Moriarty the Patriot Manga Collection: A Masterpiece of Mystery and Suspense


Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

Manga, the popular Japanese comics, has been mesmerizing readers all over the world with its gripping storylines, unique plot twists and fascinating characters. Moriarty the Patriot, a manga series written and illustrated by Ryosuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi respectively is the latest addition to this niche. The series is a prequel to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, and narrates the story of the antihero, Professor James Moriarty.

The Moriarty the Patriot manga collection has been gaining immense popularity since its initial release in August 2016. The manga is published by Shueisha, one of the largest manga publishers in Japan, and currently has ten volumes available in English. With its popularity, an anime adaptation was also developed, increasing the reach of its audience.

What makes Moriarty the Patriot unique is its interesting take on the well-known Sherlock Holmes stories. The series provides readers with a different perspective on the events surrounding Holmes’ cases, creating a sense of unpredictability, mystery, and suspense. It is also notable for its focus on James Moriarty, who is usually depicted as the villainous counterpart to Holmes, the reader is led to sympathize and root for the criminal mastermind as he targets villains he deems to be worse than he is.

The popularity of the Moriarty the Patriot manga collection can also be attributed to the quality of its storytelling and artwork. Ryosuke Takeuchi has crafted a gripping storyline while Hikaru Miyoshi has illustrated the character’s emotions and action sequences in a unique style. The character design is also noteworthy, with each character having their distinct appearance, personalities and backstories that add depth and charisma that readers can relate to.

Beyond this, another factor contributing to the popularity of Moriarty the Patriot is its commentary on society. The series highlights and critiques the flaws in the social class system in the late 19th century, where those born into privilege held undue power over the impoverished. The story portrays Moriarty’s struggles to break down the systems that have hurt those who are less fortunate. Through the series, readers also become part of Moriarty’s group, who seeks to help their fellow citizens, and make a call for change in society.

All in all, Moriarty the Patriot is a series with a lot to offer, from its exceptional storytelling to its elaborate character design, to its societal commentary. It has quickly gained popularity in the manga niche all over the world. With more volumes and future anime installments coming, the series is sure to continue to grow in popularity. It is definitely worth reading and watching for anyone looking for a unique take on the Sherlock Holmes universe.

Overview of the Story

Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

Moriarty the Patriot manga collection revolves around the life of William James Moriarty, a brilliant young man whose family had been wronged by the aristocrats of Victorian England. Driven by a fierce desire for revenge and justice, Moriarty sets out to create a world where everyone, regardless of class, can live equally. As a criminal consultant, he helps those who have been wronged by the wealthy and powerful to exact revenge on their oppressors.

Throughout the manga collection, Moriarty engages in a cat-and-mouse game with the detective Sherlock Holmes, who is determined to bring him to justice. With a sharp mind and expert planning skills, Moriarty is able to stay one step ahead of Holmes, making every move with precision and purpose. However, despite his cunning and ruthless nature, Moriarty is not without his own moral code, which he uses to justify his actions and ensure that justice is served.

As the story progresses, Moriarty builds a loyal group of like-minded individuals who share his vision of a fairer society. Together, they work to eliminate the corrupt and oppressive aristocracy and create a world where everyone can thrive. With each new case, Moriarty challenges the traditional power structures of Victorian England, inspiring both fear and admiration in those around him.

Overall, Moriarty the Patriot manga collection is a thrilling and thought-provoking story that explores the complex themes of class, justice, and revenge. Through the actions of its protagonist, the manga raises important questions about the nature of power and the role that the wealthy and powerful play in the lives of those beneath them. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and stunning artwork, Moriarty the Patriot is a must-read for fans of crime dramas and Victorian-era stories.

Main Characters

Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

Moriarty the Patriot is the latest manga collection and anime adaptation by Ryosuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi that gives an alternate take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective stories. The series centers around William James Moriarty, a mathematical prodigy, and his brothers, Louis and Albert, who become the infamous crime lord and arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. Here are the main characters who play significant roles in the manga story:

William James Moriarty

William James Moriarty

William James Moriarty, commonly known as James Moriarty, is the main protagonist of the manga collection. He is a criminal mastermind who is highly intelligent and possesses a great sense of humor, making him a charismatic character despite his villainous tendencies. With his powers of deduction, he plots to change the corrupt society he lives in by utilizing crime and chaos to expose the flaws in the justice system.

