Black Clover Asta And Noelle

Black Clover Asta And Noelle. Paint Tool Sai and (Mouse & Keyboard). Esta historia trata que asta y noelle en una misión encuentran a una niña que les ayudará a descubrir que siente realmente el uno por el otro pero para eso tendrán que pasar por muchas dificultades *.

Asta and Noelle | Black clover | Astas
Asta and Noelle | Black clover | Astas (Jesse May)
In the headquarters of the black bulls the members were currently relaxing with, no missions available for "Listen I know we're having a day off, but this is urgent" he said looking at Asta and Noelle, "I need you two to come with me, a village outside a. If you are going to share this image on other platforms, please do not hide my credits. LineArt and Color By: 'Ury-DeviantArt' on DeviantArt.

Asta and Yuno have a mutual respect and acknowledgement for one another.

Yuno is Asta's foster brother, best friend, and rival.

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