The Beautiful Love Story of “Murai no Koi” Manga


Murai no Koi manga cover

Murai no Koi manga is a romantic-comedy series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Created by Megumi Hazuki, the manga tells the story of a young girl named Yuna Murai who falls in love with an older man, Akari Murai. The manga’s initial run lasted from January 2007 to July 2020, spanning a whopping thirteen years. The manga is known for its engaging characters, its emotional rollercoaster ride, and its unique take on the romantic comedy genre.

The manga centers around the twenty-four-year-old Akari Murai, a handsome and successful freelance photographer. Despite his status in society, Akari has some shortcomings, which include his inability to hold down a relationship for more than a month. This marks the beginning of Akari’s journey towards finding love and settling down.

Yuna Murai, the main protagonist, is a sixteen-year-old student who happens to have the same last name as Akari Murai. By happenstance, Yuna meets Akari, and there is an immediate connection between the two. However, it isn’t until much later that the two realize that they share the same surname, a coincidence that only brings them closer.

The manga is notable for its relatable characters, each of whom has their struggles related to love and relationships. The story also has its fair share of amusing moments, thanks to the supporting cast of characters who add to the comedic value of the manga.

The manga takes a unique approach to the traditional romantic comedy. Instead of featuring a love triangle or other common tropes, the story’s focus is solely on the development of Akari and Yuna’s relationship. The manga explores various themes such as love, age difference in relationships, and societal norms regarding relationships.

Despite the manga’s long run, the series has managed to keep the readers intrigued throughout, thanks to the ever-evolving plot twists and the growth of the characters. Murai no Koi manga has become a fan favorite due to its relatable storyline, great character development, and its charming, heartwarming moments.

In conclusion, Murai no Koi manga is a unique and captivating romantic-comedy series that will leave fans with all kinds of feels. The manga’s thirteen-year run is a testament to its quality, charm, and the connection that readers have with the story’s characters.

The fascinating world of Murai no Koi

Murai no Koi manga

Murai no Koi is an enticing shoujo manga that tells the tale of a girl named Chiaki. She has always been an enthusiastic and passionate student of fish and marine biology. She lives in a town that is blessed with a beautiful lake that is home to magnificent koi fish. In this manga, Chiaki becomes captivated by an extraordinary koi fish that she names Murai, and she develops an unbreakable bond with it.

The story of Murai no Koi is primarily about Chiaki and the evolving relationship between her and the koi fish she has grown to love. Chiaki learns about the mystical aura that seems to surround Murai, unlike any other koi she has ever encountered. Her fascination with Murai grows, and she spends most of her free time observing him and taking detailed notes about his behavior and appearance.

One day, while Chiaki is standing next to the lake and Murai is swimming close by, she hears a strange noise. Suddenly, the water in the lake starts to drain, and Murai gets trapped in a small drainhole. In a desperate attempt to save her precious connection with Murai, she jumps into the lake and saves him.

After this event, Murai and Chiaki’s relationship deepens, and they form an unbreakable bond. Chiaki cannot imagine life without Murai, the fish that brought her so much joy and brought her closer to her dream of studying marine biology. Still, the journey of Chiaki and Murai is far from over. There are many twists and turns in the story, and the reader will keep turning the pages, eagerly waiting to discover what fate has in store for Chiaki and Murai.

Overall, Murai no Koi is an incredibly charming, emotional, and romantic manga that will appeal to all fans of shoujo manga. It portrays the beauty of the dedication towards friendship and love and the extent to which a person would go to protect them, even if it means putting themselves in danger.


murai no koi manga

If you’re looking for a manga where the characters’ personalities will take you on a rollercoaster ride, then the “Murai no Koi” manga is just for you. This manga will introduce you to three main characters who are all unique in their way and how they view love.

Haruka Murai

Haruka Murai

The first character, whom we can say is the lead, is Haruka Murai. She’s your typical shy and introverted high school student who is more comfortable around animals than people. However, despite her quiet personality, she’s a brilliant mind when it comes to veterinary science, and it’s her passion for animals that links her to one of the other main characters, Kakinuma.

Haruka’s timidity can be a hindrance for her at times, especially when she’s trying to communicate with other people. But her willpower to become a better person is remarkable and admirable.

Yoshiaki Kakinuma

Yoshiaki Kakinuma

The second main character in the “Murai no Koi” manga is Yoshiaki Kakinuma. He’s the sort of character who has no problem expressing himself and is often recognized as a womanizer by Haruka’s friend, Kanae. However, his pursuits are a coverup for his untold pain and guilt, which we later discover.

At first, Kakinuma comes off as someone selfish and cruel – the opposite of Haruka. But as the story progresses, you start seeing him reveal his vulnerability and how much he has in common with Haruka. Kakinuma’s character development is impressive, and it’s amazing how the author keeps the readers on their toes.

