Beyblade Metal Fusion Madoka

Beyblade Metal Fusion Madoka. Info: Plot Summary: A new cast of characters take on the continued battle between good and evil. Madoka Amano is a character from the anime Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

Madoka Amano - BBMM (Beyblade Metal Masters) Photo ...
Madoka Amano - BBMM (Beyblade Metal Masters) Photo ... (Chester Holland)
Beyblade Metal Fusion: Pegasus Has Landed! Her parents are Amano Naruhiko and Harada Sueko. During her time there, she repairs and analyzes Beyblades.

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En ese torneo Madoka usa por primera y unica vez su Beyblade Mad Gasher. Although Yuuki is a boy genius and an astronomer, he is a Blader who owns Anubius. Metal Fight Beyblade (known in the West as Beyblade: Metal Fusion) is the second incarnation of the Beyblade franchise and co-produced by the company Madoka is one of Kenny: she has goggles, a laptop, provides most of the explanations concerning Beyblade in general and (apparently) has a.

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