Beyblade Metal Fusion Game Characters

Beyblade Metal Fusion Game Characters. The main protagonist who believes that a blader's power comes from the heart. This is the list of characters in the Metal Saga.

My top ten hottest beyblade characters. | Anime Amino
My top ten hottest beyblade characters. | Anime Amino (Blake Webster)
This list includes characters from the Metal Saga series. Cyber Pegasis in Japan) is the second Beyblade video game for Nintendo DS based on the Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime. Notify me about new Play Beyblade: Metal Fusion NDS online game in highest quality available.

The games primarily revolve around the plot of the anime, following Ginga Hagane and his friends.

Ryuga only lost twice in the entire beyblade metal fight series which was against Rago and Gingka.

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Busujima from Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Kyoya Tategami Beyblade Kai Hiwatari Madoka Amano ...

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Beyblade Metal Fusion Characters With Pictures

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My top ten hottest beyblade characters. | Anime Amino

Beyblade: Metal Masters Release Date (DS)

Voiced by: Aki Kanada (Japanese); Robert Tinkler (English). Of all the Beyblade: Metal Fusion characters, who is your favorite? Did you feel anything from this title?

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