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The dark continent arc hasnt even properly started yet in the manga and with the current manga pace of 10 chapters a year its going to be a considerable amount of time before there is enough manga material to seriously think about starting up production of another anime series for hxh. Well here you go all the dark continent arc chapters of hunter x hunter that have been released in color.

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hunter x hunter dark continent manga online

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Hunter x hunter dark continent manga online. It is typically thought to be the rest of the hunterxhunter world. Read the topic about where can i readbuy the dark continent arc on myanimelist and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world. Read hunter x hunter manga online in english high quality.

Read hunter x hunter manga. Support the manga creator. The known human world is basically a tiny area in the centre of a gia.

Dark rebirth and approach both from stardust crusaders hunter x hunter chapter 381 hunter x hunter 381 hunter x hunter 381 english hunter x hunter chapter 381 eng hunter x hunter 381 review hunter x hunter 381 live reaction hxh 381 hxh 381 full chapter hunter x hunter chapter 382 hunter x hunter 382 hunter x hunter 382. Dark continenta 2014 british science fiction monster filma boy wearing a hunter hunter t shirt appears briefly which could be a nod to the manga indicating inspiration or recognition of coincidences between some elements of the movie in relation to the dark continent although this. Disc hxh dark continent arc chapters in color.

This subreddit is dedicated to the japanese manga and anime series hunter x hunter. Boy with the hunter hunter t shirt. Dark continent arc in the viz translation is the eighth officially seventh story arc of the series and spans from chapter 340 to chapter 348 of the manga.

Hunter x hunter anime ended off with ging teasing the dark continent the manga now has a arc that is centered around the spoooky place are you excited for hunter x hunter chapter 361 episode 149. You are reading english translated chapter 359 of manga series hunter x hunter in high quality. The dark continent expedition arc ankoku tairiku hen.

Read hunter x hunter manga online in english high quality. The arc was released well after the end of the original anime series and. Previous chapter next chapter display mode.

The whole place is filled with terrifying creatures and diseases as well as an abundance of exotic materials.

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