Mieruko Chan Season 2 Manga: Everything You Need to Know


Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi. The series first appeared on Twitter in December 2016 and gained a following which led to its official serialization starting in October 2018. It has since become a popular manga series and has been adapted into an anime series that aired in 2021.

Mieruko Chan is a horror-comedy series that follows the life of a high school girl named Makoto who has the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural beings. Due to this, she lives her life in fear and isolation as she tries to avoid these beings. However, she is forced to confront her fears when she discovers that her classmates and teachers are also being haunted by these beings. The series is characterized by its well-crafted humor and the unique perspective it brings to the horror genre.

The series has gained popularity due to its unique take on the horror genre and its lovable characters. It is praised for its ability to balance comedy and horror seamlessly, making it an enjoyable read for fans of both genres. It has also gained a considerable following due to its relatable protagonist, Makoto, who struggles with her fears and anxieties. Fans of the series appreciate how the story tackles mental health issues through character development and symbolism.

Overall, Mieruko Chan has become a fan-favorite for those who love horror-comedy and manga. The series has been well-received in Japan and has garnered a following internationally as well. Due to its popularity, a second season of the manga has been announced, much to the excitement of fans around the world.

Recap of Season 1

Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan is a supernatural horror manga that follows the story of a high school girl named Miko. She has the unique ability to see terrifying creatures that other people cannot see. During the first season, we are introduced to Miko and her experiences with these supernatural beings.

The first episode starts with Miko walking to school, where she encounters a ghostly figure that follows her along the way. She quickly realizes that she is the only one who can see it. From here, we see Miko’s daily life as she tries to navigate school while avoiding the supernatural creatures that constantly appear before her.

As the series progresses, we learn more about Miko’s ability and how it affects her mental state. She becomes increasingly isolated from her classmates and suffers from extreme paranoia. At one point, she even turns to self-harm in an attempt to banish the ghosts from her mind.

In the final episode of season one, Miko is forced to confront her fears when a ghostly girl appears in her room. She is able to overcome her terror and helps the girl move on to the afterlife. This event gives her a newfound sense of purpose and acceptance of her unique ability.

Throughout the first season, we also meet other characters who are affected by the supernatural, such as Miko’s friend Hana, who is haunted by a doll, and their school counselor, who is tormented by a terrifying creature. These encounters add to the suspense and horror elements of the series.

In conclusion, season one of Mieruko Chan was a thrilling and terrifying introduction to the world of supernatural horror. The characters were well-developed, and the storyline was engaging, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre. We can’t wait to see what season two has in store!

Plot Overview for Season 2

Mieruko Chan Season 2

Mieruko Chan Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. The story continues to follow the daily life of a high school girl named Miko, who has the ability to see supernatural creatures that normal humans cannot see. In this season, Miko’s ability is becoming stronger, and she is encountering scarier and more dangerous entities.

Miko’s life becomes more complicated as she tries to balance her ability and her desire to lead a normal life. She often finds herself in terrifying situations, and she is constantly struggling with whether or not to use her power to help those in danger. Her friends are also becoming more involved in her supernatural experiences, leading to more heated discussions on how they should handle these situations.

As the season continues, Miko begins to realize the true extent of her powers and the danger she poses to herself and those around her. She discovers that there are other people like her with supernatural abilities, and they are all trying to find their place in the world. Miko’s journey of self-discovery takes her to dark places, and she must come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

The season is filled with suspense, horror, and unexpected twists. The introduction of new characters and creatures adds depth to the story, and each episode will leave the audience on the edge of their seats. The second season is a perfect continuation of the story, and it will undoubtedly leave fans wanting more.

New Characters

Mieruko Chan Season 2 New Characters

Mieruko Chan season 2 introduces a handful of new characters that add depth and dimension to the story. Let’s take a closer look at each of these new additions and what role they play in the manga.



Naoya is a new student at the school, and he’s known for being a bit of a bully. He starts off as a bit intimidating, but he quickly becomes an ally to Miko when he realizes they share a common interest.

Naoya has a bit of a tough exterior, but he’s incredibly perceptive and inquisitive. His curiosity often leads him to ask questions that others might not, and he’s not afraid to push boundaries to get answers. Despite his initial roughness, Naoya has a heart of gold and becomes a strong supporting character throughout the series.



Kana is Miko’s childhood friend who moves back to town after being away for several years. She’s a bit of an airhead and loves cute things, but she quickly becomes an integral part of the story.

