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Light uses the distraction when mikami cuts his wrist with the handcuffs. Unlike normal manga it reads from left to right.

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death note alternate ending manga

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There was no complex death note switch by near.

Death note alternate ending manga. Alternative ending to death note. Heres a video version of a presumably fan made manga. So someone just patched together different panels from the manga to create this.

The death note alternative ending is a possible ending to show something else that might have happened to light yagami after his death. They also show misa standing on some building. As the other answer already made note of the ending is changed as well and is definitely the biggest change.

Ryuk then proceeds to write down lights name and light realizes this and starts screaming how he doesnt want to die but eventually does. Doesnt seem like ohbas style of writing at all. There is a lack of evidence to prove the ending to be real.

This is just the manga version of the death note alt. He slowly dies in an abandoned building. In the anime light escapes from the warehouse after mikami kills himself and dies when ryuk writes lights name in the death note.

I made the. This is just a manga for an alternate ending of death note. It is unknown if the ending is real or fake.

Light escapes and runs away. Hello guys so today ive found an interesting fan made manga of what would happen if. The music is from the death note sound track.

The good guys winning felt like such a cliche and i was hoping for light to win. What could have happened had light won. There is a manga alternative ending to death note where light yagami goes to the shinigami realm.

Continuing from teru mikamis entrance. It has really only been seen on the internet and there. Please comment and rate.

Light yagami killed near and the rest of his detectives. I repeat this is a fan made manga and i didnt make the manga itself. And didnt even show what happen to people who.

And to me on in my opinion since this is an fan made manga this is better than the anime version of itself because they really screwed him big time. Could someone link me to the famous death note alternate ending. In the manga mikami doesnt kill himself in the warehouse and light doesnt escape.

And the last thing he sees is l. Which ending of death note did you prefer. However there are many stories with references to seminars and other things named gamou that have no relation to death note.

The manga ending where light out of sheer desperation begged ryuk to write everyones names down in the death note. Could someone link me to the famous death note alternate ending. So this is an alternate ending where light wins i know its crazy long but please bear with me.

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