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Black Clover X Reader. Nozel/Reader ★ "What are you doing?" —"Hiding." You'd been working on it here and there as a special gift. Love and meticulous touch went into painting a gorgeous piece of the royal Silva House badge.

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Lone Esper (black Clover X Reader Fanfic) - Character ... (Juan Austin)
Best anime openings and endings compilation [full songs]. Some Magic Types may be highly effective towards others and vice. From childhood on, the two were inseparable, but there was also a rivalry.

The strength of a person is not only dependent on the amount of Magic Power they are born with but also the type of Magic Attribution they possess.

If you go to the online Black clover museum the is a panel which has AMD and the is a word which is hard to read but the word is 'Love' and it was above both AMD and Asta.

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He'd been working hard this past few weeks. Reborn in black clover with Demon Slaying magic. I have a crush on Asta from the black bulls." She said with her cheeks turning rosy.

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