Moriarty has a tragic backstory that drives his actions, as his family was impoverished and discriminated against by the aristocracy. He and his brothers were forced to fend for themselves on the streets, which caused him to develop a cynical outlook on society and a desire for revenge.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous fictional detectives and Moriarty’s primary adversary. In the Moriarty the Patriot collection, he is portrayed as an arrogant and cold-hearted genius who uses his skills to assist the aristocrats and police in maintaining the status quo. Sherlock views Moriarty as a threat to the city, and their rivalry is the driving force of the story.

Despite their animosity, Moriarty and Sherlock share a complex relationship. They both recognize each other’s intelligence and abilities, and they are willing to spare each other’s lives as long as their methods do not cross paths. Their encounters are always remarkable, and their conversations are filled with tension and wit that can keep readers on the edge of their seats.

John Watson

John Watson

John Watson is Sherlock Holmes’s loyal companion and partner in solving cases. In contrast to Sherlock’s aloofness, Watson is portrayed as an empathetic and kind-hearted individual who forms a bond with Moriarty. He is introduced to the series as a retired doctor who provides medical assistance to the lower classes and is sympathetic to their plight.

Watson’s involvement in the story adds a new layer of complexity to the characters as his loyalties are tested between his friendship with Moriarty, his admiration for Sherlock Holmes, and his duty to uphold justice. He is an essential character in the collection that provides a humanizing element to the darker aspects of the story.

Overall, the Moriarty the Patriot collection brings a fresh take on the classic characters and provides a deeper exploration of their motivations and personalities. The manga is an enjoyable read for fans of mystery, thriller, and historical fiction genres and is highly recommended for those who want to see the untold story of Moriarty and his brothers.

The Moriarty Family

The Moriarty Family

In the Moriarty the Patriot manga collection, the story revolves around the Moriarty family. They are the descendants of an aristocratic British family who have a deep-rooted hatred for the British nobility. The Moriarty family’s role in the manga series is significant as the story reveals their plan to take down the corrupt aristocratic society of the Victorian era. The family’s charismatic and intelligent second son, William James Moriarty, leads this revolution against injustice.

William James Moriarty is the protagonist of the series and a mastermind criminal who is obsessed with justice for the underprivileged. He has two elder brothers, Albert and Louis, who are the complete opposite of him. Albert is a diplomat who works for the British government while Louis is an archaeologist. The Moriarty brothers have their respective roles in the story, and their characters are well-fleshed out to make them essential to the series’ plot.

The Moriarty family’s past and present form the core of the series, and their family tree is one of the critical aspects contributing to the story’s intrigue. The Moriarty family history is dark and gruesome. Their ancestors were known to execute the British nobles who oppressed the working-class people. This legacy of revenge against the British nobility is passed down from generation to generation and is finally taken up by William.

The children of the Moriarty family also have a unique upbringing, which is different from that of other aristocratic families. Their father, who was a mathematician, nurtured them with his love for problem-solving. This constant stimulation of their minds helped them become highly intelligent individuals, and they were taught to think, act and plan like mathematicians. William’s distinguished reputation was built upon this upbringing, which helped him become a brilliant criminal mastermind.

The Moriarty family members also have a distinct appearance that sets them apart from everyone else. They all share the same unibrow and pointed chin, which is a family trait. However, their striking physical features do not define their characters, and the manga series portrays them with diverse personalities that add depth and complexity to their roles in the story.

In conclusion, the Moriarty family’s history, upbringing, personalities, and appearances are all fascinating aspects of the manga series Moriarty the Patriot. The family’s role in the story is significant, and their characters are well-rounded and essential to the plot. The manga series has done an excellent job of portraying the Moriarty family members as intelligent and charismatic individuals who are willing to take down the corrupt British nobility to bring justice to the oppressed.

Power Dynamics

Power Dynamics

The theme of power dynamics is prominent throughout the entire Moriarty the Patriot manga collection. The manga portrays Victorian England society as a highly unequal and stratified one, where the aristocracy held all the power and the vast majority of the population, including the working-class, were powerless. The manga explores how this power inequality pervaded throughout all aspects of life in Victorian England, including politics, business, and industries.

