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Beyblade Metal Fusion Names. Beyblade: Metal Fusion, also known as Metal Fight Beyblade (メタルファイトベイブレード, Metaru Faito Beiburēdo) in Japan, is the first anime of the Metal Saga. Well In Beyblade Metal Fusion (English Name) The faces (Similar to bit-piece) have symbols and names on them.

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My research says that only the main ones ( WRONG ANSWER ABOVE ) first of all, storm pegasus is in metal fusion, but not in metal fight. What's your favourite Blader in Beyblade Metal Fusion? Did you feel anything from this title?

The Dark Nebula's sole mission is to take over the world and unleash their evil upon it; but before they can do so.

Do you know which Beyblade Metal Fusion characters own which beyblades?

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Play as characters from the anime. It is also an anime production based on the original. Ver más ideas sobre Beyblade metal fusion, Metal, Fusiones.

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