Exploring the Intriguing Plot Twists of Marriage of Convenience Manga Chapter 31


Marriage of Convenience manga is a popular Japanese manga series written by Miki Yoshikawa. It tells the story of a high school girl named Sumi who is facing financial difficulties due to her grandfather’s debt. She agrees to a marriage of convenience with a wealthy young man named Soichiro to pay off her debt and help her family. Chapter 31 is the latest chapter in the series, which revolves around the ongoing relationship between Sumi and Soichiro.

Chapter 31 begins with Sumi and Soichiro returning from their honeymoon. They are now officially married, but they have yet to confess their true feelings to each other. The reader can see the obvious tension between the two as they struggle to communicate their emotions.

As they settle back into their routine, Sumi finds herself struggling to balance her schoolwork with her new role as a housewife. She is determined to make their marriage work, but she recognizes that she has a lot to learn. Soichiro, on the other hand, seems to be distancing himself from her. He is busy with work and does not seem to have much time for her.

Throughout the chapter, Sumi tries to get closer to Soichiro, but he keeps pushing her away. However, despite his lack of communication, Soichiro reveals that he has been thinking about Sumi. He believes that he is not good enough for her and feels guilty for putting her through this marriage of convenience.

In the end, Sumi realizes that she needs to be more assertive and open with her feelings if she wants their marriage to work. She takes the initiative to help Soichiro with his work and tries to show him that she cares. Slowly but surely, the two begin to open up to each other, and their relationship deepens.

Chapter 31 is a beautiful portrayal of how two people can come together despite their differences and form a strong bond. It is a heartwarming and realistic depiction of a marriage of convenience, and it leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

The Blossoming Relationship between Koharu and Ryusei in Chapter 31 of Marriage of Convenience

Koharu and Ryusei

In chapter 31 of Marriage of Convenience manga, Koharu and Ryusei’s relationship is gradually growing to be more than just a contractual agreement. The two are starting to become closer to each other as they begin to rely on each other in various ways. The chapter starts with Koharu asking Ryusei to accompany her to an important event, and as they spend more time together, they begin to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Ryusei, who has always been distant and cold towards Koharu, starts to show her a gentleness that she has never seen before. Koharu also starts to see Ryusei in a different light and appreciates his thoughtful nature. This newfound closeness between them is evident in the way they communicate with each other such as their exchanged looks and lingering touches.

Their growing feelings for each other are further highlighted when Koharu finds herself in trouble and Ryusei rushes to her aid, putting himself in harm’s way in the process. This selfless act only solidifies Koharu’s growing feelings for Ryusei, and she finds herself drawn towards him even more.

While their relationship is still in its early stages, it is clear that they are both starting to feel something more than just a contractual obligation towards each other. Their relationship is based on mutual understanding, trust, and respect, which are the essential elements of a successful relationship.

The artwork in this chapter beautifully captures the evolution of Koharu and Ryusei’s relationship. The author expertly uses facial expressions and body language to convey the growing attraction between them, making it a delight to read and experience their journey.

In conclusion, chapter 31 of Marriage of Convenience is an essential chapter that serves as a turning point in Koharu and Ryusei’s relationship. The chapter expertly portrays the tension, the awkwardness, and the intimacy of the two characters as they navigate their feelings towards each other. It leaves readers eagerly waiting to see what the future holds for the blossoming romance between Koharu and Ryusei.

Koharu’s Struggle

Koharu's Struggle

In chapter 31 of the Marriage of Convenience manga, Koharu is struggling with her emotions and the reasons why she is unable to open up to Ryusei. Even though Ryusei has been nothing but kind to her, Koharu is having a difficult time trusting him.

This struggle adds a layer of depth to Koharu’s character, revealing that she has underlying trust issues that may stem from her troubled past. Throughout the manga, Koharu has shown that she is a strong-willed and independent woman, but her struggle with trust highlights her vulnerability, making her character even more relatable and realistic.

As Koharu attempts to navigate her feelings, the reader is taken on an emotional roller coaster. Through her inner monologues, we learn of her conflicting emotions and thoughts. She is able to recognize that Ryusei is a good man, but something inside her is holding her back from fully trusting him. Koharu is not only struggling with her own emotions but also with the possibility of losing the new life that she has built with Ryusei.