Kana’s role in the series is to offer a bit of levity and comfort to Miko. She’s always happy to listen to Miko’s problems and offer her support. Despite her lighthearted approach to life, Kana has a wise soul and often offers her own pearls of wisdom to help Miko through tough situations.



Tsukasa is the new teacher at school, and he’s unlike any other teacher Miko has ever had. He’s easygoing and often turns a blind eye to the antics of his students.

Despite his laissez-faire attitude, Tsukasa has a big heart and genuinely cares about his students. He often offers words of wisdom and encouragement when they’re needed most, and he’s not afraid to go out of his way to help someone in need.



Yuri is a new coworker of Miko’s, and she quickly becomes one of her closest friends. She’s a bit of a wild card and loves to have a good time, but she also has a sensitive side.

Yuri’s role in the series is to offer Miko a perspective outside of school. She helps Miko learn to take risks and enjoy life, and she’s always up for a spontaneous adventure.

Mieruko Chan season 2 introduces a diverse range of new characters, each with their own unique qualities and contributions to the story. Together, they help to make the world of Miko even richer and more engaging.

Themes and Messages

Mieruko Chan

“Mieruko Chan” is a horror-comedy manga that revolves around a high school girl named Miko Yotsuya who gains the ability to see ghosts. It is a series that may come off as lighthearted at first, but it tackles several heavy themes and messages throughout its story.

1. Coping with trauma and anxiety

Coping with trauma and anxiety Mieruko Chan

Mieruko’s ability to see ghosts leads her to witness various horrific scenes that can cause anyone to experience severe trauma. However, she manages to get by with sheer resilience and a bit of humor, making her a great example of coping with mental health struggles. Miko represents those who struggle with anxiety and depression, and her experience may resonate with readers who share the same struggles.

2. Grief and loss

Grief and loss Mieruko Chan

Mieruko’s best friend Hana passed away two years before the story begins, and it’s through Mieruko’s ability that she still sees her friend. This theme explores how Mieruko’s ability to see Hana can provide her comfort and that accepting the loss of a loved one can take time. It also shows that people may never truly get over losing someone and that they can learn to live with it in their way.

3. Friendship and acceptance

Friendship and acceptance Mieruko Chan

Mieruko struggles to make friends because many of her classmates find her behavior odd and eccentric. However, she finds solace in people she wouldn’t expect to form friendships with, such as ghosts. This theme portrays the importance of being open-minded and accepting of others without prejudice. Friendships can be formed between unlikely people, and it is essential to embrace diversity.

4. Facing your fears

Facing your fears Mieruko Chan

Since Mieruko can see ghosts, she is subjected to constant terror that would make the average person run. However, she faces her fears head-on and pushes through her discomfort. This theme inspires readers to confront their fears and not let them control their lives.

5. Misogyny and sexism

Mieruko Chan misogyny and sexism

“Mieruko Chan” is a series that portrays the female experience in modern society. It highlights Mieruko experiencing uncomfortable and often unsafe situations, such as being followed by strangers or having men invade her personal space.
The series also points out how women are forced to adhere to society’s beauty standards through Mieruko’s close friends, who are insistent on applying makeup to her, even though she is not interested or comfortable with it. These themes highlight the importance of acknowledging and addressing misogyny and sexism in our society.

In conclusion, “Mieruko Chan” is a series full of depth and heart. It uses its horror-comedy genre and its characters to convey powerful themes such as mental health struggles, grief, friendship, facing fears, and sexism. These themes make it possible for readers to find relatability in the series and to feel seen.

Art and Animation

Mieruko Chan Artwork

The second season of “Mieruko Chan” undoubtedly delivers high-quality artwork and animation. The manga series is known for its unique visual style and the anime adaptation has done a fantastic job of bringing the characters and the world to life on screen. The animation studio Passione has managed to maintain the consistency of its animation quality from the first season to the second season, which aired in October 2021.

The artwork is simply stunning, with its distinct style that blends elements of horror and comedy seamlessly. The color palette is vibrant and eye-catching, which captures the essence of the series perfectly. The character designs are highly detailed, with each character having a unique look that perfectly reflects their personality. The backgrounds are equally impressive, with the attention to detail being evident in every scene. The animation style also adds to the overall aesthetic of the show, with each movement being fluid and natural.

