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Killing Stalking manga cover

“Killing Stalking” is a South Korean webtoon series written and illustrated by Koogi. It was first published in 2016 and quickly gained popularity among readers. The story follows the life of Yoon Bum, a young man with a troubled past who finds himself stalking his ex-crush, Sangwoo, only to discover that Sangwoo is a sadistic killer. The manga has gained a reputation for its dark and explicit content, which has both fascinated and disturbed readers.

The manga falls under the genre of psychological thriller, which is characterized by suspense, anxiety, and fear. It is not for the faint-hearted as it depicts the darker side of human nature, including violence, abuse, and manipulation. Nevertheless, it has garnered a cult following among readers despite its controversial themes.

One of the reasons for “Killing Stalking’s” popularity is the author’s skillful portrayal of the characters’ emotions and motivations. Readers are drawn into the characters’ psychological struggles, which are often complex and relatable. The author also uses suspenseful plot twists and cliffhangers, which keep readers hooked and eagerly anticipating the next installment.

The manga has been translated into various languages and has gained a significant following worldwide. It has won several awards, including the 2017 Next Creator Award at the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival. However, due to its mature content, the manga has been the subject of controversy and criticism in some countries. Some fans argue that the manga explores important themes and sheds light on mental health issues, while others argue that it glorifies violence and harms readers’ mental health.

Overall, Killing Stalking is a unique and thought-provoking manga that explores the darker side of human nature. Its success and popularity demonstrate the growing demand for unconventional and challenging narratives in manga and webtoons. While it may not be suitable for all readers, those who have read it have found it to be a gripping and emotionally charged work of fiction.

The Storyline of “Killing Stalking” Manga

Killing Stalking Manga

“Killing Stalking” is a psychological horror-thriller manga written and illustrated by Koogi. The story revolves around a seemingly innocent boy named Yoon Bum, who is secretly in love with his classmate, Sangwoo. Sangwoo is initially portrayed as a perfect gentleman who exhibits a kind and caring nature towards Yoon Bum. However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that Sangwoo is a sociopath and a serial killer who has been targeting young men.

Yoon Bum’s obsession with Sangwoo leads him to stalk him, and one day, he breaks into his house, but instead of finding the love he seeks, he discovers Sangwoo’s dark side. Sangwoo captures Yoon Bum and confines him in his basement, where he makes his prisoner experience various forms of physical and emotional torture. The manga follows their twisted relationship, and Yoon Bum’s struggle between his feelings for Sangwoo and the realization that he has been kidnapped by a serial killer.

The manga’s plot delves deeper into their psyches, revealing the past trauma and mental illness that contributed to their behavior and actions. The story’s dark and unsettling themes, which include abuse, manipulation, and murder, make it an intense and nerve-wracking read that is not for everyone. “Killing Stalking” has garnered both critical acclaim and controversy for its graphic violence and sexual content.

Overall, “Killing Stalking” is a captivating yet disturbing story that explores the human psyche’s darkest depths and challenges readers’ moral compass. The manga’s plot twists and turns keep readers on the edge of their seats, and its breathtaking art style and character design are outstanding. However, readers should be warned that the story contains graphic and potentially triggering content and is not suitable for those under the age of 18 or those who are sensitive to violence and abuse.

The Two Lead Characters: Yoonbum and Sangwoo

Yoonbum and Sangwoo

“Killing Stalking” tells the story of a young man named Yoonbum who, after becoming obsessed with his former classmate Sangwoo, breaks into his home and discovers the gruesome truth about his life. Yoonbum is a socially awkward and timid individual who has suffered from mental and physical abuse from his uncle since he was a child. He harbors strong feelings for his former classmate but is unaware of Sangwoo’s dark and disturbed personality. Throughout the story, Yoonbum experiences intense emotional and physical trauma as he becomes embroiled in Sangwoo’s twisted world.

