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Draw Manga With Gimp. You can use this same technique to color whatever you want. I've tried making some pictures but it doesn't turn out very good, and it takes LOTS of time.

Drawing manga schoolgirl in GIMP. - YouTube
Drawing manga schoolgirl in GIMP. - YouTube (Edgar Wong)
Digital drawing tablets are sophisticated computer drawing aids (comprised of a "pen" and tablet) that many digital artists wouldn't be able to live without—myself included! The screenshot above show the setting I use with G-Pen. Second try drawing manga with gimp and a tablet and the first try with a cam.

HTTP download also available at fast speeds.

Music: -Hemisphere (Rahxephon) -Dance At The Festival (Lineage II).

drawing anime character on gimp - YouTube

Drawing anime girl ~ Gimp - YouTube

.::Shoujo Brushes For GIMP::. by AngelMiyoko on DeviantArt

Coloring Anime Drawings on Gimp - Part 4 - Clothing - YouTube

GIMP-painter-2.8 speed paint demo: GIMP-tan 2.8 (3 of 4 ...

Gimp Manga Drawing! | Doovi

[Tutorial] Drawing ANIME and MANGA: >> Manga Coloring ...

Anime coloring on Gimp 2.6 Tutorial 1 - YouTube

Drawing manga schoolgirl in GIMP. - YouTube

GIMP_PLUGIN to the path of your gimp plugins directory. Intention¶ This tutorial shows you how you Intention¶. You can use this software to create and customize brushes and the patterns as per your demand.

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