Kanae Higashino

Kanae Higashino

Finally, we have Kanae Higashino, who is Haruka’s best friend. Her personality is the icing on the cake, and she’s the comic relief in this manga. She’s charming and bold, and we find out that she’s also a great artist. However, Kanae’s personality isn’t as simple as she might seem at first glance.

Throughout the story, Kanae struggles with her feelings towards Kakinuma, leading to an internal conflict that often puts her at odds with Haruka. Her character adds a little drama to the mix but, as the events unfold, we see her mature and become more considerable.

Overall, the three main characters in “Murai no Koi” each have a distinctive personality that sets them apart. They each face internal conflicts and growth, and it’s fascinating watching them discover themselves and each other.


Murai no Koi manga artwork

Murai no Koi manga is a visual treat for every fan of the romance genre. The artwork style of the manga is unique and beautiful, which is a significant draw for many readers. The illustrations of the characters are breathtaking, and the attention to detail is commendable.

The manga’s artwork is appealing and visually pleasing as the characters are drawn with great care and detail. Their facial expressions convey the characters’ emotions, and their body language helps to understand their feelings. The backgrounds and settings in the manga are intricately designed, adding depth and realism to the scenes.

One notable feature of Murai no Koi manga is the author’s use of light and shadow to create an atmosphere that enhances the story’s emotional impact. The use of tonal gradations creates a sense of depth and texture, making the panels feel more realistic and striking. The author also utilizes the contrast of light and dark to direct the reader’s focus towards specific moments in the story, drawing attention to the character’s emotions and actions.

The unique art style of the manga also distinguishes it from other romance series. The manga has a mix of realistic and stylized elements, which creates a balance that draws readers in. The characters have realistic proportions, while their features are stylized to make them unique. The artist’s use of intricate details, such as the character’s clothing design, adds to the overall charm of the art style.

The manga’s artwork is also well-suited to the story’s themes. The romantic scenes between the characters are drawn with great care and tenderness, highlighting the emotions and feelings that the characters are experiencing. The artwork helps to convey the characters’ emotions, which is essential in a romance manga.

In conclusion, the artwork style in Murai no Koi manga is unique and visually stunning. The artist’s attention to detail, use of light and shadow, and a mix of realistic and stylized elements make the illustrations stand out. The artwork complements the story’s themes and adds depth and emotion to the characters and their romantic interactions. Readers will undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful artwork as it enhances the reading experience and brings the characters and story to life.


Murai no Koi Manga

Murai no Koi is a romantic manga that has gained a lot of attention since it was first published. It has been well-received by both the public and critics for its unique storyline and beautiful artwork.

Manga Readers

One of the reasons for the manga’s popularity is its relatable storyline. The characters are realistic and their struggles are something that many readers can relate to. The story follows the relationship between two people from different backgrounds who fall in love. Readers have praised the way the story tackles the problems that arise when people from different social classes try to connect.

Critics have also praised the manga for its artwork. The illustrations are stunningly detailed, bringing the characters and their world to life. The artwork complements the story, adding depth and emotion to each scene.

Paper Reviews

Many critics have noted the manga’s unique style, commenting on the way it stands out from other romantic manga. The story has been praised for its originality, with critics noting that it is a refreshing change from the clichéd storylines that are often found in romantic manga. Despite dealing with themes such as class differences and societal pressure, the story remains relatable and captivating.

Since its release, Murai no Koi has gained a large and dedicated fanbase. Reader reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the story for its sincerity and emotional depth.

Japanese Readers

It has also been praised for the way it portrays Japan’s economic and social issues. The way Murai no Koi tackles class differences and societal pressures has struck a chord with many Japanese readers, who have praised the way the manga shines a light on these issues.

Overall, the reception of Murai no Koi has been overwhelmingly positive. The manga has gained a loyal following and has been praised by critics for its unique storyline, beautiful artwork, and relatable characters.


Murai no Koi manga

Overall, Murai no Koi is a captivating manga series worth reading. It tells the story of two high school students who find love in unexpected places, and their journey towards figuring out their feelings for each other is both heartwarming and genuine.

One of the main themes of the manga is the exploration of sexuality, particularly in the LGBT+ community. The struggles that the two main characters, Ayumu and Shingo, face as they come to terms with their feelings towards each other are portrayed in a realistic and relatable way, making the manga an important read for those looking to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The art style of the manga is also noteworthy, with gorgeous illustrations that skillfully capture the emotions of the characters. The use of color is particularly striking, adding depth and nuance to the story while also emphasizing the overall mood and tone of different scenes.

Another aspect of Murai no Koi that sets it apart from other manga series is the way it combines humor with drama and romance. The writing is clever and witty, making for an engaging reading experience that’s not afraid to tackle serious topics while also injecting levity when needed.

Ultimately, Murai no Koi stands out as a must-read manga for fans of the romance genre, especially those interested in stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters. The series is a beautiful exploration of love, sexuality, and self-discovery that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the power of human connections.

So if you’re looking for a new manga series to add to your reading list, we highly recommend giving Murai no Koi a chance. You won’t be disappointed!