On the other hand, Sangwoo is portrayed as a charismatic and charming young man who appears to have everything going for him. However, as the story progresses, the audience is gradually shown the disturbing reality of his upbringing and the true nature of his personality. Sangwoo is a product of his abusive and traumatic childhood, which has left him with severe psychological scars and a warped sense of morality. Despite his morally questionable behavior, the author presents Sangwoo as a complicated character with a tragic backstory that evokes both sympathy and fear from the audience.

The Supporting Characters and Their Arcs

Killing Stalking supporting characters

In addition to the lead characters, there are several supporting characters in “Killing Stalking” that have their own unique story arcs. These characters are essential to the overall plot and serve to provide context and further character development for the lead characters.

One of the most important supporting characters is Jieun, Sangwoo’s childhood friend. Jieun is a vital character because she provides insight into Sangwoo’s past and sheds light on the psychological trauma he has endured. She serves as a mirror image to Sangwoo as she has suffered similar abuse and trauma but has managed to overcome it and lead a relatively normal life. Another essential character is the police officer Seungbae, who is tasked with investigating missing persons cases in which Sangwoo is a suspect. Seungbae is portrayed as an intelligent and intuitive detective who becomes obsessed with finding the truth about Sangwoo’s crimes.

It is notable that all of the supporting characters’ arcs touch on psychological trauma, abuse, or neglect, further highlighting the theme of trauma and its impact on individuals.

The Character Arcs and Their Motivations

Killing Stalking character arcs

The character arcs in “Killing Stalking” are complex and nuanced. Yoonbum’s arc is perhaps the most significant, as he goes from a meek and shy young man to someone who is willing to go to great lengths to protect Sangwoo or himself. Throughout the manga, Yoonbum becomes more aware of Sangwoo’s true nature and grows increasingly desperate to escape and avoid his abuses. His motivation changes from merely loving Sangwoo to surviving his ordeal.

Sangwoo’s arc is equally important, as it delves into the factors that shaped his personality and behaviors. His motivations stem from his traumatic childhood, which left him with severe psychological issues. As the story progresses and Sangwoo becomes more unhinged, he becomes increasingly unpredictable and dangerous, with his motivation shifting toward satisfying his twisted desires and inflicting harm on others.

Overall, the character arcs in “Killing Stalking” are complex and thought-provoking, providing insights into the psychological and emotional traumas that can shape individuals and how they can lead to aberrant behaviors and motivations.

The Themes and Tone of “Killing Stalking” Manga

Killing Stalking Manga

“Killing Stalking” is a psychological thriller manga written and illustrated by Koogi. The manga’s primary themes revolve around violence, manipulation, and trauma, and their portrayals are highly evident throughout the story. The manga’s violent themes are designed to cater to a mature audience and are not suitable for younger readers.

The story follows a character named Yoonbum, a young man who has an unhealthy obsession with a popular college student named Sangwoo. Yoonbum breaks into Sangwoo’s house only to discover that he is a psychopath who has killed multiple people. Sangwoo forces Yoonbum to participate in his sinister game of “stalking and killing,” which leads to various violent events.

The manga is quite dark and, at times, hard to digest due to its intense and brutal nature. However, it is important to note that violence and manipulation are the primary vehicles used to portray the story’s underlying themes of trauma and mental illness.


The violence in “Killing Stalking” is graphic, brutal, and at times, gory. The violence is often used to depict the mental state of the characters. The violence is highly evident in the torture scenes, depicting realistic portrayals of physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional manipulation. The violent scenes help the readers understand the trauma experienced by the characters. Thus, it is an essential element of the story.


The manga portrays manipulation as a significant theme, with the main character Sangwoo manipulating the other characters to bend them to his will. Sangwoo manipulates his victims to the point where Yoonbum, who initially feared and hated Sangwoo, becomes underservedly loyal to him. He manipulates not only Yoonbum but also other characters in the story. Manipulation is an essential element in showing the complexity of human behavior. It shows how people can be manipulated into doing things they don’t want to do or believe things that are false, leading to grave consequences.