One of the most significant improvements in the second season’s animation is the increase in the frequency of supernatural occurrences. While the first season had its fair share of creepy moments, the second season takes it up a notch with more horrifying elements and ghosts. The animation style is effective in building up tension and suspense, which makes some scenes quite scary. However, the show still maintains its trademark humor, which balances the horror elements perfectly. The creative team behind the show has also managed to introduce new monsters and ghosts, which adds to the show’s overall aesthetic.

The second season also demonstrates the versatility of the animators, as they handle both comedic and dramatic scenes effortlessly. They use the animation style to convey the emotions of the characters, making every scene impactful. The animation style also manages to capture the eeriness of some of the supernatural creatures, making them truly terrifying.

In conclusion, the second season of “Mieruko Chan” is a visual feast, with its stunning artwork and animation style. The creative team behind the show has managed to bring the manga series to life on the screen in the most gripping way possible. The animation style is fluid and natural, which adds to the overall aesthetic of the series. The show’s unique visual style is also something that sets it apart from other anime series out there. The team behind the show deserves all the credit for delivering such a visually impressive adaptation of the manga series.


Mieruko Chan Season 2

Mieruko Chan season 2 of the manga series has been widely received with enthusiasm from its audience and has been critically acclaimed by critics. The second season of the series brings fans a whole new level of emotions and experiences like never before. This season has continued to deliver fear, suspense, and horror in a manner that has kept its readers up at night. The storyline incorporates an interesting plot that keeps fans engaged and on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

The series, created by Tomoki Izumi, first aired in October 2019, and the second season premiered in August 2021. The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in 2020, which gave it even broader popularity in the manga and anime community. The show has become so popular that it has been a trending topic on different social media platforms and is often a point of discussion on anime forums, with many fans eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

The thrilling and unique storyline has unsurprisingly gained a considerable number of fans. Many fans have taken to social media, such as Twitter and Reddit, to express their love and admiration for the series. Some fans acknowledge its promotion of mental health and awareness of anxiety. Others applaud its portrayal of the horror genre, with one fan saying, “It manages to balance the feeling of unease with a good spooky setting and using that to craft some good horror moments.”

Despite the praise from its fans, the series is not without its criticisms. Some critics have mentioned how the second season of the series starts slow, with some readers finding it boring and uninteresting at first. However, the storyline picks up later, and the subsequent chapters more than make up for the initial pacing.

Furthermore, the second season also puts emphasis on character development. The series revolves around Yotsuya Miko, a high school student, who can see “creatures” that others cannot. In the first season, we see her trying to accommodate her abilities with her daily life. In the second season, her abilities become well-known, and this leads to her becoming more vulnerable and her building deeper and more meaningful relationships with her friends. This change in character enables fans to relate to Miko and, in turn, creates a memorable experience for the audience.

In conclusion, Mieruko Chan season 2 has been widely accepted by its fans and critics alike. Despite a slow start, the second season has created a new level of depth and character development that has made the series even more popular among its fans. The series has marked a change in the horror genre, and the writer has managed to deliver a unique storyline that has made an unforgettable impact in the world of anime and manga.


Mieruko Chan Season 2 Manga

After all the suspense and thrilling moments in the first season of Mieruko Chan Manga, Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of its second season, and finally, it’s here! With more exciting adventures and horrifying situations, this season promises to deliver more than what fans expect.

The storyline follows Miko Yotsuya, a young high school girl armed with the power to see ghosts and demons. After revealing her gift to her friends, she forms a unique bond with Hana, a girl who is obsessed with spirits. Together, they take on a journey filled with challenging situations as they try to protect their town from evil spirits and demons.

The second season picks up from where the first one ended, with Miko and Hana encountering new spiritual beings that threaten their existence and the town’s. In this sequel, we get to see more of Miko’s powers and how she uses them to save her friends and the people of her town from the supernatural threats.

The artwork in this season is well done and brings out the horror and the supernatural element to life. The creatures and the ghosts are well drawn to give readers a chilling experience, which brings out the essence of the plot. Moreover, the characters are well developed and consistent with the first season, which keeps the fans engaged.

The pacing of the story is well balanced, with enough horror and humor to keep the fans entertained. The storylines in each chapter are appropriately wrapped up, giving the fans a sense of satisfaction while still holding on to the anticipation of the next chapter. The use of cliffhangers in some chapters leaves the fans craving for more.

In conclusion, Mieruko Chan Season 2 Manga is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a thrilling and horror-packed adventure. The storyline, characters, and artwork are well developed, making it an exciting reading experience. Fans will not be disappointed by the second season, and it’s a great addition to the first season. We highly recommend the second season of Mieruko Chan Manga to all the fans.