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Attack On Titan Spin Off. Attack on Titan: Junior High remakes the main series' opening frame-by-frame with adorable kid versions of its characters. From the director of Death Note and Highschool of the Dead, comes the bone-crunching Attack on Tita.

Selebus's Anime Zone: Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode ...
Selebus's Anime Zone: Attack On Titan: Junior High Episode ... (Owen Abbott)
Just the pure panic in the last picture and how it cuts off after "OH GOD HE'S GOT THE BLADES" it kills me. When the Titan attack on Wall Maria leaves a small district cut off from the rest of the walled city, teenage recruit Rita is the highest ranking officer left - all of the others have either died or fled. Spin off of Attack on Titan where Hanji is the main character.

Attack On Titan (SNK) Now I'm completely aware I have a sadistic sense of humor, but this was clever to make me laugh.

So I was required to make a visual for my essay about fire, and I decided to borrow the Attack on Titan's epic still of Eren in the burning town haha.

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Spin Off Attack On Titan

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