How To Color Anime Using Colored Pencils

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How To Color Anime Using Colored Pencils. How to Draw Anime using Colored Pencils (Hatsune Miku) presented by Mkiss L VARTIST Must Read: Sorry about the wait my dear subsubs, I really want to post every week but sadly, some personal problems came out recently so I cannot manage to post. Here is a little tutorial I made to show you guys how I colour my traditional artwork using coloured pencils and markers!

How to color anime eyes using copic markers - YouTube
How to color anime eyes using copic markers - YouTube (Bertie Stone)
Here is how: I got the idea of using paint to create. "I like the use of color" or "the legs are too short" are much more helpful than "I like it" or "I don't like it." Having a good set of color pencils will really make things a bit easier for you. HOW TO COLOR ANIME EYES WITH PENCILS You can work lightly for a soft look or with many layers get the effect of oil paint.

I use those cheap colored pencil sets - not the individual color purchase.

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I began coloring with the background first and shaded it with several blues. The drawings are fine but I'm not known for picking up the right paper since I tend to draw when I feel like it. I just use regular crayola color pencils.

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