Beyblade Metal Fusion List Of Characters

Beyblade Metal Fusion List Of Characters. Voiced by: Emiri Katō (Japanese); Lisette St. Main article: Team Gan Gan Galaxy.

Beyblade Wallpaper Characters - WallpaperSafari
Beyblade Wallpaper Characters - WallpaperSafari (Julian Clark)
Metal Fight Beyblade VS The Sun: Sol Blaze, The Scorching Hot Invader. This list includes characters from the Metal Saga series. My research says that only the main Big bang pegasus is in Metal Fight.

The anime version of Beyblade: Metal Fusion's plot is written differently than in the manga.

Are you a fan of MF Beyblade?

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Beyblade Wallpaper Characters - WallpaperSafari

BeyBlade Metal Fury Characters Quiz - By xaviermckoy

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Gingka Hagane :Gingka returns to enter the World Championship. Ginka Kyoya Tsubasa Hyoma Benkei Kenta Doji Ryuga Yuu Beyblade Metal Fusion Hikaru. The main protagonist who believes that a blader's power comes from the heart.

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