The manga’s primary theme is trauma, depicting how mental illness and past experiences can affect a person’s psyche. Yoonbum, who has faced severe childhood trauma, is depicted as being emotionally unstable and vulnerable. His trauma leads him to develop an unhealthy obsession with Sangwoo; however, it is Sangwoo’s trauma that is the most striking in the manga. Sangwoo also suffered childhood Trauma, which led to the development of a violent personality. The manga shows how our past experiences can determine our future actions and lead us to dark places.

Overall, “Killing Stalking” is a dark but thought-provoking manga that shows the complexity of human behavior. The violent and manipulative themes depict the portrayals of the underlying themes of trauma and mental illness. The manga’s portrayal of the characters’ psyche shows how past experiences can affect a person’s behavior and lead them to dark places. However, readers should be warned that the manga’s violent themes are highly graphic and not suitable for younger readers.

The Reactions and Controversies Surrounding “Killing Stalking” Manga

The Plot of “Killing Stalking” Manga

Killing Stalking cover

“Killing Stalking” is a dark and twisted psychological thriller about a young man named Yoon Bum who is infatuated with a fellow student named Oh Sangwoo. Yoon Bum begins to stalk Sangwoo and eventually breaks into his house, only to discover that his crush is actually a sadistic killer. What ensues is a complex and disturbing relationship between the two characters as Yoon Bum becomes both Sangwoo’s victim and accomplice.

Controversies Surrounding “Killing Stalking” Manga

Controversial manga

“Killing Stalking” has received significant backlash from some readers and critics who claim that it glorifies abuse and romanticizes stalking. Others have argued that the manga portrays mental illness in a harmful and stigmatizing manner, and that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes about both LGBTQ+ and Korean cultures.

However, the series has also garnered a large and devoted fanbase who praise its well-rounded characters, complex narrative, and unconventional storytelling methods.

Emotional Responses from Readers Worldwide

Fan reaction

“Killing Stalking” has been known to elicit intense emotional reactions from its readers. Many have stated that they were initially drawn to the series by its unique premise, only to find themselves compelled by its complex characterizations and dark subject matter.

Some fans have even created fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay inspired by the series, further fueling its ever-growing following.

However, it is important to note that “Killing Stalking” is not for everyone and may trigger sensitive individuals due to its graphic depictions of violence, sexual assault, and mental illness.



“Killing Stalking” is a manga that has sparked controversy and divided opinions. While some have praised its unique storytelling methods and complex characterization, others have criticized its depiction of sensitive topics like abuse, stalking, and mental illness.

Regardless of where one falls on the spectrum of opinions, it is clear that “Killing Stalking” has captured the attention of readers worldwide and has become a notable addition to the world of manga and anime.


Killing Stalking manga

As we come to the end of this article, it’s clear that “Killing Stalking” manga is not for the faint of heart. It’s a story that delves deep into the human psyche, exploring the various facets of love, obsession, and trauma. The themes explored in this manga are dark, disturbing, and at times, quite graphic.

However, despite the unsettling subject matter, there is no denying that the “Killing Stalking” manga has a certain allure to it. The engrossing storyline, coupled with the well-developed characters, makes it hard to put down. The complex relationship between Yoon Bum and Sangwoo is both fascinating and terrifying to watch unfold.

The genre of “Killing Stalking” can best be described as a psychological thriller. It’s a type of manga that is not afraid to push the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable in popular culture. It’s a challenging read that forces the reader to confront their own fears and anxieties, making it a worthwhile experience.

That being said, “Killing Stalking” does come with a content warning. The manga contains depictions of violence, sexual themes, and mature content that may not be suitable for all readers. As such, it’s important to approach this manga with caution and a clear understanding of the content.

In conclusion, “Killing Stalking” manga is a challenging, thought-provoking, and dark read that is not for everyone. However, if you’re interested in exploring the depths of the human psyche and enjoy a good psychological thriller, then this manga might just be for you. Just be sure to approach it with an open mind and a strong stomach.