Beyblade Metal Fusion Capitulo 28

Beyblade Metal Fusion Capitulo 28. Plot Summary: A new cast of characters take on the continued battle between good and evil. Doji though makes use of this and upgrades Tetsuya's bey.

Kyoya Tategami ----- - Kyoya Tategami ♥ Photo (37480367 ...
Kyoya Tategami ----- - Kyoya Tategami ♥ Photo (37480367 ... (Connor May)
Achetez en toute confiance et sécurité sur eBay! At his birthday party, the larger stadium his parents got him sat idly by. Episode Description: The fiendish Tetsuya follows Yu back to the Dark Nebula Headquarters.

The plot follows the adventures of Ginga Hagane, a beyblader who is searching for his hidden past.

I thought this portable stadium/carry case Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Case looked much sturdier than the regular stadiums albeit smaller so I took the chance that he'd like it and added it to the Poison Serpent Beyblade I got him.

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Maiorita Tenma (Pegashisu)!) is the first episode of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion and the first episode of the Metal Saga overall. Bütün Beyblade bölümlerini HD olarak izleyin. You can vote for any of these items, from "Eine unbekannte Kraft" to "Den Letzten.

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