2017. It was also nominated for the “Best General Manga” category at the 43rd Kodansha Manga Awards in 2019.



The “My daughter is a Zombie” manga has faced controversy over its representation of the zombie genre. Some readers have criticized the portrayal of zombies as being too cute and not adhering to the traditional zombie lore. They argue that the manga glorifies the idea of a “cute” zombie, which goes against the usual gruesome depiction of zombies.

The use of the manga’s title has also been controversial. Some readers have argued that the title seems inappropriate and misleading as it doesn’t accurately depict the story’s themes and plot.



The “My daughter is a Zombie” manga has been well-received among fans and critics. Its unique plot and portrayal of the zombie genre have added a refreshing perspective to the genre. The father-daughter relationship depicted has tugged at readers’ heartstrings and has resonated with an audience looking for a touching and emotional read.

The manga’s artwork has also been a favorite of many, with the illustrations accurately portraying emotions and complementing the story’s tone. The manga’s commercial success and several accolades won speak to its popularity and critical acclaim. While there have been concerns raised over its use of the zombie genre and its title, it’s clear that “My daughter is a Zombie” manga has successfully made an impact on the manga industry.


My Daughter is a Zombie manga

My Daughter is a Zombie manga is a thrilling story of a father and daughter caught in a zombie apocalypse, trying to survive and find the cure for the virus. Throughout the story, we see the struggles of the main characters as they fight for their lives and the people they love. It is a gripping and emotional tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seat.

One of the standout features of My Daughter is a Zombie manga is the relationship between the father and daughter. We see how the father’s love for his daughter drives him to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means risking his own life. This bond is heartwarming and adds a layer of depth to the story, making it more than just a typical zombie thriller.

The artwork in My Daughter is a Zombie manga is also impressive. The characters are well-designed, and the zombie hordes are terrifying. The action scenes are intense and graphic, adding to the suspense of the story. The use of color and shading is excellent, creating a dark and eerie atmosphere that suits the theme of the manga.

Overall, My Daughter is a Zombie manga is a must-read for fans of horror and action. It is an engaging and emotional story that will keep readers hooked until the very end. The father-daughter relationship is beautifully portrayed, and the artwork is stunning. It is a unique take on the zombie genre, and it will leave a lasting impression on those who read it.

If you’re looking for a manga that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then My Daughter is a Zombie is definitely worth a read. With its thrilling story, stunning artwork, and heartwarming characters, it is one of the best zombie manga out there.