Moriarty, as a protagonist, challenges this power dynamic by using his intelligence and wits to undermine the aristocracy’s power and elevate the working-class. Moriarty’s actions aim to bring justice to the oppressed, to weaken the powerful, and provide avenues for weaker players to excel in society. However, Moriarty’s drive to bring about equality and justice, often requires him to use underhanded means, which raises the question of whether the ends justify the means.

Morality of Moriarty’s Actions

Morality of Moriarty's Actions

The manga collection also explores the morality of Moriarty’s actions, which often require him to step outside the bounds of the law and conventional morality. Moriarty’s actions are motivated by his desire to bring about justice and equality for those who deserve it, but the series raises the question of whether his actions justify his motives.

Moriarty’s actions can be seen as morally ambiguous and controversial, as he often uses means that are considered illegal, unethical, or morally questionable to achieve his ends. However, the manga series portrays Moriarty as a sympathetic character, and readers find themselves rooting for him, despite his questionable actions. This is because the manga portrays Moriarty’s actions as necessary to counterbalance the oppressive system that he seeks to oppose.

Fate and Free Will

Fate and Free Will

The conflict between fate and free will is another major theme portrayed in the Moriarty the Patriot manga collection. The manga explores the extent to which people can control their lives and shape their destiny, in a society where power, class, and wealth dictate most people’s fate.

Moriarty’s character is an embodiment of the struggle between free will and fate. Moriarty’s story reveals how his actions and choices can shape his destiny and the lives of those around him, despite the restrictive and oppressive societal norms of Victorian England.



Classism is a major theme explored in Moriarty the Patriot manga collection. The manga portrays Victorian England’s class structure as an oppressive system of power inequality that favours the wealthy few over the working-class majority. The manga highlights the class division’s stark contrast, including differences in lifestyle, culture, and access to resources.

The manga portrays the character of Moriarty as the antithesis of a typical Victorian-era aristocrat. He challenges the norms of Victorian society that perpetuate class divisions and seeks to build bridges between different classes, which is a refreshing take on the “aristocrat vs commoner” trope in anime and manga series.



The theme of justice is central to the Moriarty the Patriot manga collection. The manga portrays the concept of justice as multifaceted and complex, where different characters have different interpretations of it. Moriarty’s actions to bring justice to the oppressed are portrayed as noble and heroic, in contrast to the aristocracy’s actions, who use their positions to maintain their power and privileges.

The manga explores the implications of justice, including its consequences and limits. The series also explores the idea of the ends justifying the means, as Moriarty often uses questionable tactics to achieve his goals.

Art Style and Pacing

Moriarty the Patriot Manga

Moriarty the Patriot’s art style is one of its standout features. The detailed character designs and beautiful backgrounds are breathtakingly executed by artist Hikaru Miyoshi. His use of heavy shading and intricate detailing in each frame of the manga adds an almost cinematic feel to the story. It transports the readers to the world of 19th century Britain, full of elegance and class.

The art style also complements the manga’s themes perfectly. The crisp and clean backgrounds and beautifully drawn characters highlight the British lifestyle, while the dark shading emphasizes the dark themes of classism, corruption, and injustice prevalent in the series.

Aside from the exquisite art style, the pacing of the story is also noteworthy. The plot moves at a steady pace, allowing readers to understand the intricate plot and well-developed characters. The pacing is not too slow nor too fast, allowing readers space to unravel the mystery and clues scattered throughout the story.

The story’s different arcs focus on each of the Moriarty brothers and their individual goals and motivations. The pacing of each arc is consistent and delivers an intense, action-packed narrative that the readers are sure to devour. The manga manages to keep the readers on the edge of their seat as they wait for each turn in the story. The pacing is very complementary to the overall tone of the plot, making it even more engaging for the readers.

Overall, Moriarty the Patriot is a well-executed manga with a stunning art style and perfectly timed pacing. It is a masterpiece that manages to evoke emotions and suspense from its readers. The combination of these two elements makes Moriarty the Patriot a visually stunning and satisfying manga, even for those who aren’t typically manga readers.