The underlying theme of the Marriage of Convenience manga is the growth and development of Koharu’s character. Throughout the story, Koharu has grown as an individual, and she is now faced with the challenge of allowing herself to be vulnerable with someone else. The struggle she faces in chapter 31 is an essential part of her development and shows that her growth is not linear. Koharu is not immune to setbacks and roadblocks, just like any other person.

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger as Koharu is faced with a difficult decision. Will she choose to continue pushing Ryusei away, or will she take a chance and trust him? This leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next chapter to see how Koharu’s character will develop and how she will handle this challenging situation.

Ryusei’s Confession

ryusei and koharu manga

In this chapter, Ryusei finally confesses his feelings to Koharu. The scene starts with Ryusei staring at Koharu while she reads a book in the library. Ryusei can’t help but think about how beautiful Koharu looks and how he has been feeling about her for some time now. He gathers his courage and goes over to talk to her.

“Koharu, can I talk to you for a moment?” Ryusei says nervously.

Koharu looks up at him and smiles, “Sure, Ryusei. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but I have feelings for you, Koharu. I’ve had them for a while now, and I can’t keep them inside anymore.”

Koharu is taken aback by Ryusei’s confession. She has never seen him so serious before. She thinks about her own feelings for Ryusei, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to take that next step.

“Ryusei, I appreciate your honesty. I need some time to think about how I feel about you. Can we talk later?” Koharu responds.

Ryusei nods and smiles, “Of course, Koharu. Take all the time you need.”

The chapter ends with Ryusei walking out of the library, thinking about how happy he is that he finally confessed his love to Koharu. Koharu, on the other hand, is left with a lot to think about. The readers are left wondering what Koharu’s response will be.

This chapter is a turning point for both Koharu and Ryusei. The readers have known about Ryusei’s feelings for some time now, but this is the first time he has confessed to Koharu. It’s up to Koharu now to decide whether she wants to give Ryusei a chance or not.

The New Threat

Chapter 31 of Marriage of Convenience manga introduces a new twist to the plot with an unexpected and dangerous turn of events. A mysterious figure is stalking Koharu with ill intent, leaving her frightened and on edge.

Readers are anxious to find out the identity of the stalker and what their motive is for targeting Koharu. This plot twist adds a new layer of suspense and uncertainty that will make fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter.

Exploration of Koharu and Ryusei’s Relationship

This chapter continues to explore the relationship between Koharu and Ryusei, depicting their mutual understanding and support for each other. The added danger has brought them even closer, with Ryusei trying to protect Koharu from the stalker at all costs.

While they still have their moments of misunderstandings and disagreements, their willingness to work through their problems together strengthens the bond between them. Readers are invested in their relationship and cannot wait to see how it will develop as the story progresses.

The Role of Friends

Chapter 31 also highlights the importance of having supportive friends in tumultuous times. Koharu’s friends provide a sympathetic ear and offer comfort during this trying time, while Ryusei’s friends help him to protect Koharu.

These side characters provide a break from the intense relationship dynamics and add a human element to the story. Their presence is a reminder that even during the most challenging times, friendship and support can help people through.

The Significance of Trust

The stalker’s presence makes Koharu deeply distrustful, but Ryusei’s constant support and demonstrations of trust serves as a reminder that their relationship is founded on mutual faith and respect.

Ryusei’s unwavering trust in Koharu further cements their connection and ignites her desire to reciprocate. The importance of trust in any relationship, especially a marriage, is a powerful message that resonates with readers.


Chapter 31 of Marriage of Convenience manga brings new elements to Koharu and Ryusei’s relationship, providing readers with a thrilling and enjoyable read. With the added danger and the strengthening of trust between the main characters, it’s no wonder fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

The exploration of the importance of friendship and trust, as well as the power of love in even the most challenging times, is a message that resonates strongly with audiences. It is no doubt that the continued development of Koharu and Ryusei’s relationship will keep readers hooked on the story’s progression.