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Black Clover Black Bulls Robe. Black Clover is the story of Asta, a magicless kid in a magical world and his rival Yuno, the childhood prodigy, both aiming to become the next Wizard King. This spy dorns the robe of Black Bulls and is the user of Shadow magic.

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Pin by Alexandra Dersy on BLACK CLOVER | Black clover ... (Sue Fitzgerald)
The bulls team will grow more in numbers as Yami has a tendency to pick most random person and gives robe of blackbulls. I do not own Black Clover, Black Clover is owned by Yūki Tabata. YA ASTA MY BABY HE GOT HIS ROBE YYYYAAaaAAAA. she probably chose the black bulls cuz she hated her brother so definitely won't go with him but idk why she chose black bulls tho.

After that Asta is given his Black Bulls robe and is welcomed by everyone.

The squad is known for its destructive behavior and has been regarded as the worst squad of the organization.

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While there is no confirmation, he/she is highly speculated to be the. They were reasonably priced and shipped quickly! With the same goal in mind, the two friends and rivals embark on their journey. this why i love black clover it always knows when to bring the heat srry im late had a busy week could even keep track of things.

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