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Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Vol. 4 (Widescreen) - Walmart.com
Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Vol. 4 (Widescreen) - Walmart.com (Lucille Erickson)
Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Log in to finish rating Beyblade: Metal Fusion. Episode Description: After Tsubasa is easily defeated by Phoenix, Gingka is also challenged.

It was succeeded by Beyblade: Metal Masters.

Metal Fight Beyblade (known in the West as Beyblade: Metal Fusion) is the second incarnation of the Beyblade franchise and co-produced by the company that dubs it, Nelvana.

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Metal Fight Beyblade VS The Sun: Sol Blaze, The Scorching Hot Invader. The origins of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. The anime version of Beyblade: Metal Fusion's plot is written differently than in the manga.

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