Criticism and Reception

Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

Moriarty the Patriot manga series is a historic fiction manga that tragically follows the life of Professor James Moriarty. Moriarty is portrayed to be an anti-hero, who plots for the greater good. The manga has been a fan favorite since its first release. It has developed a fan base that religiously follows every chapter release and appreciates the creative approach. The sole reason behind the staggering fan base is the unique storytelling approach that the creators have utilized.

However, despite the colossal success of the manga series, the manga has come under criticism. Critics have raised their concerns over the manga’s dark approach to characters’ sentiments.

Criticism of Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

The manga has been under criticism for its unfavorable and dark depiction of sensitive topics that may trigger readers, such as violence, abuse, and mental stress. Critics believe that promoting such themes will have an adverse effect on readers’ mental health and encourage unconstructive thoughts.

The manga’s creators attempted to limit scenes of violence as much as they could. Still, the manga’s scope demanded it to be there. The creators believe that the violence depicted is essential in highlighting the protagonist’s path and the hardships he faces along his way. The violence he faces is portrayed for him to rise against his opponent and to prove that he will do anything to achieve his just end goals.

Reception of Moriarty the Patriot manga collection

Despite criticism, the series has received recognition for its distinct and creative approach to historic fiction. Fans praised the story’s characters, especially the protagonist, Moriarty, and his evolution, bravado, and fearless demeanor. They loved the unique take that the creators used to make Moriarty an anti-hero, which added to the series’s charm. The fans lauded the creators for their innovative approach to storytelling and applauded the Manga’s ability to captivate the readers’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the series.

The series has been warmly welcomed worldwide, with the manga being translated into various languages. It is being streamed online in all the streaming platforms, which have fueled the manga’s popularity around the world.

All in all, Moriarty the Patriot has indeed seen some criticism, but its vast popularity and its recognition from fans around the world have been massive. The creators have done their best to tackle the sensitive issues and themes without compromising the story’s quality. The manga series is indeed worth a read, and for fans who have yet to read it, they are in for a treat.


Moriarty the Patriot Manga

Moriarty the Patriot is a manga collection that has gained a significant following among fans of the genre. With an intriguing plot, well-fleshed-out characters, and exceptional artwork, the collection has successfully captured the attention of readers since its debut in August 2016. The manga has continued to gain popularity and shows no signs of slowing down. In this article, we have examined several subtopics related to Moriarty the Patriot manga collection, including plot and story development, character development, artwork, and reception by fans, among others. Let’s take a final look at the significance of this manga collection and its prospects for the future in the manga niche.

One of the most significant aspects of Moriarty the Patriot manga is its unique re-telling of the Sherlock Holmes stories from the perspective of the villain, Professor Moriarty. This concept challenges readers to look at the world of Sherlock Holmes in a different light and to question what defines a hero versus a villain. The plot development over the course of the series is well-crafted and engaging, with many twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout the story. The manga’s blend of action, suspense, and mystery make it an entertaining and thought-provoking read.

Another aspect that sets Moriarty the Patriot apart from other manga collections is its attention to character development. The main characters, particularly Professor Moriarty, are complex and multi-dimensional, with backstories that add depth and intrigue to the story. The series explores issues such as class, power dynamics, and social injustice, which adds a layer of political and social commentary that resonates with many readers.

The artwork in the manga is also exceptional, with beautifully detailed illustrations that bring the story to life. The character designs are unique and visually appealing, and the action sequences are expertly choreographed and easy to follow. The manga’s visual style is consistent throughout the series, which adds to its overall cohesiveness.

Since its debut, Moriarty the Patriot has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The series has an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, and many readers praise its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and exceptional artwork. With its growing fan base and critical acclaim, it’s safe to say that Moriarty the Patriot has made a significant impact in the manga niche.

The future looks bright for Moriarty the Patriot manga. As the series continues to gain popularity, it’s likely that we will see more adaptations of the story, such as anime or live-action adaptations. Fans of the series eagerly anticipate each new chapter and volume, and there is no shortage of excitement for what’s to come in the story. With its unique perspective on the Sherlock Holmes universe, exceptional character development, and stunning artwork, Moriarty the Patriot is sure to continue to be a beloved and iconic manga collection for years to come.