Black Clover Who Killed The Elves

Black Clover Who Killed The Elves. By killing the Elves, Zagred was looking to corrupt Licht, who owned the four-leaf grimoire. The elves all had immense magic power and were worshiped as gods for it.

The Elf Tribe 「エルフ族 Erufu-zoku」 are an ancient race of people who lived in the Forsaken Realm of Clover Kingdom. With the same goal in mind, the two friends and rivals embark on their journey. A contingent of Black Bulls seeks info from Gordon's family of Curse Magic experts, while Noelle digs deeper into what really killed her mother Acier.

The Elves were a peaceful community in the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom.

Secre reflects on Patry's reincarnation and that of his fellow elves, the utter havoc they wreaked, how it all ended.

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A brief description of the manga BLACK CLOVER: Asta and Yuno were once abandoned together at a church. Luck senses three elves in a nearby town, Hecairo, one of whom has possessed Xerx Lugner, the Saint of Pure Ice. He attains the "Black Clover" grimoire of anti-magic.

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